ARPG 2-299

> Go see Kyleen

You note that it may be a good idea to check the job that doesn’t want anyone from Highnight, but before that, you turn to Faera. You tell her that the rogue Siege Armor might be related to Kyleen’s missing parents.

“Oh, you may be correct. Hm…” The deergirl thinks for a moment. “I imagine she may not have heard about it yet, as it’s unlikely she has left her home with her injuries.”

“Whoa. Hold it.” Myla interrupts. “What are you talking about? I really hope you aren’t thinking of doing anything with this thing.” You explain to Myla about your meeting with the engineer girl and her missing parents, telling the wolfgirl that at the moment you just want to go inform her of the news as it may be a possible lead. “Alright, we can tell her, but we aren’t going after that thing. We’re not even close to capable of taking one of those armors down.”

“Y-yeah, it might be kinda dangerous, you know?” Garrett nods, but then thinks for a moment. “But… it might help that engineer girl, yeah?”

“Well, let us first go speak with her.” Faera offers. “From there, we can decide our next action.” Everyone seems to agree to that, and your party makes their way towards Kyleen’s home. It doesn’t take you too long to make the walk. Once there, you knock on the door.

From inside, you can hear a voice. “Come in! It’s open!” You do as it says and let yourself in. Heading inside, you eventually spot Kyleen roll herself into the hallway on a wheelchair. “Oh hey, it’s you..? I think..? Weren’t you a harpy before?” You nod to her, but explain that it’s kind of a long story. You also introduce all the others, including Faera, even though they’ve technically already met. “Huh, got a whole little group with you then? So what brings you here? If you’ve just come to check on me, don’t worry. I’m fine. Already back to work and everything.”

“That is not quite the reason, though it is good to see you moving about.” Faera speaks up. “You asked us to come to you if we found any possible information on your parents, correct?”

“Eh?” Kyleen’s expression lights up a bit. “Hey, did you find them already?!” You shake your head, explaining about the reports of a modified Siege Armor nearby, and ask her if it’s possible her parents would have anything to do with it. “Hm… Hard to say for certain. They did do some work on the Armor project, so it would make sense…” She thinks for a few moments. “Without going and taking a look, it’s really hard to say for sure.” She then glances over to you.

“Hold on, I know that look.” Myla speaks up. “There’s no way we’re poking our heads out when there’s a bloody Siege Armor about. I don’t have any sort of deathwish.”

“Hey, relax!” Kyleen shakes her head. “I’m not asking you to fight the thing. All you guys gotta do is just go take a look. I mean, Armor units aren’t actually all that great at fighting people. They’re super slow and meant for defense or for going up against a big army or something. Even if you guys got spotted, you could easily run away. Here, I’ve even got something else that’ll help. Wait here a second.” Saying that, she moves her wheelchair into another room.

While she’s gone, Myla pulls you over. “Remember what I said before? We’re not going to poke around at these damn Armor things. It’s just stupid.”

“It may be dangerous, but engineers here in the Alliance are typically rather wealthy.” Faera speaks up as well. “If we assist her, it is quite likely that we will gather all the funds we need. And as she said, we do not need to fight. This would simply be a scouting mission of sorts.”

“Y-yeah, it’s dangerous, but… We should help, yeah?” Garrett nods. “I mean, that’s what adventurers do, right? We help people, you know?”

“Urgh… Really? You’re all for this?” Myla seems rather frustrated, but just sighs. “Well… listen, if we do have to do this, we’re bailing on the first sign of trouble, got it? I’m still saying we shouldn’t stick our necks out like this, though.”

As you discuss, Kyleen returns, holding some sort of handheld device that you don’t recognize. “So, if you guys wanna help, then I’ll let you have this. I made it myself, so you can be sure that it’ll work!” You tilt your head, a bit confused on what exactly it is. “Heheh, well you see, this is a type of bomb I made. It doesn’t cause a normal sort of explosion though! Instead, it will make a sort of electrical interference burst, which will incapacitate any machines in range! So, if you do run into the big bad Armor unit, just toss this little guy at em and bam! You won’t have to worry about it! At least, not for a little bit. It doesn’t fry the machinery. It’ll only stun it for a little while, but it’ll give you more than enough time to get away!” She smiles with pride at her device. “I call it… the Electric Mega Punch Bomb! Or EMP Bomb for short.”


“That would likely prove useful if we go to do this.” Faera notes. “Though Miss Engineer, I must ask. If we were to do this for you, we are currently in need of funds for a trip of our own. Would it be possible for you to-”

“Oh, money? Yeah, that’s no problem!” Kyleen interrupts the deergirl with a nod. “You guys help me out and I’ll pay you. No worries. Even if it turns out that it has nothing to do with my parents, it’ll at least clear it up some. So what do you say? I’ll give you the EMP Bomb if you wanna help me out. All I’m asking is for you to figure out if my parents are being held by whoever it is has that armor. You don’t have to rescue them. I still plan to do that myself.”

You already know your party’s stance on this whole idea. While Faera and Garrett seem willing to help, Myla is very wary of the idea. In the end though, the idea seems to be up to you.



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  1. I’d rather not die so soon. Let’s just say if we see it we’ll let her know. Other wise, go check up on the other bounties.

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