ARPG Extra Story 1-22

> Keep his attention

You quickly move yourself back in front of the lamia, keeping his attention on you rather than Lorre. You remain wary of his tail though, knowing that if he manages to coil you up, then you’ll be in trouble.

You advance on him, readying your blade for another strike. He attempts to block your swing with his crossbow, though you have enough strength to break through, knocking the weapon from his hand! Your blade cuts him further as he winces.


Behind you, Lorre starts casting another spell. Within a few moments, a small bolt of fire sails past you and slams into the lamia, pushing him back just a bit. Lorre’s skill with that sort of magic isn’t the best, but it’s still something, at least.


“Tch…” The snakeman turns to you with his weapon ready. “You may have forced me to flee once, but not again. We are ending this here.”

“Hmph.” You shake your head at him. “You speak as though we have some sort of long-standing rivalry. You are just trying to kill me in an vain effort to cover up your embarrassment. Can you not simply accept a loss? Or do you pointlessly pursue everyone who you fight until you win?”

“Shut up!” Your words cause him to lash out in anger. He swings his blade down upon you, but his anger is making him swing wider, making it easier to predict his movements. You sidestep his attack and counter with your own, slashing back at him. Your attack hits him hard, and it does seem like you’re starting to wear him down.


“Guh..! D-damn you..!” He doesn’t recoil long from the attack though, and before you have a chance to renew your guard, his tail swings back around, slamming itself into your legs, knocking them out from under you! You land hard on the ground, though quickly try to stand back up. “Not this time! I have you!”

You feel the tip of his tail quickly wrap around your lower body as he starts to rapidly coil himself around you! Before you have time to react, he pins your arms, completely wrapping around you! The powerful tail starts to apply pressure, squeezing you painfully.


“T-Telri!” You hear Lorre shout to you. Looking over you can see the elf rushing closer. “Let her go now!”

“Back down, elf!” The lamia swings his weapon at Lorre, bashing her away with the side of his blade, causing her to tumble backwards. “This is between me and her.” He looks back at you with anger in his eyes.

“N-no!” Lorre stands back up. “I’m not… I’m not going to let you harm her!” Glancing over at the elf, you can see her rushing the snakeman once more. However, this time you notice a glow on her staff. A red glow of fire, and you quickly realize what she’s planning.


“L-Lorre..! Stop..!” You try to call out to her, but she ignores you. She rushes the lamia and swings her staff at him. The snakeman is able to easily block it with his blade, but even he realizes his mistake a moment too late. Your vision goes completely white as a large explosion blasts all three of you away!


You’re thrown free of the lamia’s grip and slam onto the ground. You groan as you try to stand back up, dazed for a few moments. You quickly scan the area, looking to see what happened to the other two. You see the lamia laying in the snow, groaning as he slowly struggles to right himself. You also spot Lorre, face down on the ground with her shattered staff thrown a ways from her.





Lorre just did what most mages strive to avoid. She purposely overcharged a fire spell causing a violent and powerful backfire. While it looks like she survived the blast, she’s unconscious and heavily injured, seeming as though she caught the worst of the explosion. However, you know that she did that on purpose, knowing that it was likely the only way she could get you free from the lamia’s coils.

It takes you a moment, but you realize that the blast also knocked your mask off. Being without it is less than pleasant, but you know you have more important things to worry about before you try to find it again. Regardless, you will need to find it before anyone else shows up.


Looking back to the snakeman, you can see that the backfire had the intended effect though. The blast injured him significantly, and he struggles to right himself. Right now, it seems like you’re the only one capable of standing. The lamia is vulnerable, and Lorre moreso. You yourself are heavily injured as well, though you’re still capable of moving.

Incapacitating the lamia at this point would likely be an easy thing to do, as well as finishing him off. However, you doubt he’s in any condition to pursue you if you were to just grab Lorre and move towards town. The explosion has doubtless caught the attention of the guard, and it’s very likely that they’ll be getting here much sooner.



3 thoughts on “ARPG Extra Story 1-22”

  1. Overcharging a spell, Good last resort for Floria to learn.
    Time is of the essence, just ram our sword toward his spine, then grab Lorre and head to town, I’ll be damned if we lose one of the best girls in this RPG!

    (Good that you’re back, Rayen, hope that everything is in order 🙂 )

  2. Lets just focus on keeping the lamia pinned. His tail is the biggest thing we need to worry about. If we can keep that under control( then he shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If we can, we should bind his arms to he can’t move as easily as well.

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