ARPG 2-293

> Let Myla have her

You pick up Kimno and look over to Myla. You tell the wolf that she’s free to deal with the sheep how she likes. You do mention that she wouldn’t be much of a meal in her current form, and offer than she could wait for the sheep to grow back to normal size.

“Eh…” Myla takes Kimno from you. “Yeah, the bigger meal would be nice, but I’m not willing to let her do anything stupid. Besides, kinda wanted to try something.” Saying that, the wolfgirl places Kimno back into her cleavage.


“W-wait!” Oriz speaks up. Everyone turns to him, and it takes him a moment to continue. “I mean… Uh… W-what are you planning to do with her?”

“Get rid of her.” Myla crosses her arms and frowns at the harpy. “Why? Having second thoughts?”

“N-no, it’s not that, it’s just…” He pauses for a moment, looking down at sheepgirl between the wolf’s breasts. “I don’t get it, why do you do this, Kimno? Your stubbornness did this. Why would you risk everything like this?”

“I do it because it is my duty to the Empire.” The sheep speaks up. Her voice is strong, seemingly unfazed by her current situation. And moreso, nothing like she was acting before, making you realize that it was all an act. “As an agent, I am willing to sacrifice if it means that the mission may be completed. Though with you refusing my orders, it would seem that I have failed…”

“Yeah, whatever.” Myla shakes her head. “We asked you to leave us outta this, but for whatever reason, you thought it’d work out fine if you just kept going. Well, you’re not getting out of this one.” She places her claws over the sheep’s head.


“I expect this sort of thing from a Mesaian coward.” Kimno frowns. “You enjoy barbarous acts like this, do you not?”

“Wrong on two fronts there.” As Myla replies to the sheep, she pushes her down deeper into her cleavage. “I’m not a fan of killing, but I’ll do it when it needs to be done.” With one gentle push, the sheep disappears from view in between the wolfgirl’s soft breasts. “And I’m not a Mesaian.” You blink at that last comment, and tilt your head, a bit confused as to what exactly Myla’s doing.

“Wait, what are you doing..?” Oriz seems as confused as you are. “Are you just… keeping her there for later..?”

“Er… Not exactly.” Myla glances down to her chest. “Just something I remember hearing about once. I’ve heard of people absorbing others with their breasts. Figured I’d give it a try.” She looks over at you. “I doubt you’ll have an issue with that, right?” You admit that it’s a bit odd, but give her a nod.

However, you’re more curious about her other comment. The one about not being from Mesai. “Ah. Er… Yeah.” She scratches her head. “To be honest, I’m not completely sure myself.” She pauses for a moment, thinking. “When I got my memory fixed, I remembered some stuff that the old man told me. The old man who took care of me back in Kerim, I mean. Before he died, he told me that my parents showed up one day in the village with me when I was still a pup. He said something about us coming from somewhere in Grental, though I don’t remember what the name of the place was.” You ask if it’s part of her messed up memories. She shrugs. “No idea. Might just be something I genuinely don’t remember.” You ask her why she hadn’t mentioned it before. “Well… cause I wasn’t really sure. I thought I might have been remembering wrong or something. I didn’t wanna say something just in case, but well… I’m not sure. It just feels true. Anyway uh… Oh.”

The wolf’s chest moves slightly, and you can just barely hear a muffled voice from inside. “I don’t really know how long she’ll last in there, but…” Myla looks down. “She’s certainly putting up a fight.” She looks over at Oriz. “Is this bothering you, bird?”


“N-no, it’s fine.” He shakes his head. “I… I kinda knew this would end up happening.” He sighs. “I just uh… I don’t really know what to do now…” You give him a friendly smile and offer to let him stay for dinner, at least. You also mention that you wouldn’t mind him tagging along for a little while, if he wants to, that is. “E-eh? Really?” He seems surprised at your offer.

“Geez.” Myla sighs, shaking her head before looking at you. “Don’t you think we have enough people following us around?” You ask if she has issues with him. “Eh… Not really. I won’t argue it. He’s probably one of the better ones you’ve tried to bring along.”

You ask Oriz again if he’d want to join you. “Uh… I don’t really know.” He pauses for a moment, thinking. “I… Maybe I should think about it overnight?” You give him a nod, and again offer to let him have dinner with you. “A-ah, yeah. I can do that, at least.”

“I’ll go tell Jates then.” Myla nods, stepping towards the kitchen.

You sit down on your couch, offering Oriz a seat as well. As he sits, you do notice that he does still seem a bit bothered by something. You imagine that it’s just that a lot has happened in this past day. You consider what to do with him.



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  1. Offer him something to eat. Maybe a hug as well. After all, he has lost 2 people he’s worked for. One to a dragon stomach and the other to floofy woof boobs. The least we can show him is our gratitude. We can let him tell us if he wants. We shouldn’t force him.

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