ARPG Extra Story 1-15

> Heal the girl

“Lorre.” You turn to your elf ally. “Heal the girl. We are going back to my father.” The elf nods and quickly moves back over to the human girl and starts healing her. You take a few steps towards her as well. “You can give us information on your employers, correct?”


“Urgh…” She winces a bit as Lorre continues to heal her. “I can give you something, but I don’t really know tons. You gonna let me go after that?”

“We have no issue with you.” You reply. “If you help us, then there is no reason for us to keep you. You will be free to leave after that.” You then glance over at the two mercenaries that Tess is carrying. “It remains to be seen what will become of your allies though.”

“I wouldn’t call em allies, really.” The human girl stands, her wounds healed enough for her to move on her own. She still seems pretty injured though. “I just worked with them. From what I know, we were all from different companies. Myself, I’m from Mar’s Blades.”

“The Blades?” Tess speaks up. “They’re based in Mesai, right? You’re a long way from home. From what I know, they also don’t really take on sketchy jobs.”

“Yeah…” The girl shakes her head. “I’m pretty sure the guy who posted the job outright lied about what was going on. Usually the Blades are pretty good about catching that, but I guess this one slipped past em.”

“Well, let us start heading back.” You look at all of them. Everyone agrees and you start walking through the snow, back towards town. As you walk, you continue speaking with the girl. “We have not yet gotten your name.”

“Kelle.” The girl replies. “Sorry for everything that’s happened. Gonna be honest, the moment I found out what exactly we were gonna be doing back there, I was starting to have second thoughts about this whole thing.”

“What was planned, anyway?” Lorre asks. “Surely you must know something of their plans?”

“I don’t know a ton but…” She shakes her head. “I just knew that we were going to be dealing with a prisoner. My original guess was that it had something to do with a bounty of some sort. Maybe the guy who hired us had a personal bounty. Those can be sketchy sometimes, but usually they end up fine.” She sighs. “Probably gonna catch hell for this when I get back to the company.”

It doesn’t take too long for you to make it back to town. Your group quickly makes its way back to the company headquarters. You ask Tess to take the two mercenaries down to where Beliya is being held. She gives you a nod and heads off, leaving you with Kelle and Lorre. The three of you make your way to your father to give him a report.

Stepping into his office, he looks up from his desk. “Ah, Telri. You have returned.” He notices the human girl with you. “And this is..?”

“Her name is Kelle.” You glance over at her. “She is a mercenary that was hired by whoever it is that is targeting us. However, she refused to fight, and is willing to provide what information she can.”

“I see.” He nods. “Datev informed me of what he found, as well as that you captured the elven mercenary. Please, tell me everything that has happened.” You nod, and proceed to give him a full recount of the day’s events, explaining everything from your encounter with Beliya, to the fight outside of town. Your father quietly listens to everything you have to say before responding. “I see…” He thinks for a moment. “I fear it may seem that our primary suspect may now be the Copperbirch company. We will need to question these other mercenaries before we get the guard involved for a proper investigation.” He looks back up to you. “You have done well, Telri. I appreciate that you have kept a steady head through this investigation, though going outside of town was a rather severe risk.”

“If we had not done that, we would not have found the information we truly needed.” You reply. “Now, I do have to ask. What will become of the elven mercenary.”

He remains quiet for a while. “She admitted to have been the one to take your sister from us.” He looks back down to his desk. “I leave it to your judgment. Do what you will.”

It looks like your father is satisfied with the way your investigation has gone. Though there is still the issue of Beliya. You have to decide what will be done with her. You also wonder if you might be able to get a solid answer out of one of the other mercenaries as well.



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  1. Lets see what we can’t find out? Interrogate them one at a time once they are awake. If we don’t find anything, oh well. As for getting rid of them, I feel dragon should get the ones she caught, while Lorre gets to nom Beliya that is, if she’s can. Otherwise we get to nom her.

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