ARPG 2-305

> Agree to go after the greatwolf

You ask the girl in the armor what she’ll be doing if you go after the greatwolf. “I’ll be following you. At the moment, I move too slow to go after the beast myself. The moment it hears me coming, it’ll flee again.” She explains. “I need you and your allies to keep it occupied. Just keep it busy enough that it can’t pay attention to me coming. I don’t expect you to kill it yourselves.”

“Wait, wait. Floria.” Myla looks at you with a serious expression. “You can’t be seriously considering going after that thing!” You explain to her that if it’s dangerous to the people around here, then you can’t just let it roam free. Besides, you note that there’s a chance that there could be a bounty for it, which would resolve some of your money issues. “You can’t… Damn it, you’re bloody insane! We can’t fight that thing!”


“I won’t be far behind you.” The voice from the armor speaks up again. “You won’t have to fight for long. I get it if you aren’t confident enough for it though. No one’s forcing you.”

“Either way, if we are to do this, it would be best we decide now.” Faera speaks up. “The longer we delay, the more distant the greatbeast will become.”

You turn to Myla, asking her to come along. “You’ve gotta be kidding me. Why do you keep insisting on all this dangerous shit?” The wolfgirl sighs, shaking her head. “But… Damn it, it’s not like I can just let you go on your own. Fine. Let’s get this over with. Hopefully the damn thing throws you against a tree this time.” You nod to her and quickly start following the tracks the greatwolf left behind.

As you track the beast, you give Myla some healing, restoring her energy and soothing some of her injuries. She still doesn’t seem too happy with you, but there’s not a lot you can do about that for now.



It doesn’t take you too long to find where the greatwolf fled to. You manage to spot it entering a shallow cave. From your hiding spot outside the cavern, you start trying to come up with a plan.

“If we fight it inside the cavern, we will have an easier time preventing it from fleeing once the armor arrives.” Faera notes.

“IF the armor arrives.” Myla shakes her head. “You guys are way too quick to trust that person.”

“Either way, we will need to decide how we wish to engage the beast.” The deergirl replies, turning to you. “Perhaps you have some sort of plan?”

You consider how you want to start this…



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  1. The answer is simple here. As long as the cave doesn’t have another exit, we use the rock bind and have Myla and Faera on both sides of the cave, so if it does bash it’s way out, they can surprise it. And if they aren’t able to stop it, then there’s always Floria as well to cast other spells.

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