ARPG 2-301

>Wait for night

You explain to your allies that it may be best to head out at sunset, so that by the time you reach where you intend to start your search, it should be night.

“Yeah, I figured you were gonna say that.” Myla sighs. “Well, not like daytime would be that much better, really.”

You nod and also note that it may be a good idea to get some cloaks of some sort, so that you might better conceal yourselves in the darkness.

“Ah, yes.” Faera nods. “A good idea. There must be someone around here who can sell us some cloth in order to fashion together something simple.”

“I’ll let you take care of that, deer.” Myla shrugs. “I’m gonna go find something to eat. You coming, Floria?” You nod, turning to Faera and telling her to join you after she finds the cloaks.

With that, you and Myla head to the inn, which appears to be at least partially open now. Inside, you find a cheerful looking man where Jates used to stand. You order some food, and when the man finds you to be friends of the Decepio, he graciously gives you a small discount. It’s a pleasant meal, though you do note that Jates’s cooking was a bit better. As you eat, Faera arrives, simple cloaks in hand. Together, the three of you enjoy the meal before getting a little bit of rest before evening comes.

At some point, you decide to take a walk around the small town with Myla. As you wander, you spot a familiar face. Tahtsu also seems to be out and notices you. “Ah? Floria?” She greets you. “And… Myla, right? What are you doing here..?” You explain to her that you’ve come to investigate the reported Siege Armor nearby. Thinking for a moment, you ask if she’s heard anything about it herself. She pauses, thinking. “Siege Armor..? I… I don’t think I’ve heard anything, no.”


As you talk, you notice that she seems a bit… off. “Ah, well it’s been a long day.” She nods. “I’m just a little bit tired is all. Don’t worry.” You ask if her head feels any better. “Um… I’m not really sure. It’s still just kinda… a little foggy. But don’t worry about me. Anyway, I should get going. I’m gonna go get some rest. Perhaps I’ll see you on your way back.” You nod as the elf goes her own way.

“Hm…” Myla watches the elf leave. You turn to her, curious what she’s thinking. “Something’s not right about her. She was acting weird.” You nod, though admit that she did say she was tired. “Yeah, no. I’m not buying it. I had my head screwed up before too. I know what that’s like.” You ask if she thinks that her mind is getting worse. “Don’t know, but…” She turns back to you and shakes her head. “Well, she’ll be fine until we get this armor business taken care of. Might be a good idea to take her to the pervert though.” You nod, and agree that you’ll consider it.

The rest of your time in Malor is uneventful, and before long, the sun starts to set. You gather your group together and start preparing to head out of the town, heading further east.

“It will be overcast tonight.” Faera looks up to the sky as she puts her dark cloak on. “We will have little in the way of natural light.”

“Well, I can see pretty well in the dark. Dunno about you two.” Myla shrugs. “Either way, dark is good for us to stay hidden.”

“Indeed, though it is also good for getting ambushed.” The deergirl nods. “We must exercise caution.” You nod to that, as the three of you head out of the town.

It doesn’t take long for it to get dark. While your hearing is certainly improved with your large ears, your eyesight is no better than when you were human. You do adjust to a point where you aren’t going to be running into anything, but it’s still difficult to see clearly. Myla appears to be having little issue though, meaning you may end up having to rely on her to guide you.

“Hey, hold up.” Myla stops you and points to the ground. “There’s some tracks here. Looks like the footprints of something big and metal. Probably our guy.”

“I imagine they went that way.” Faera points to the forest. In the darkness, you can see some damaged trees, marking a clear path where something large went through.

“The tracks look kinda old. Wanna follow it? Or stick to the road?” Myla turns to you. “Might find some newer ones somewhere.”



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  1. Old tracks are better than nothing. Who knows, we might actually find something that will help us. Like it being damaged or something.

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