ARPG Extra Story 1-14

> Stop hooded man

“Damn it all!” The hooded man curses, looking around the scene. “Hell take you, you useless mercenaries!” Saying that, he starts to flee the area as fast as he can. However, you are ready, and unload a bolt from your crossbow into his leg, causing him to fall. “Argh..!” It’s unlikely that he’ll be able to move on his own very quickly with his leg hurt like that.

The man’s cry of pain seems to snap the lamia out of his rage though. “Damn it!” He looks down at the girl. “This is your fault! If you would have just stood your ground..!”

“Don’t blame me for your urgh…” The girl manages to speak some while still coiled. “For your own bloody temper. Always gets the best of you, doesn’t it?” The human’s words seem to anger the snake again, causing him to squeeze her tightly with his powerful tail. You hear her body make some popping sounds. “U-urk..!” She loses her ability to speak any further with the snake crushing her so hard.

However, the snake then lets her go, her body falling to the ground. She’s still alive, but not in any condition to act. You start to step forward, but the lamia quickly slithers over to the hooded man. “Enough of this, we are leaving.” He swiftly grabs the man, picking him up and quickly moving out into the forest. You fire another bolt at them, but miss. You start to chase after them as well, but quickly realize that the snake is moving a lot faster than you. However, he is leaving a very visible trail in the snow. It won’t be hard to track them.

Looking over to the girl, you see Lorre checking on her. “How is she?” You ask.

“Badly injured.” Lorre shakes her head. “I can heal her mostly, but not completely. She’ll need some proper rest for that.”

The girl suddenly moves a bit, trying to lift herself off the snow. “I’ll live… I think.”

“A-ah! Don’t try to move too much!” Lorre puts a hand on her. “You may injure yourself more!”

“You there.” You speak to the human. “You can tell us where the other two went, correct?”

“Urgh…” The girl groans. “Depends. You willing to let me go if I talk?”

You think for a moment before shaking your head. “We cannot make any promises but…” You pause, thinking. “Your actions did make this easier for us. You stood down when the others were unwilling. If you help us, then we will try.”

As you speak, your ears stop hearing as much sound coming from the nearby forest. It sounds like whatever struggle was there has since stopped. You turn toward where the sound was, prepared in case it did not go in your favor.

However, you are able to relax some when you see Tess come out of the treeline carrying two unconscious mercenaries. “Good thing I showed up, eh?” The drake throws the two on the ground. “Could’ve gotten a bit nasty for ya.”


“Thank you for that, Tess.” You nod. “What about Datev? Was he with you?”

“Nah.” She shakes her head. “He wanted to keep an eye on the elf. Said he was worried she might try something.” She looks down at the two mercenaries. “Lucky for me, I managed to catch these two when they were on a break. That said…” She rubs her arm a bit, showing that she’s injured. “Could use some of Lorre’s magic.”

“Ah! Um… I’ll be right there.” Lorre stands and quickly moves over to Tess, using her magic to start healing her.

“So what’s the plan now?” The drake asks you. “Wouldn’t be too hard to follow your snake friend.” She glances over at the trail he left in the snow. “Though we might be able to get enough info out of these three to just let the guards handle it. That’s what the old man wanted, right?”

“Yes.” You nod to her. Though a part of you wants to handle this yourself. However, you also know that the lamia likely took the hooded man to a place that would be safe for them, which means that it would likely be highly guarded. It would be difficult with just the three of you, most likely. You consider your options…