ARPG 2-296

> Sleep with Oriz

You turn to Jates and Myla and offer that the two of them can take your bed, while you sleep with Oriz on your couch. “Eh?” Jates looks back at you. “You sure? I mean, it’s your apartment.” You nod to her, telling her that you don’t mind at all. “Well okay then.”

You also turn to Oriz and ask if he’s fine with the idea too. “Oh uh… Yeah.” He gives you a nod. “I mean, if you’re okay with it. I’m not gonna turn it down.”

“Just don’t do anything stupid, bird.” Myla crosses her arms before turning to you. “Actually, make sure you don’t do anything dumb as well.” You assure her that it’ll be fine. “Yeah, I’m sure.” She sighs with a shrug. “Well, I’m pretty tired already. I’m gonna go crash.”

Everyone agrees, and you all get ready to sleep. You remember that you have some old pajamas still stored away in this apartment, so you decide to change into them. Your body shape and size is a bit different than it was when you first got them, so they don’t fit super well, but they’re still comfortable enough.

Oriz is already resting on the couch by the time you decide to join him. You lay next to him, and even though the couch is quite large, you still have to rest up against him. As you lay there, you ask him if he’s thought any more about what he plans to do. “Well… I’m still not sure.” He shakes his head. “Maybe I’ll think of something in the morning.” You offer that he could probably find work here in Erada, potentially as a guard or something else. You suggest that he could meet up with Nerron if he’s interested in guardwork. “Well… maybe?” You give him a nod.

Your couch is still fairly comfortable, and resting up against Oriz’s soft feathers makes it a bit nicer as well. It doesn’t take you too long to fall asleep next to him.


You wake up, seeing the morning light come in through a window. You stand up, looking back on the couch to see Oriz still soundly asleep.

“You’re up?” You hear Myla’s voice coming from your kitchen. You step over and greet her, a bit surprised to see her up so early. “Eh, I just woke up myself. Just trying to see if I can find a snack.” She continues to rummage around your kitchen. You ask if everything went fine last night with Jates. “Yeah. Though uh…” She glances over at your bedroom door, slightly ajar. “The sheep’s potion must have worn off at some point in the night. Jates is a bit big right now.” You ask if she can handle it. “Yeah, she should be fine. Sheep’s definitely digested. I figure she’s just gonna have a hard time moving till she gets her belly down.”

Curious, you go over to the bedroom door and take a peek inside. You can see Jates with a large gurgling belly laying on the bed, still soundly asleep. It looks like she’s still a frog as well, though you do remember that she said it might last for about a week.


“So what’s our plan for today?” The wolfgirl turns you you, snacking on some food she found. “And what about bird boy over there?” You shrug, unsure what he’s decided. “Well, whatever. All the others should be at Kaiti’s place. We should probably come up with some idea of what to do before we head over there.”

You nod. With Kimno gurgling away in Jates’ belly, you don’t really have any major issues at the moment and are free to do whatever you like. You consider your plans for the day…



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  1. Busty rabbit and gurgling belly, can’t go wrong with either. If we can, give Jates a belly rub. I feel it would be adorable. As for what to do, I’m not sure. Maybe let the commander know about what happened with the agent?

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