ARPG 2-312

> Cast Drowsy on bats

After a bit of thought, you offer the idea of casting Drowsy upon the bats to keep them in a deeper sleep.

“Hm… That could work.” Alice nods. “Alright, go for it.” You give her a nod and start focusing some energy into a spell. After a few moments, you cast the spell at the two bats.

You quickly realize though, that the spell might have been a bit too effective. The two bats fall into a deeper sleep, their bodies relaxing to the point that they lose their grip on the roof of the cave. They fall down onto the cavern floor with a thud, making confused squeaks as they drowsily look around. Alice and yourself quickly hide to avoid getting spotted, and after a few minutes, the bats just cuddle up with each other on the ground and fall back asleep.


You note that they actually look pretty cute together like that. “I… guess?” Alice just sighs. “Well, they look like they’re sleeping soundly enough for us to ignore them. Let’s go inside and see if there’s any more of them.” You give her a nod, and the two of you head inside. You stay quiet to make sure you don’t wake the sleeping couple, and make your way deeper into the cave.

It quickly becomes darker as you trek further inside. After a short time, Alice pulls out a small device that emits a light. “Almost there. Doesn’t look like there’s any more of those bats at least.” She speaks up as you continue. A few minutes later, you come across several boxes of supplies. They’re covered in dust, but otherwise seem untouched. “Oh good, looks like they’re still here.” Alice steps forward to inspect them.

As she looks through the supplies, you get a glimpse of whats inside. For the most part, it looks like a bunch of mechanical parts, but there’s also just general supplies like preserved food and potions. It looks like she has enough stuff to last her for quite a while. You ask her just how long she’s been out here.

“A while.” Alice sighs, still checking her stuff. She’s quiet for a bit before speaking up again. “I… I also should probably thank you.” You tilt your head, curious to what she means. “For your offer before. To join you, I mean. I admit it’s a bit strange that you would trust me to travel with you so quickly, but I-” She suddenly stops and looks behind you. “Wait, that’s…”

You quickly turn around yourself, worried that there’s something behind you. However, all you see is another passage deeper into the cavern. You ask Alice what she saw. “That passage. That wasn’t here before.” The two of you carefully step closer. Upon closer inspection, it looks like the cave wall crumbled, and by the look of the rocks, it doesn’t seem like it was too long ago that it happened. “I thought this cave was a bit more stable than that…” Alice pokes her head into passage.

“No way.” You hear her speak as she steps further in. You hesitantly follow her, curious to what she found. You quickly see it as well as her light illuminates the cave. The far wall of this new room appears to be carved stone, and the designs are certainly familiar. There is also a slight glow of purple energy in lines along it.


“There was an Ancient Ruin down here? That’s…” Alice seems surprised, to say the least. You ask her if she really didn’t know there was one here. She shakes her head. “Of course not. Why would there be one down here? This doesn’t… Hm…” She thinks for a few moments. “Maybe this isn’t the main entrance? I’ve never checked higher up the mountain before. There could be another entrance somewhere up there…”

She looks at the ancient door before her before turning to you. “I know this may be a lot to ask but… I am curious. I completely understand if you don’t want to check it though. Of course, we could also come back here with your friends as well.”

You admit that it’s unlikely that Myla would agree to this, especially after what happened in the last one you went inside. Even so, you have to admit you’re a little curious too. “Well, first things first, we need to check if the door even opens.” Saying that, Alice steps towards the door. She touches the small panel near it, and the heavy stone door slides open. You note that she winces a bit as though something surprised her. It doesn’t take you long to realize what caused it as you catch a strange odor coming from inside the ruin. It’s not unpleasant, though you can’t identify it at all.

“Hm… Not sure what’s causing that.” Alice turns back to you. “Well, what do you want to do? We could scout it real quick, or just leave it.” You consider your options.



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  1. No way in hell are we going in there. Odds are the odor will knock us out or something. I don’t even want to come back here. Our journey was to investigate the armor then get back to the engineer, not to explore. Might I also remind people that we are doing this t get money to get Myla’s mind fixed! Lets just forget about this place.

  2. Gonna have to agree with the killer here, that place is too high risk. Besides, we already got what we came for, so let’s just go.

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