ARPG Extra Story 1-20

> Several days later

It has been several days since your encounter with the Copperbirch company. Things have settled back down, and everyone has returned to their normal lives. There is still an air of unease around your company, but there has been little in the way of incidents since then.

You are returning home from a simple escort mission with Lorre at your side, not far from town. “Telri, when we get back, we should to by that little bakery.” The elf offers as you walk. “It opened up a few days ago, and I’ve heard they sell some nice sweets~”

“We must report back to father before we do anything else.” You shake your head, but then turn back to her. “But well… I suppose it would not be a bad idea afterwards. Though…” You glance down at your armor, even with the tailoring and adjustments, it’s still a little tight from the weight you gained. “Perhaps I should consider a diet soon…”


“Heheh. A little bit of sweets won’t hurt, Telri!” Lorre giggles a little. “You can diet afterwards anyway.”

“Well, perhaps… I just do not want to gain-” You suddenly stop as a noise reaches your ears. “Wait, I heard something.”

“E-eh? Is it a beast?” Lorre quickly looks around, a concerned look on her face. “We’re so close to town though. Surely the deterrent field would already be keeping them away…”

“It may not be a beast…” You scan the treeline with your eyes. The noise you heard sounded like something moving in the nearby forest. A sudden noise is heard once again, but you quickly learn the cause of it as a crossbow bolt pierces through your leg! “Gah..!” You stumble as you quickly try to find where the bolt came from.


“T-Telri..!” Lorre quickly moves to your side, checking on you before looking around. “A-an ambush..?! Where are-” The sound of another crossbow bolt being fired is followed by a thunk as the bolt hits the flame elf in her arm. “Argh..!” She winces from the impact, but the wound doesn’t look any more serious than your own.


Both of you manage to get back on your feet and draw your weapons, ready to face your attacker. As you look around, you are able to see a figure step out of the trees. It only takes you a moment to recognize him. A lamia slithers forward, a crossbow in one hand, and a blade in the other. The same lamia mercenary that you fought several days before. “You… What are you doing here?” You turn to him with your weapons ready.


“Finishing my job.” The lamia frowns at you. “Unlike some mercenaries, I always see a job through to the end.”

“Tch. So still trying to capture me then?” You frown back at the lamia. “Your employers are already gone. Unless you intend to bring me all the way back to Mesai, I suggest you not waste your time.”

“The deal changed.” The snakeman raises his weapon. “Now they just want you dead, along with any of your companions. And I intend to finish what I started.”

“T-Telri, Copperbirch is still coming after us?” Lorre seems concerned, but remains ready for a fight. “I thought this would be over with…”

Something tells you that this mercenary is doing this less for Copperbirch, and more because he refuses to be beaten. It may be foolish of him to willingly face both you and Lorre, but you imagine he does have the skill to prove dangerous. You will need to finish this once and for all. You consider how you will combat this foe…



2 thoughts on “ARPG Extra Story 1-20”

  1. Someone hasn’t learned anything.

    Let’s keep our distance, it’s gonna be trouble if he gets a hold of either one of them. Most likely that he’s prepared this time, so try something different here instead of using delaying tactics.

  2. Telri needs to stay in front of Lorre the entire time. If he gets her then it’s almost a guaranteed game over. Dazzle him with a few confusion spells like sleep and daze. If we can, try forcing him to keep his distance with our own ranged spells.

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