ARPG Extra Story 1-16

> Interrogate Beliya

You leave your father’s office and start walking to where Beliya is being kept. It doesn’t take you long to reach it. While your company lacks proper cells to keep prisoners in, you do have some easily secured rooms. Just outside the room, you turn to Kelle.

“I thank you for the information you have given us.” You speak to her. “We will be needing to interrogate the others now, but you are free to leave, if you like. I trust that you will be returning to your own company?”

“Yeah.” The mercenary nods. “Gonna be a long trip back to Mesai, but oh well.”

“Ah, perhaps…” You turn to Lorre. “Do you still have the money that they gave you?”

“Oh, right.” Lorre nods, pulling a sack of gold out of her bag. “Yes, here it is.” She hands it over to you.

“I assume you also were not yet paid for your troubles.” You take the money and hand it over to Kelle. “Consider this a token of our thanks.”

“Wait, you’re serious?” The girl seems surprised as she takes the bag. “I mean, I’m not gonna say no. I really appreciate that. I’ll be sure to let the Blades know.”

You nod to her before turning back to Lorre. “Lorre, would you see her out? I would like to speak with the elf.”

“Of course.” She nods back, turning to Kelle. “Um, follow me.” With that, the two of them leave you outside the room.

With them gone, you head inside, finding Beliya tied up and Datev keeping watch over her. “Heard you were back.” The cat-like man looks over to you. “She hasn’t tried anything. Not that she’d be able to do much.”


“Thank you for watching her, Datev.” You nod to him as you approach. “Has she spoken about anything else?”

“Not much.” He shakes his head. “I figure it’d all be lies if she did though.”

You look down at the elf. “Your employer told us that you were intended to capture my sister alive.” You speak to her. “He seemed rather annoyed that you decided instead to kill her.”

“Tch.” Beliya shakes her head. “I gave her a choice. She chose the hard way. I had no choice.”

“You had a choice.” You frown at her. “You could have just not accepted the job.”

“I… didn’t have a choice there.” She sighs. “This isn’t the sort of work I normally take. Sure, I do sketchy work a lot, but it’s usually just theft or something like that. These guys had dirt on me. It was either do their dirty work, or never find work again.”

“Then why didn’t you say something about this before?” Datev speaks up. “Seems convenient for you to mention it now.”

“It wasn’t important for you to know it then.” Beliya shakes her head. “Listen, I get that you hate me. You’ve got reasons to. But both of us have reason to hate the guys who set all this up. Now I’m willing to help you out. I was willing to help you out before too. Me, you, and your buddies can take care of this. Afterwards, if you still want, we can settle things between us.”

“Settling things with the guys who set this up? Sure.” Datev shakes his head. “But not with you. I’m all for dealing with them ourselves, but we don’t need help from a murderous elf.”

“You seem to keep trying to help us.” You speak to the elf. “But I feel that you are only trying to save yourself. We have no reason to trust you. Why do you think we would start now? I have a mind to show you the same mercy you showed my sister.”

The elf is starting to look a bit nervous. “I’m not asking you to just trust me. I’m just asking for you to give me a chance to prove what I’m saying.”

“More like give you a chance to turn against us.” The cat crosses his arms.

“Damn it, I’m not screwing around here!” Beliya yells. “You really think those guys are gonna trust me at this point? You already used that other elf to look like me. They already know that you’ve either gotten me on your side, or captured me. At this point, I can’t turn against you. Yeah, I’m doing this in a hope of saving myself. I admit it. But I’m also doing it because I do want to beat the shit out of those guys as well. We have the same goal, so let’s just work together on this. Afterwards, you can go back to keeping me prisoner if you still feel you need to.”

You cross your arms, hearing the elf’s words. They do make you consider what you want to do. You still don’t really want to give her any mercy, but the idea of finishing this yourself rather than waiting for the guards to deal with it is appealing. After all, you do worry that it may take the guards too long to properly investigate, and by that time, the ones responsible may have already fled the region. You’re confident that you can get enough information out of the other two, but you do need to decide what exactly it is you need to do with Beliya.



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  1. He who seeks revenge must first dig two graves. If anyone in our group wants a piece of her, ask them and let them have it. Otherwise, we do this ourselves, normally I give people second chances, but this elf has already taxed my patience and my mercy.

  2. There’s no reason for her to be here. Gather a small force and head out to the people that set this up. I would like Lorre to deal with her because elf should get elf, but if she can’t, ten I guess we should deal with it.

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