ARPG 2-307

> Try to slow the greatwolf down

Within the wolf’s belly, you can already feel it try to start digesting you, but despite it’s powerful stomach, you know that you should have plenty of time. Regardless, you still want to act. At the very least, you need to work to slow the beast down, to allow your allies a chance to cause more damage. If the greatwolf were to run away, you fear that you would be in a lot of trouble.

To ensure you have plenty of time to act, you pull the Acid Resist Potion out of your bag and quickly down it. Drinking it down, you feel a bit more durable!



With that, you decide to try and cast some magic. You have several spells that may work, and you attempt to experiment with your Freeze, Drowsy, Muddle, and Calm spells. However, as you try to cast each spell, you get thrown around the stomach of the wolf as it continues combating your allies, interrupting your focus and causing your spells to fail. You quickly realize that such actions aren’t going to work. Your clothing starts to degrade as the stomach works to try and churn your body down.


Trying to come up with some other plan, you spot one of the other potions in your inventory. You pull out one of your Shrinking Potions. You’re unsure how much of an effect it would have on the greatwolf, but decide that shrinking it down at all would definitely make it a lot less dangerous to your allies. You do worry that things will get rather cramped inside here, but you’ve been inside Myla’s belly before and that wasn’t too bad. You can’t imagine that the beast would get too much smaller than that, and with that, you open the potion and pour it into the wolf’s belly.



It’s hard to tell how quickly it takes effect, but after a little while, you do notice the walls of the wolf’s belly start to get a little closer. Of course, this time waiting for an effect gives the beast’s stomach more time to try and melt you more.


As time progresses, the belly gets tighter and tighter, quickly removing all that spare room you had to move around earlier. Regardless, it seems to be working, as you can feel the greatwolf struggling to move as easily as before. Though, while the wolf seems to be shrinking, you note that the walls around you start slowing down before you really expected. After a moment, you realize that your own clothing starts getting looser. You remember that most potions do have an effect, though reduced, if they just contact skin, and realize that you too are shrinking, though at a much lesser rate. You still easily overfill the wolf’s belly, and by the time the effects of the shrinking are completely finished, you imagine that the beast is closer to the size of a large dog, while you yourself have only lost about a third of your size.


At this point, the beast seems barely able to move at all. This entire time, you’ve heard the others outside speaking, though now you can hear another sound. Large metallic footsteps approach, and you suddenly feel a pressure around the stomach walls around you. The pressure forces you back up into the beast’s throat, much tighter than it was before. Within mere moments, you’re slipping back out of the wolf’s mouth and onto the ground outside, covered in slimy fluids and very loose-fitting clothes. Turning around, you can see the Siege Armor holding the wolf, obviously the one to force you back up.

“Floria!” Faera is the first one to come to your side. “Floria, are you alright?” The deergirl seems very concerned, but you give her a nod, saying that you’re fine.


“You… You’re alright? Thank gods…” Looking over, you see Myla sitting on the ground, with many injuries, though she has a relieved smile on her face. You quickly stand, which causes some of your clothing to fall from you. Ignoring that, you quickly move to her side, asking if she’s okay. “I’m urgh… I’m fine. I’ll live.” Regardless of what she says, you start using some magic to try and heal her as much as you can.


“Ah um… By the way, Floria..?” Faera joins you over near Myla. “I assume you did something to cause the beast to shrink like that… And yourself as well..?” You nod to her, explaining how you used the shrinking potion inside. “Ah, I suppose that it was fortunate that you had those.”

“I have to say I’m rather impressed by your wolfkin friend.” The girl in the armor speaks up, still holding onto the rather injured-looking wolf. It’s quite difficult to call it a greatwolf in it’s current state. “By the time I arrived, she had already done significant damage.”

“Speaking of that…” Faera turns to the armor with a rather serious tone. “I would like to ask you where you were. You were supposed to be right behind us, correct?” The deergirl actually seems a little upset at the armor for her tardiness.

“Ah right… I guess I should apologize for that. You see, when my-” Before the girl inside can explain much, you hear a strange noise coming from the machine. It suddenly becomes rigid as the engine within dies, and the magic energy from the vents fades. “Oh for the love of… Is this a good enough explanation? When that booster module failed, it must have rattled the internals pretty hard. This damn thing died as I was following you.” Some noises come from within, sounding like her banging on some metal, and withing a few moments, the vents light back up as the armor comes back to life. “I need to get this damn thing repaired… Listen, as fun as it would be to keep talking here, how about we continue this at the camp I have? It’s not far from here.”

You turn to the others to see what they think.

“Well, we came to seek answers, and I imagine we will find them there.” Faera nods to you.

“I… Okay, not gonna lie.” Myla sighs. “At this point, that camp is probably closer, and I’m hurting enough that I just wanna get some rest. Let’s just do that. Besides…” She glances over at that wolf held by the armor. “I intend to finish that bloody wolf myself.”



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  1. So Myla will be allowed to do whatever it is she plans on doing to the wolf (I’m assuming eat it), though we would at least get to a camp first. If she can, the armour should bring along the wolf. Them Myla can do what she wants with it. Then we can ask about the armour. Or maybe wait till Myla has finished digesting it. Won’t be good to have the armour hostile against us when she can’t move.

  2. Looks like fate is on our side again. For how long though?

    We got lucky with that a*s pull, real lucky. Let’s get to the camp, rest up, and start asking questions, preferably pertaining to that greatwolf, since Myla and that armor have a vendetta against that thing apparently. The only thing we should be prepared for is when Myla yells and hits us for being idiots, *sigh* again.

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