ARPG 2-309

> Stay in camp

You decide it best to just stay in the camp for the night. After all, you doubt Myla can really move too quickly right now with her stuffed belly. You turn to Alice though and note that there is one thing you’re curious about. “Hm? What’s that?” She asks. You ask her what exactly it is that she plan to use the Siege Armor for. You doubt she fixed it up just so that she could have it around, after all. “Ah, right…” She hesitates for a moment before sighing. “To be honest, even if I told you, I doubt you’d believe me…”

“Try us.” Myla speaks up, looking at the armor. “We’ve had our fair share of strangeness these past few days.”

“Is that so…” The girl in the armor seems to think for a while before continuing. “Very well. Let me ask you first though… What do you know about the Ancients?”

The camp falls silent upon hearing her question. After a while, Myla is the first to speak up.

“For the love of…” She doesn’t sound too pleased to hear it. “Why can’t we get away from this Ancient crap?”

“So you do know something?” Alice’s voice sounds curious. You nod, telling her that you’ve had a couple encounters, though admit that none of them have been particularly pleasant. “You’ve..?!” She seems surprised by your words. “You’ve encountered one of them? I… Hm… You wouldn’t happen to have gotten his name, would you..?” You nod again, telling her that the one you’ve met calls himself Rohum. “Urgh… So it is him…”

“You seem familiar with the name.” Faera looks to the armor. “I take it you have also met him then?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” Alice sighs within her armor. “Several months past, I encountered him. It was… unpleasant to say the least. I saw his power, and understood just how dangerous he was. Since then, I decided that I would search for a way to stop him, whatever plans he may have. When I found this armor, well… It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

Myla looks at you for a moment with a hesitant look before turning back to Alice. “Yeah uh… There was a…” The wolfgirl speaks up. “Well, I don’t know if it was that Rohum guy or not, but there was a Siege Armor before got ended up with a big hole through it. So, I’m not so sure if that armor’s really gonna help you all that much.” You nod, confirming what Myla says.

“So that’s what happened there…” The girl in the armor pauses for a moment. “I had heard rumors of that, but if you say that the Ancient may be involved then… Well, I suppose I’ll need to consider things quite a bit more.” She looks back to you. “Though I do not ask for your help. I wouldn’t ask anyone to join me on what is likely a fool’s errand. I know full well what he’s capable of.”

“Yeah, leave us out of it.” Myla shakes her head. “I’ve had more than enough of him myself. Anyway…” She looks at her squirming belly. “I think I’d like to start trying to sleep this beast off.” You nod, feeling a bit sleepy yourself.

“Ah, right.” Alice looks to Myla. “You’re free to use my tent, if you like.”

“Floria, I would like to remain awake.” Faera turns to you. “I would like to speak with Alice some more.” You nod, feeling that the deergirl may also just want to keep an eye on the armored girl, just in case.

Regardless, you decide to accompany Myla to sleep in the tent. The two of you head inside. Once there, Myla lays down and relaxes as her belly continues to gurgle. You decide to remove your clothing, leaving just your cloak on, so that if you do return to your normal size during the night, you won’t damage your clothing. With that done, you lean onto Myla’s soft belly. The wolfgirl looks at you for a moment, and after a while, speaks.

“You know, you really had me worried back there.” She finally says. “When that wolf ate you, I… Well, I thought we weren’t going to be able to get you back out…” You turn to her and apologize. She was against the whole idea, and because you pushed it, you put yourself in a lot of danger. “That’s… Urgh, I don’t know anymore.” She lets out a sigh. “I just don’t get why you so willingly put yourself in dangerous situations like this. It just seems so stupid.” You lean back onto her soft belly and gently pat it as you try to come up with a response to that. “But… Honestly, at this point, I’m just glad you’re alright.” You’re a bit surprised to hear that from her, and ask if she’s going to yell at you for doing something dangerous. “There’s not a lot of point to it, you know.” She sighs, shaking her head. “Regardless of what I say, you’re pretty much always just gonna go and do stupid things. I’m starting to just get used to it.”

You give her a bit of a smile, hearing that. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m still gonna tell you not to do the stupid dangerous things, but… Well, I’m not gonna abandon you or anything. At this point, I feel like if I do, then you’re just gonna get yourself dead.” She shakes her head with a frustrated sigh, but ends it with a slight smile.


You return the smile and look to her belly. You note that she’s probably going to gain a lot of weight from the wolf, especially once the shrinking potion wears off. “Wears off..? Oh.” A slightly worried expression appears on the wolfgirl’s face, looking down at her belly. “Urgh… I uh… I didn’t think about that. I guess I better digest this thing quickly.” You chuckle as you pat her belly, teasing her a bit and telling her that you’re fine with rolling her around for a while. “Urgh… Yeah, yeah. Shut it. I’m gonna need new clothes after this, aren’t I?” She sighs again. “Well, whatever.”

As you lean against her churning belly, you continue to give her belly rubs. After a few moments, you give Myla an honest thank you, thanking her for looking out for you. It causes her to blush slightly. “Y-yeah, well…” She hesitates for a moment, seeming like she was going to say something. “You’re… welcome I guess. A-anyway, let’s just get some sleep.” You nod to that as you lay against her belly, using it as a comfy bed. With how exhausted the wolfgirl is, it doesn’t take her long to fall asleep, and you follow soon after.



The next morning, you find yourself laying on top of a large fluffy surface. Your first reaction is to think that you somehow managed to shrink more, but you quickly realize that Myla’s belly just grew more overnight as the shrinking potion on the greatwolf wore off. Her belly is bigger than she is, and you realize that the tent you were in lays collapsed nearby. Looking around the camp, you see Faera sleeping nearby, and the Siege Armor standing silently. It appears to have it’s engine turned off.


You hop off of Myla’s belly and step closer to the armor, curious if Alice is still inside. As you approach, you suddenly hear a voice behind you, which makes you jump.

“Ah, you’re awake?” Turning around, you see a cloaked figure, but recognize the voice as Alice. She has her face partially covered, obviously she still doesn’t quite want to reveal her identity. Though it does look like she may be a human of some sort. She is coming from the forest with what looks like a bag of gathered nuts and fruits. “I thought you might be hungry when you woke up, so I gathered a few things for breakfast.” She glances over at Myla. “Though I assume your wolf friend probably won’t need it.”




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  1. Well, let’s ask her about her encounter with Rohum, the more we know the better. Perhaps we can ask for her help when the whole Ancient thing comes full circle.

    1. That’s a good idea. The more we know about the ancient. We should also ask where she’s from. I find it odd she just walked up on an armor in a field.

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