ARPG 2-297

> Go find the others

You can’t really help yourself, as you really want to go give the cute froggirl belly rubs. You start to move into the bedroom before you hear Myla speak up. “What are you doing?” She asks. You turn and give her a chuckle, telling her. “You… Urgh.” The wolfgirl just shakes her head. “Right, whatever happens, I’m not helping you. Go do your stupid idea.”

You tell her that there’s no harm in it. You continue up to Jates on the bed and gently place your hands on her gurgling belly, giving her some light pats and rubs. It doesn’t take long for you to hear another voice. “Floria, what are you doing?” Looking over, you see a now awake, and annoyed, Jates staring at you. You give her a smile as well, explaining that you just wanted to help her digest a bit. She doesn’t look amused.

“If I weren’t so full right now, you’d be joining her.” She complains. “So cut it out and let me sleep!” Her outburst makes you stop.


“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Myla leans on the door frame looking at you. “Jates is pretty grouchy if you wake her up.” You sigh and shake your head. Looks like you can’t get away with belly rubs right now. You instead get dressed back into your normal clothes.

By the time you get ready and head back out into the front room, you notice that Oriz is waking up. You greet him as he sits up, asking if he slept well. “Good morning.” He rubs his eyes a bit as he wakes up. “And yeah. It wasn’t too bad.” You give him a little more time to wake up, eventually asking if he’s decided on what he’s going to do. “Oh right.” He thinks for a moment. “I think… I’m gonna pass on joining you. You guys are planning to go to the Empire, right?” You nod, explaining that you do still want to get Myla cured. “Yeah, I’d like to avoid going back there. I’ll spend some more time here in the Alliance.” You ask if he’s interested in the guard work that you mentioned. He shakes his head to that. “Nah, I don’t really think that’s the sort of thing for me. Don’t worry, I’ll find something.” He seems a lot better today, so you just give him a nod, offering that he’s free to ask you for help anytime he needs it. “Yeah, thanks for that. I should probably get going for now though. Later, Floria.” With that, the two of you bid each other goodbye as he heads out of your apartment.

“Disappointed?” Myla asks after the harpy leaves. You admit that you were hoping for another teammate. “Eh, can’t really blame him though. Doesn’t seem like he’s had a good time in the Empire.” You admit that she’s probably right about that.

For now though, you decide that the best order of business would be to go meet up with the others at Kaiti’s place. You leave a note for Jates and head out the door onto the streets. The morning steam and fog is quite thick, but it doesn’t take you too long to make it to the catgirl’s home. You’re shown inside by the attendant, and make your way to the sitting room, where you find everyone. To your surprise, you notice that Marcus is here too. It seems that Kaiti gave him a room for the night as well.

“Oh, hello Floria.” Kaiti greets you first. “Garrett told me about the issues you ran into.” You nod, telling the catgirl that more has happened.

“Wait uh…” Garrett speaks up. “Where’s Kimno..?” The centaur looks confused. You remember that he wasn’t very keen on the idea of getting rid of her, so you hesitate for a moment.

“Things happened.” Myla is the first to reply. “We’re not gonna need to deal with the sheep anymore. She tried to get the harpy boy to do her job. Luckily, he’s not completely stupid.” You nod, and continue to explain everything else that happened over the night. Everyone thinks over your words as you finish your explanation.

“So… she’s gone?” Garrett asks.

“Well, mostly.” The wolfgirl shrugs. “Jates is still working on her, but she’s not coming back.” The centaur doesn’t look too cheerful about the result. “Listen, horse boy. I get that you don’t like it, but she did it to herself. She was too stubborn. She practically asked for it.”

“I-I know but…” He sighs, shaking his head. He’s reminding you a little of how Oriz was last night.

“Regardless, our issue is resolved, correct?” Faera speaks up. “We have little worry of being stalked by agents.” You nod, though you admit that she likely already sent some sort of report about the deergirl, so her transformation was not a waste. “Yes, I understand.” She nods. “I suppose we will still need to use this name as well, correct?” You nod to that.

“This is quite a bit of the mess you’ve been in, Floria.” Marcus also speaks up. “But it looks like you’re finally getting out of this one. What’s your plan now?” You explain that you do still intend to go to the Empire to find a cure for Myla. Beyond that, you aren’t really sure.

“Well, with everything that’s happened…” Kaiti thinks for a moment. “I’m not sure. Are you just going to Grental for Myla? Or are you still planning to assist the loyalists while you’re there? I can understand if you’ve decided against that, after all.”

“Indeed, it may be best if we reconsidered…” Faera looks over to you. “While I still do wish to support the loyalists, I know now that it is potentially dangerous for me to do so. However, I will not force such actions upon our group. I will follow what you choose, Floria.”

You turn to the others to get their input on it as well.

“You probably already know what I’m gonna say.” Myla shrugs. “I’d rather we not get in over our heads, if we can avoid it. We’ve kinda already done that plenty already.”

“I don’t really know…” Garrett shakes his head. You notice that he just seems a bit disheartened in general. Bluebell seems to notice it too, giving him some questioning chirps.

“If it were me, I’d say avoid it.” Marcus speaks up. “There’s not much sense in simple travelers like yourselves getting caught up in national politics.”

“Well, as a soldier under the Commander, I would kindly ask that you do help them but…” Kaiti pauses for a moment. “As a friend, I can’t really deny that it may be a bit much for all of you.”


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  1. So Jates doesn’t like belly rubs. The obvious option here is to strap her to the bed and rub it till she enjoys it!

    But in all seriousness we should get on with the day. See how Jates is before we leave and see d harpy boy knows anything about potions. Maybe frog can get another assistant. Anyway, continue on with the day. Don’t really have any ideas so I’ll leave that to others.

  2. Let’s not annoy Jates, she can’t seem to get a break nowadays, sadly.

    So I’m admittatly curious about Myla’s origins, let’s go to Grendal to help her. Though we should be on guard, I still haven’t forgotten about that dream/vision about Myla and I feel like there will be a nasty surprise waiting for us there.

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