ARPG 2-298

> Just go for Myla

You shake your head, explaining that right now all you want to do is get Myla cured. You don’t really want to get involved with any sort of national politics, especially not with a nation you’ve never even been to.

“Of course. It makes perfect sense.” Kaiti nods, giving you a smile. “After the news about El- ah, I mean Faera, the Commander already sensed that you may end up deciding against involving yourself.” You apologize for it, but she quickly shakes her head. “It’s no problem, Floria. The last thing any of us want is to pressure you into such a thing. I believe the Commander felt a bit guilty even offering to have you help the loyalists, so this may come as a relief to him.”

“Caskel’s always been a good sort.” Marcus nods as well. “He’ll understand, I’m certain.” He then turns to you. “But if you plan to go to the Empire, you’ll still need to take an airship. Do you have the gold for it?”

“Hm… Marcus is right.” The catgirl tilts her head, thinking. “With all this, I’m not really able to give you the option of the cargo airship. That was only available while you were still going to attempt the Commander’s request. A ride for all of you may be a bit expensive…”

You think for a moment, remembering how much an airship ticket costed. You remember it as 250 gold per passenger. And with your current party, that would be 1250 gold. Checking your funds, you realize that would be the vast majority of your money, only leaving you 195 gold afterwards. So while you can reach the Empire, you won’t really have a way back…

“Well, I’ve got a little bit on me.” Myla shrugs. “Not much though. Maybe we should try and get some work before we go.”

“Oh uh…” Garrett thinks for a moment. “Getting work around here isn’t too hard. A lot of people post work requests on the public board in the market. I got a lot of my old hauling jobs from there, yeah?”

“It would be good to ensure we have enough funds before we leave.” Faera nods. “Perhaps we should check this board?”

“You have time, so there’s no need to rush.” Kaiti speaks up. “The ship that goes between here and the Empire just came in today. It seems like it got a bit damaged in the recent storm, so it’s undergoing repairs. I imagine it won’t be until at least tomorrow before it’ll be ready to go.”

“There is another way.” Marcus offers. “The only official path to the Empire is via airship, as you may already know. The main road across the border has been closed for a while now. But there is another road. It’s not patrolled, and I’m not even sure if it’s really usable anymore.” You tilt your head, curious to this other path. “It would be quite a long trip. You could take the road to the southeast out of Malor to reach Mesai territory. From there, you continue east, all the way to Eraden. North of that town is an old mountain road leading into Empire territory. It hasn’t been used in over a decade though. I don’t think it’s even on any maps anymore, so there’s no telling if it’s even passable.”

“That sounds like it’d be a lot of walking just to find the path blocked.” Myla crosses her arms. “I think I’d prefer just the airship.” You nod, but either way, you have some time to think about it. You offer that it may be best to just go check for jobs on the board first. “Yeah, either way, we’ll need the gold.”

Before you leave though, you ask Marcus what he’ll be doing. “I have some things to attend to here in the city.” He glances over to Kaiti. “I’ll likely come back here tonight, so I’ll probably see all of you again before you leave.” You nod, though a bit confused to why he’s even here.

Regardless, you take your party and leave Kaiti’s home. A quick walk through the city leads you back to the market, and you find the board. Looking through the postings, you find several of interest…


  • ‘Seeking female shop assistant. See Ken at the magic shop in the market square for details.’

“Of course he’d have a posting.” Myla sighs, shaking her head. “Well, I figure that would at least be a safe choice for you, Floria. I know me and the deer probably wouldn’t fit well with him.”

  • ‘Work available for mercenaries not affiliated with the Highnight Company.’

You recognize the address as in the Market district, though near the Industrial side of the city. “There is not much information for this one.” Faera speaks up. “Though it sounds as though there may be some amount of danger involved, since they ask for mercenaries.”

  • ‘Highnight Mercenary Company has jobs for all. No contracts needed, open to independent mercenaries.’

“Highnight.” Myla crosses her arms. “I’m not so sure about them. I’ve heard they can be a bit shady with their jobs. Probably why that other posting wants people not with Highnight.”

You also see several listings for simple labor jobs. “These are the sort of jobs I usually took.” Garrett looks through them. “They’re not so bad, yeah? I can probably take one of them myself if you guys don’t need me for something else.”

There’s one more listing you see though. It doesn’t appear to be a job, but it reminds you of another listing you saw when you first left Erada City.

  • ‘Warning to all citizens of the Alliance: Sightings of an individual using modified Siege Armor have been reported in the region between the town of Malor and the Rimen Fortress. The individual is not authorized to own or operate the armor, and the Alliance urges all citizens to exercise caution if needing to travel to the fortress. The individual is considered extremely dangerous, and if encountered, it is suggested to avoid any and all confrontation. Please report any additional information regarding this to your local guard. Information leading to an arrest will be rewarded with a gold payment.’

“That… sounds kinda bad.” Myla looks a bit concerned at that. “I don’t think I want to have anything to do with that.” You nod, agreeing that it sounds really dangerous. It’s a good thing to keep in mind though.

Regardless of that, you need to decide what you want to do now.



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  1. While I don’t trust the mercenary company, there’s always the chance that they have legit jobs. We could go to them and say that we are only going to accept jobs that they tell us straight up. If they hide anything, then forget it. If not, then we can do jobs for the other mercenary company.

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