ARPG 2-295

> Convince Oriz

While a small part of you wants to keep Kimno around, you can’t really deny that things would be a lot easier without her. You turn to Oriz and ask him exactly why it is that he wants to keep Kimno. You remind him that she didn’t seem like the kindest sort of person to him. “Th… That may be true but…” He looks down at the tiny sheep, quiet for a moment. “Urgh… Yeah. You’re kinda right there.”

“I’ll say.” Myla crosses her arms. “She did introduce you as ‘the idiot’, if I remember rightly.”

“Y-yeah… She usually did that…” The harpy sighs and looks down at Kimno. “C’mon, Kimno. There’s gotta be something you can say, right?”

“I will not beg, if that is what you mean.” The tiny sheep stands defiant. “It is plain to me that they have already made their decision. There is nothing I can do. Not without the help of my supposedly loyal escorts.” She frowns at him. “But your refusal to perform even the simplest task of simply reporting in my stead shows your true colors! I have no need of the sympathy of cowards.” Her words are harsh on the harpy. You look down to her and ask why she’s not even trying to save herself here. “Because I know when an effort would be pointless.” She glances over to Myla. “The wolf will do what she wishes, no matter what decision you come to. Perhaps not today, perhaps not tomorrow, but eventually, I know she would. I know it is extremely unlikely for me to escape you, and I can see that you would never let me go.”

“Probably right about that.” Myla shrugs, hearing the sheep’s words. “If you ever did something stupid, you wouldn’t get a chance to do so again.” She looks back up to Oriz. “Well, bird? Is that good enough for you, or do we need to keep wasting time arguing this?”

“Urgh…” The harpy groans in frustration before finally speaking again in a raised voice. “Damn it, Kimno! I followed you around because you were cute, but now you’re just being a pain! I’m here trying to help you out and all you do is continue to berate me and call me a coward and stuff! Why are you always-”

Before Oriz can finish his complaint though, a wet squish is heard. Looking down at Kimno, you see a long tongue has smacked into her. Before you can blink, the tongue retracts away, taking the tiny sheep with it.


The room falls silent as you look over to see Jates quickly pull the sheep into her mouth, and with one quick gulp, swallow her down. The froggirl lets out a sigh before looking to all of you. “I was getting tired of hearing you guys complain. I made dinner for you guys, so the least you can do is not yell so much when you’re here.” You start to say something, but she stops you. “Listen, I think we all know how that was gonna end. And well… I just wanted to give it a shot.”


“Well…” Myla has a surprised look on her face, but doesn’t seem to upset. “I guess that takes care of that.”

“Damn it!” Oriz yells again, turning to Jates. “I wasn’t done yelling at her! You could have waited just a few more moments!” He lets out a frustrated sigh, and you gently pat him, trying to help him calm down. It takes a bit, but eventually he calms down and plops onto the couch. “Gah… I should have never defended her. Sorry about all that.” You shake your head, telling him that you understand. “Yeah… Thanks.”

Looking over to the others, you see Myla and Jates talking. “Let’s hope you digest at a decent speed.” The wolf looks down to the frog. “I think that potion was only supposed to last a day.”

“Wait what?” Jates looks up at her. “What potion?”

“The potion to make her small like that.” The wolfgirl smirks. “You didn’t think she was always that small, did you?”

“H-hey! You guys didn’t tell me that!” The froggirl seems a bit flustered at the realization, but then just sighs. “Gah, you jerk. Whatever, it’ll probably be fine.” Myla just chuckles at her.

You realize that you’ll need to come up with some sort of sleeping arrangement for the night. Turning to Oriz, you ask if he wants to stay the night. “Eh? Well…” He thinks for a moment. “I mean, I guess I could..? I’d have to go get a room at an inn otherwise. Though uh… do you even have room here?” You think for a moment. You only have one small bed that could fit two people, but your couch is pretty big too. Two people could probably sleep there, though they’d have to cuddle up pretty close. You imagine Jates would rather sleep in the bed, as well. Of course, you could probably also just leave Jates here and go back to Kaiti’s place.



3 thoughts on “ARPG 2-295”

  1. For the sleeping arrangements I say Myla and Jates get the bed while Oriz and a Floria get the couch. If anything happens to anyone in the middle d the night, oh well. Everything will be fine I’m sure.

  2. And that’s the end of that. Shame Oriz couldn’t get his two cents in, though.

    For the sleeping arrangements, I’ll let fate decide. Still think Myla and Jates sleeping together is a bad idea.

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