ARPG 2-303

> Get Myla to try again

You quickly tell Myla that she at least got some sort of reaction from the greatwolf, so it may be worth it to keep trying. You tell her to try and communicate to the beast that you’re not here aggressively.

“Oh come on, you really think I can speak with this thing?” Myla shakes her head. “I’m not gonna sit around embarrassing myself- W-whoa..!”

As she speaks, the greatwolf suddenly lunges at your party. Everyone dives out of the way, scattering out and managing to avoid getting hit. However, the beast is quick to turn back around and lunges once again at Myla, smashing into her!

“Gah..!” The wolfgirl is sent flying back into a tree and falls to the ground, stunned.




“Floria, there is something coming!” Faera suddenly speaks up. You focus on your hearing for a moment and hear it as well, a crashing sound approaching. You hear a hum as well, quickly getting louder. “That must be-”

Before she has a chance to say it, a Siege Armor bursts out of the trees and slams into the greatwolf using it’s shield, knocking the beast away! The speed it burst out of the forest sends wood and leaves flying everywhere, causing you to stumble back in surprise. You quickly realize this must be the modified armor you’ve heard about, seeing modules on it that look like they were added on. Some of them are putting out magic which seems to give the armor the ability to thrust itself around in bursts, likely how it suddenly showed up, though it looks like a few of them aren’t working. As far as equipment goes, it appears to just have a large shield and blade, with no visible ranged weapons.

The greatwolf recovers from the hit and faces the Siege Armor, growling, but not backing down. Suddenly, you hear a feminine voice come from the armor. “I don’t know what you’re doing here, but you’re free to leave or help, but don’t get in the way.”


Faera quickly moves over to you, behind the armor. “This must be the armor. Are you okay?” She quickly asks and you nod. “And Myla..?” You glance over to where the wolfgirl was thrown, and can see her struggling to stand back up, seeming to be in a daze from the impact.

It looks like the Siege Armor is more than capable of dealing with the greatwolf, but the pilot doesn’t seem immediately hostile.



2 thoughts on “ARPG 2-303”

  1. Fall back into a defensive position. Myla needs help right now so that should be our may focus. Since the person in the armor isn’t hostile just yet, let them deal with the wolf. We don’t want to be caught in the middle. We can possibly speak to the pilot after.

  2. I agree with the top comment, if that armor turns against us now, we won’t stand a chance. Just wait until the wolf is dealt with, then ask if the pilot knows the engineer or something.

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