ARPG 2-311

> Go with Alice

You tell Alice that you’d like to accompany her to get her stuff back, though you express some concern about leaving Myla here in her current state.

“I appreciate the worry but if something shows up…” Myla gives you a smirk. “I’ll just roll over on em or something. Heheh.” The wolfgirl chuckles a little. “But seriously, it’ll be fine. I doubt anything’ll show up.”

“And if it does, you can rely on me.” Faera speaks up. “I assure you that I can handle any wild creatures that may stumble upon us.” Even with their assurances, you still can’t help but be a bit concerned.

“Ah, well if you are worried…” Alice nods and starts looking through one of her bags, pulling out some sort of mechanical device and handing it to Faera. “Here. If you aim this up and press the button, it’ll fire a flare that we’ll be able to see clearly from my old cave.” She turns back to you. “Then, if they have trouble, we’ll be able to rush back here. The cave isn’t that far from here, so we shouldn’t be gone too long.”

With that, it does seem like everyone is okay with this plan. You give her a nod, though before doing anything else, you decide to get more properly dressed. Myla’s large belly is big enough for you to change behind easily, and within a couple of minutes, you’re ready to go.

“Maybe by the time you get back I’ll be able to move some.” Myla sighs. “There’s no way my clothes are gonna fit once I’m done with this though. Might have to use those cloaks to cover up or something.” You nod, admitting that you do wonder where all that greatwolf is going to go. “Of course you do. Just hurry up and go find that cave or whatever.” She sighs again, and everyone seems to chuckle a little.

With everything set, you head out of the small camp with Alice. You note that she isn’t taking the Siege Armor with her. “Yeah, not gonna be able to use it for a little bit.” She nods and explains. “The power supply got drained, so it’s charging up right now. Normally it keeps a charge for a couple days, but I think when that booster burst last night, it discharged most of the supply.” She shakes her head. “Though for something like this, I wouldn’t use it anyway. You know, I’m not defenseless outside that armor. Heheh.” She chuckles a bit.

Thinking of something to talk about as you walk, you decide to ask her what exactly she’s doing out here. “Hm… Well, I’ve mostly been working on the armor, trying to improve it. Of course, I’m no engineer. Everything on it is pretty much just jury rigged, and the thing is prone to breakdowns, as you saw last night.” She sighs. “I go into Erada City to get supplies on occasion, though I’m starting to think this whole plan might not work out too great.”


You think for a moment and mention that you could possibly introduce her to Kyleen. An engineer like her could surely help. Alice just shakes her head though. “As nice as that would be, remember that it’s not exactly legal for me to even have this thing. I’ve not had a ton of luck with trusting people as well…”

You note that with those last words, she seems to be a bit down. You offer that she seems to trust you and the others. “Hm, well sort of.” She sighs. “I’ve not much of a choice with you three, to be honest. Once you’re gone, it’s likely that I’ll try to move on.” You give her a bit of a confused look, asking if she believes that you’ll tell the Alliance about her. She just shrugs. “I don’t know. Don’t take offense to it, but I can’t really risk it.” She turns to you. “I really do appreciate you helping me out, but… Well, it’s just easier this way.”

You offer that she could always come with you in your travels. “With you..?” She gives to you curious look before shaking her head. “Hah, I don’t think so. Again, don’t get me wrong. It’s not really a problem with you, it’s just… If you were seen with me, then you’d end up in trouble too. Plus, with the big tin can, I can’t really travel freely. Or very fast, really. I’d be more of a hindrance than anything.”

The two of you continue to walk until you start heading up an incline. The mountains rise before you, and you spot a slightly worn path up that seems to lead to an opening in the mountainside. “There’s the cave. Just up there.” Alice points to the opening. “Might want to be a bit quiet as we approach. It’s entirely possible that something’s decided to move in while I’ve been gone.”

You give her a nod, and the two of you make your way up the path. Before long, you’re at the cave entrance. You can see a little ways inside, and it seems to be fairly deep. Before you can look for too long though, Alice quickly puts up a hand to stop you. “Hold up. There.” She points into the cavern, and you can see two figures near the roof of the cave, a ways inside. “Looks like batkin. Ferals, most likely.” You nod, looking at the two bats. It looks like a male and female. You wonder if there’s more inside, though you can’t immediately see any.


Alice pauses for a moment before speaking up again. “Well, they’re probably asleep. You never really see them out during the day.” She turns to you. “All the ones I’ve ever met tend to just fly away when disturbed, though I’ve heard that they can sometimes be more aggressive. I don’t really have a problem fighting them off if we have to, but I’ll let you decide. I can just come back later if you’re not comfortable with this.” She pauses for a moment, thinking. “Of course, I can probably handle this myself if you just want to let me take care of it. After that, you can just help me carry some of the stuff out.”

You consider what you want to do…



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  1. I get the feeling we won’t be seeing Alice for a while when this is over, hopefully when we meet again, it won’t be during a bad situation.

    Let’s not disrupt the ferals, they’re not causing any trouble for us, we’ll deal with them if they become a problem. Continue towards the end of the cave. Let’s get what we came for.

  2. Leave the bats alone. It would be better if we stayed away den the bats, while getting the items. At least one person should be watching them while the other is getting the items. I say Floria watch the bats since she had effective range.

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