ARPG 2-294

>Talk to Oriz

For the moment, you decide to simply chat with the harpy. If something is bothering him, you’d rather him tell you when he’s ready rather than pressure him. Besides, you still don’t really know a lot about him. You decide to ask him where he’s from, and how he became a mercenary. You admit that he doesn’t really seem the type to take mercenary work.

“Y-yeah.” He hesitantly nods with a sigh. “I’ve kinda realized I’m not too cut out for this sort of work. Though really, I guess everything has just been a bit more than I expected.” He looks over to you as he continues. “You see uh… I’m not actually from Grental. Or any of the three nations, really.” You tilt your head at that, confused. “I’m from the Isle of Kerra. To the southeast of the mainland.”

As he mentions it, you remember hearing about that place. It was only recently discovered about ten years ago, though it turned out that there was a small civilization there. You had heard that it was a very peaceful place, and that they’ve remained neutral, much like the Alliance.

“When trade started with the mainland, I decided to check it out myself.” Oriz continues. “I mean, a lot of the islanders did. Most of us didn’t even realize there was such a huge place like this. But uh…” He sighs again. “I don’t know. It’s just a lot different to home.” You ask if he wants to go back. “Eh… Well… I’m not really sure. I mean, I haven’t hated my time here or anything. And I’m sure there’s something I can do here.”

You notice him occasionally glancing over towards the kitchen where Myla is. It’s pretty obvious that he’s still not sure about Kimno. You ask him if he’s really sure he’s okay with all this. “Th-that’s uh…” He hesitates to answer. “Urgh… Of course I’m not okay with it.” He finally admits with a sigh. “I mean, yeah. Kimno’s a jerk, and she’s probably not ever gonna get better but… I’ve spent a lot of time around her. It’s only natural that I’d kinda get like this.” He looks at you again. “But I really don’t know what else to do with her. I know her. She won’t give up no matter what.”

You lean back onto the couch, thinking for a moment. You admit that it’s pretty unlikely for Myla to give her up at this point. She’d probably get mad at you if you even suggested the idea. And you yourself don’t really want to let Kimno back out either. As interesting as it could be to keep the tiny sheep around, you imagine that it would likely just lead to more trouble than it’s worth.

“Jates says the food won’t take too much longer.” Myla steps back over to the two of you. Looking at her chest, you can see it still moving a bit, showing that the sheep hasn’t given up. “Though uh… I did overhear a bit of what you two were talking about.” She crosses her arms. “You both know this is the best way to deal with her.”

“But… don’t you think we should maybe think about it a bit more?” Oriz asks the wolfgirl. “I-I mean… It just feels a bit rushed…”

“I’ve done plenty of thinking about this, bird.” Myla shakes her head. “Listen, I get that it might be a bit hard for you to understand, but from what I’ve seen, agents probably aren’t the best sort of people. This sheep, and that snake that was with Elykae both seem to be pretty shady in how they’ve dealt with stuff. Trust me, if we ever run into that snake again, I figure she’ll get the same treatment. I’m just not really gonna trust any of these ‘agents’ from here on.” You shrug, telling her that she doesn’t ever really seem to trust anyone you meet. “Yeah, well… I kinda spent some captured by those bandits near Malor, remember? I think I’ve got justifiable reasons to not be super trusting.”

“So uh…” You turn to see Jates stepping over from the kitchen. “Don’t mean to interrupt, but the food’s ready. You guys ready to come eat?”

You give her a nod and turn to Oriz. You offer that maybe some food will help him relax some. “Y-yeah, maybe.” He nods back. “I haven’t actually eaten all day. So maybe that’s what I need.”

With that, all of you take a seat at your table. It’s a bit small, and with the four of you around it, it’s a bit cramped. However, with Jates’ cooking on the table, you aren’t too bothered. You do have to admit that the former innkeeper is probably the best cook you’ve met. There isn’t a lot of talking during the meal though. Jates occasionally tries to make conversation, but the mood is a bit awkward, especially since you can sometimes hear a muffled noise from Myla’s chest.

Eventually, you do have to mention that it does seem like it’s taking quite a while for the wolf to deal with Kimno. “Yeah. I guess.” Myla shrugs. “I don’t really know how this works anyway. Maybe it’s best to deal with her the normal way.” Saying that, the wolfgirl reaches into her cleavage and pulls the sheep back out, setting her down on the table. Looking at her, she seems a bit exhausted from her time inside. “She doesn’t really look all that bad. Maybe it wasn’t really working.”


“Y… You…” The sheep tries to catch her breath. “You claim to be from the Empire, yet you would assault an agent like this? Why would you-”

“Don’t bother.” Myla interrupts her, shaking her head. “I don’t wanna hear it. And you’re not staying out here for long.” She looks up from the sheep to Oriz. “You wanted to take some time to ‘think about it’ some more, right? Well, this is the time you’re getting. If you can come up with any sort of reason why she shouldn’t go straight down my throat, then give it to me.”

“Th-that’s…” Oriz looks at the wolf. “Urgh… I’ve already said that I don’t really know. It just feels like we could do something else.”

“That’s not really good enough for me.” Myla shakes her head. “You gotta remember, we’re gonna be the ones who would have to keep track of her.”

“I could do it then!” The harpy replies. “Let me keep an eye on her. I’ll make sure she doesn’t cause any trouble!”

“Not a chance.” The wolf shakes her head again. “You worked for her. I can’t be sure you won’t end up siding with her again. That’s not a-”


As Myla speaks, she’s interrupted by something wet smacking her in the face. It takes you a moment to realize, but it turns out to be Jates’ long frog-like tongue. Looking over at her, she looks annoyed at the wolfgirl. “Geez, just shut up you two!” Jates complains. “I made you guys a meal, so just enjoy it! The stupid sheep isn’t going anywhere, so save the argument for later.” Looking over at Myla, she just seems completely taken off-guard by the frog’s sudden act. However, she doesn’t protest, instead just going back to her food.

The rest of the meal is pretty quiet, with no one willing to speak up due to Jates’ earlier outburst. Finally, everyone finishes their plates and starts to relax. “Right, guess I’ll start cleaning up then.” Jates stands up, collecting the dishes and taking them to the kitchen.

“I guess that means we can decide what to do with the sheep then.” Myla sighs, looking over at Oriz. “You still wanna keep her around, bird?”

“I don’t know.” He shakes his head. “It’s just really complicated…”

“Gah… Floria.” The wolfgirl sighs, turning to you. “Help him make up his damn mind already.” You ask if she’d even be willing to keep the sheep. “If you can come up with a good reason to, then yeah. If not, then let’s just be rid of her already.”

You sigh, realizing that you’re going to have the final say on this. You have to decide now what to do with her. Looking down at the tiny sheep, you do think there could be some use for her, but at the same time, just letting Myla eat her would make things a lot easier…



2 thoughts on “ARPG 2-294”

  1. So since sheep is still alive, I say have someone watch her till she grows to the normal size. Or we find a “cleansing” potion or spell. If those work, then we can make her become full sized and can feed her to Myla easily. I want to be done with the sheep. She’s caused nothing but trouble from the start. First with Elykae, then with us and finally with Oriz. We should remind him of that.

    So, long story short, get sheep big and feed her to Myla. I’m done with her.

  2. On one hand, we keep the sheep and she causes trouble for us. on the other hand, we get rid of her and her bosses cause more trouble for us. I like to get things done immediatly so that I have no trouble later on. That said, get rid of the sheep so that she doesn’t cause us trouble later on, Myla being the executioner, of course. (I would suggest a lewd way to end her, but I feel like Myla has had enough of today.)

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