ARPG 2-300

> Agree to go

After a bit of thought, you give Kyleen a nod, telling her that you’ll go scout it out and see what you can find. However, you warn her that you’re not going to put yourself in too much danger, so you may end up not learning too much. “That’s fine. At this point, any information helps. Here.” She nods, handing you the EMP bomb. “Just let me know what you find.”


You ask her some information on what her parents look like, as well as their names. “Oh, well as far as looks, you’ll be able to tell who my mom is. I took after her pretty heavily. Just, you know, she probably isn’t missing any limbs. Heheh.” She thinks for a moment. “My dad’s a bigger guy. Grey hair, pretty big beard. Sorta a burly old man type. You can’t really miss him. Their names are Alvera and Erik. I’ll let you guess which is which.” You nod, and with that, bid her farewell as you head back outside with your party.

“So we’re really doing this…” Myla sighs. You nod, a bit apologetically, but explain that you do want to help her. “Yeah yeah, whatever. But…” She looks over at Garrett and Bluebell. “These two should stay behind.”

“H-huh..?” Garrett seems a bit confused at Myla’s suggestion. “Stay behind? Uh… Why?”

“Well, it’s not about you, horseboy. It’s more about her.” The wolfgirl points at Bluebell. “We’re probably gonna need to be a bit quiet and careful here, and well… She could be a problem. But we can’t really just leave her here by herself. And I don’t quite trust leaving her with Jates for this long either. Besides, you two are pretty much attached at the hip at this point. I figure she’d throw a fit if we tried to separate the two of you.”

“Myla does have a point.” Faera nods, turning to Garrett. “Apologies, Garrett, but this may be for the best.”

“O-oh um… That actually does make sense, yeah?” The centaur nods. “T-to be honest, I think I might have needed a break from this anyway, you know? I’ll just do some odd jobs while you guys are gone. Just be careful, yeah?” You give him a nod, telling him to take good care of Bluebell while you’re gone. “Yeah! Don’t worry, leave it to me!”

You give Bluebell a few pats, telling her that you’ll be back soon. “Back soon!” She happily chirps. You’re not sure if she completely understood what you meant, but she seems happy enough as long as she’s with Garrett. You split from the two of them and start heading towards the city gates with Myla and Faera.


“So… just the three of us now, huh?” Myla sighs. “It’d be kinda nice if we could get another person like that drake guard or something to come along.”

“It is a covert mission, Myla.” Faera shakes her head. “While there may normally be safety in numbers, the primary danger of this mission is being spotted. Therefore, a smaller group is better.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know that, but still.” The wolfgirl shrugs. “Well, we’ll be heading out to Malor first right? The armor was spotted on the other side of there, if I remember right.” You nod. You’ll be able to stop for a quick rest in Malor before going to investigate. “Well, let’s get going then.”

With that, the three of you head out of Erada City, following the road to Malor. The trip is thankfully uneventful, and you end up in Malor by afternoon. “There is still some amount of daylight. Enough to do a search.” Faera notes. “We could go ahead and leave, though it may be advantageous to wait for night. The darkness may afford us more cover for ourselves.”

“Yeah, but night is also when the more nasty beasts tend to come out.” Myla crosses her arms. “To be fair though, I think I’d rather deal with them than get spotted by that armor. Up to you, Floria.”

You consider your options. If you do wait, then you’ll have a bit more time to rest in Malor, and perhaps do a little more preparation.



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  1. Woo! 300 parts, hope for many more!

    I would suggest going as early as possible, no unexpected dangers, hopefully all goes well if we just sneak around and check the armor. Though, there is the possibility that the armor could be modified, tell that to Myla and the gang before proceeding and plan accordingly.

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