ARPG 2-310

> Talk with Alice

You decide to just have a seat in the camp and talk to Alice some more. You thank her for bringing some food, though you do note that you have plenty of rations. “Ah, I guess it’d make sense you’d be more prepared like that.” She nods, sitting near you and opening up the sack of wild fruit and berries. “Well, these should make a tasty addition to your rations then, right?” You nod and take a look into the bag. It all looks like normal gathered food. Nothing strange, so you know it should be safe to eat.

“Ah, and you know, I never did answer your question before.” Alice speaks up as you look through the bag. You tilt your head, a bit confused. “The engineer’s parents, remember? I assume you kinda figured out the answer yourself though.” You nod with a sigh, admitting that you did figure she didn’t know anything since she’s never even met Kyleen before. “Sorry to disappoint you. I’ve been out here by myself the whole time.”

You look at her for a moment as she says that. You do note that she’s pretty cute. And of course you occasionally glance at her rather large chest. Deciding to just offer a compliment, you tell her that she’s quite cute. “Huh..?” She looks at you with a slightly surprised look before shrugging and giving a chuckle. “Heheh, well that came out of nowhere. Not that I mind, of course. Though if you’re trying to get me to remove my mask, you’ll have to try harder than that.” You shake your head, just telling her that you wanted to make the compliment. You do note that you and her look a bit similar. “Hm… I guess you’re right there. I’d say we might be distant relatives but… I don’t think I have any bunny cousins or anything.”

On that subject, you decide to admit that you used to be human. “Eh? Really?” You nod, explaining that you encountered some sort of device in an Ancient ruin nearby that transformed you. However, you do leave out that you were turned into a pure bunnykin, since you’d have to tell her about the elderly shapeshifter. You don’t quite trust her enough to tell her that yet though. “Huh… I’ve heard of that sort of thing happening to others before.” Alice thinks for a moment. “You were pretty lucky though. I’ve heard most of the time when that happens, it’s a complete change. Looks like you managed to avoid getting a lot of extra fur, huh? Heheh.”


“Mmnn…” You hear a voice nearby, and glancing over, you can see that Faera is starting to wake up. You greet her as she sits up. “Ah, good morning, Floria. And..?” She looks over to Alice. “Ah, I assume this to be Alice?”

“Yes. I hope you slept well.” Alice nods, and then motions towards the bag of fruits. “I brought some food for breakfast, though I assume you also came as prepared as your friend?”

“I see. Well, it will be a good addition.” The deergirl nods as she steps over to sit with the two of you. “I assume you are a bit more trusting of us now, seeing as you were willing to step out of your armor.”

“I saw no reason to stay inside it.” Alice shakes her head. “Regardless, if you were planning something, I feel that you would have already done it.”

As you sit, you can hear Myla’s loudly gurgling belly nearby. You continue having a casual chat with Alice and Faera for a few more minutes until you start hearing Myla wake up.

“Urgh…” The wolfgirl drowsily starts to wake, though once she starts to move, she realizes that she’s trapped below her own belly. “Wh-what the… Gah… Just great.” You step over to her and check on her, asking if she’s alright. “Y-yeah. Just uh… a bit stuck.” You can’t help but chuckle a little at her situation. “Oh shut up. Gah, I’m gonna gain so much weight from this…” You step closer and give her belly some pats, asking if there’s anything she needs. “Right now, I just need time to digest, I guess.” Myla sighs. “It might take me most of the day to get this down though…”

You look back over to Alice and ask if there’s anything that needs doing around here, since it looks like you’re going to be stuck for a while. “Oh, hm… Well, you’re free to explore around.” She thinks for a moment. “To be honest, that greatwolf was the only dangerous thing I’ve seen around this area. Ah, well there was that dragon from the other day, but that was flying away. It came from the direction of some old ruins nearby.” You figure this dragon she saw was the elderly shapeshifter. “Aside from that, I don’t really know. I mostly only went out to gather whatever supplies I needed, or to do test runs with the old tin can. Ah, actually…” She stops for a moment. “If you’d be willing, I did have an old cave that I was camped in before. However, that greatwolf forced me out, and some of my old supplies should still be there. With that thing gone, we shouldn’t run into any trouble.”

“One of us should stay here with Myla.” Faera notes. “If you want to stay here yourself, I could always go with Alice. If not, I could stay and watch over Myla.”

“Of course, that’s only if you want to even do that.” Alice shakes her head. “I don’t mean to pressure you into it. I can always do it later. That stuff has sat for this long. Won’t hurt it to sit a bit longer.”

You consider what you want to do now…



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  1. I want to go out with Alive to get the supplies and pass the time by asking where she’s from and moving the supplies…

    But I also want to spend time with Myla and try to help her digest her meal. I’m assuming a full body belly rub would do that.

    I’m honestly stuck between the two options.

    1. If we do stay with myla we can try a digestion aid spell. Worst that could happen would be we get hurt from the backfire.

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