ARPG 2-304

> Assist the armor

You turn to Faera and tell her to go and help Myla up while you see if you can assist the Siege Armor.

“Very well, be careful.” She quickly nods before moving over to help the wolfgirl. You move a bit closer to the armor, staying behind it.

“Careful, rabbit.” The voice inside the armor speaks up. “This beast has proven several times to be dangerous.” You nod to her and focus on the greatwolf. The beast is still just facing the armor, growling deeply.

You decide the best course of action is to try and support the armor as best you can with your magic. You quickly tell her that you’ll try and bind the greatwolf’s legs so she can land a hit. You then focus your magic, getting ready to cast a Rock Bind spell. With the spell prepared, you cast it out, and the ground around the wolf’s feet starts to rise up and quickly encase its legs in sturdy rock.

The armor wastes no time in taking the opportunity to attack, lunging forward with the massive blade in hand. Before the attack can land, the greatwolf manages to break out of your bindings, but it’s too late for it to fully avoid the attack! The Siege Armor’s blade slashes the beast with a direct hit!


The impact of the blow throws the beast back into the trees, but it manages to stay standing. Before you have time to make any sort of reaction, it leaps forward, back at the armor! It slashes its claws at the metal machine, and while it doesn’t pierce the armor entirely, it certainly leaves some marks. The impact also forces the Siege Armor to take a step back, but otherwise seems unharmed.

“We really gonna stick around for this? Urgh…” You hear Myla’s voice come up from behind you. Turning to her, you can see she’s injured, but able to stand on her own. “I think these two can handle each other. I sure as hell know we can’t handle the winner.”


“Whoever it is inside the armor does not seem hostile.” Faera shakes her head. “If we assist her, we may be able to learn more of what is going on.” You nod to that, though admit that getting close to the fight is just going to end with getting caught between their attacks. “Indeed, it may be best if we assist from afar. You are most suited to that, Floria.”

“Yeah, go for it I guess.” Myla shakes her head. “I’m more than happy to sit this one out.”

“We will keep watch over our rear and flanks, to ensure that no other foes approach.” Faera nods to you. “You continue assisting the armor.” You nod again, and turn back to the fight as the other two put a little distance between them and the combat.

“Got any more of those tricks, rabbit?” The voice in the armor asks. “This thing is fast, and my swings aren’t. Help me hit the damn thing.” You nod and after a moment, you decide to cast a Flash spell. You give her warning and quickly cast the spell, creating a blinding flash that illuminates the forest for just a moment.

The greatwolf is struck by the blinding light and recoils, obviously blinded. It stumbles around, shaking its head in an effort to restore its sight. Of course, this gives the armor another good chance to land another blow. With one step forward, the massive sword comes crashing down upon the greatwolf!



The impact of the blow certainly dazes the greatwolf for a few moments. However, it’s able to right itself enough that it quickly tries to make an escape, hurriedly stumbling off into the forest.

“Oh no you don’t.” The Siege Armor readies itself for chase, as you see the booster-like attachments start to glow. “Not letting you get away this time, you-”

The voice is cut off suddenly, as you notice one of the boosters spark for just a moment. Before you even know what’s happening, you’re suddenly thrown back by an explosion of energy! The device bursts violently, sending you falling on your rear and even knocking the Siege Armor to the side.

As the energy fades away, you’re able to see the armor with the burst booster. “Damn it. Guess I pushed it too hard…” The voice inside sounds frustrated, and turns to you. “Alright, rabbit. That greatwolf has got to be badly hurt. Shouldn’t take too much more to take it down. I’m not gonna be able to chase it down without my boosters, but you and your friends probably can.”

“Whoa, whoa.” Myla shakes her head, as she and Faera return to your side. “Not a chance. We’ve got no reason to fight that thing.”

“I would ask why it is that you want to defeat the greatwolf.” Faera looks over at the armor. “It would seem this is not your first encounter with it.”

“Yeah, it isn’t.” The voice sighs. “Anyway, if you don’t want to chase it down, fine. I’ll deal with it some other time. But I assume you’re out here for a reason, and if you help me out, I might be willing to help you in return. That thing has caused enough trouble. Both for me, and for the locals around here.”

You consider what to do, as you get back up to your feet.



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  1. We should ask why someone in siege armor is doing out here. It’s a little odd seeing someone in armor out here by themselves. The greatwolf, while a threat, can wait. It is injured and will want to recover.

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