ARPG Extra Story 1-END

> Knock out lamia

Before anything else, you decide it best to deal with the lamia. You quickly make your way over to him as he’s still struggling to try and right himself, and swiftly bash him on the head with your weapon. He falls back to the ground, out cold. “The guards can deal with you later.” You frown, looking down at him.

With him taken care of, you turn your attention back to Lorre, and quickly make your way to her side. As you approach, you hear her groan. “Lorre, are you alright?” You kneel down next to her, checking her for injuries.

“T-telri..?” You gently turn Lorre over to face you. “Y-you’re okay?” Looking her over, she’s badly injured, but she’ll be okay. Her clothing is heavily burned though. Regardless, you pull out a potion and have her drink it. Some of her injuries start to fade a bit as the potion takes effect.


“I am fine, but what about you?” You shake your head, looking down at her. “That was incredibly reckless of you! You could have killed yourself!”

“I-I’m sorry, Telri…” Lorre looks a bit upset. “I-I wasn’t sure what to do, a-and I didn’t want to lose you, and… I-I just panicked a-and…” She looks like she’s panicking again, so you quickly stop her by patting her head. “A-ah..?”


“I… I understand.” You sigh, looking at her. “I should be thanking you. You took a risk for my sake.” You give her a smile. “Thank you, Lorre. But… do try to avoid doing that in the future, alright?”

“O-okay, I’ll-” Lorre nods, but then suddenly gasps. “T-Telri, your mask! Wh-what happened to it? Oh no, did my magic break it? I-I’m so sorry! I-” You quickly shush her again.

“Relax, Lorre. If you keep fretting like that, you will only hurt yourself.” You sigh again and shake your head. “The blast likely just knocked it away. It should be somewhere around here.”

“Sh-should I help you look? I’ll- guh…” Lorre starts to try and stand, but winces as she’s still injured.

“Lorre, no. Stay here and rest.” You set her back down gently. “You’re badly injured. There should be some guards coming, and they can help us back to town, alright? Just rest there for a moment.” You stand back up and start looking around for your mask. It takes you a few minutes, but you do manage to find it in the snow. The wood is singed, but not too heavily damaged. You pick it up and step back over to Lorre, though you don’t put it back on just yet.

“Y-you found it?” Lorre asks. You nod in response, and she lets out a sigh of relief. “G-good. I know how much those masks mean to your people.” She stays quiet for a bit as she sits up in front of you. “T-Telri, I’m sorry. I-if you were here with Datev or Tess, then things would have been much better. With me, you just…”

You silence her once again, but this time with a gentle hug. “Lorre, it is fine. We are both alive, and that is what matters. You are a fine company guard.” You hold onto her. “Our work is always dangerous, and what happened today is nothing new. You will get stronger, and before long, you will have no issue dealing with incidents like this.” You pull back and look at her with a smile. “You did good. If anything, I was the one who made the mistake. I let myself get grabbed.”

“T-Telri…” Lorre smiles back at you and leans onto you, giving you a hug. “Th-thank you. I-I’ll do my best.”

The two of you stay there for a little while before finally standing again. You put your mask back on, and stand watch over the knocked-out lamia. Before too long, a couple of town guards arrive, and quickly start questioning what happened. You tell them exactly what transpired, including the fact that this isn’t your first run-in with the lamia mercenary.

“Hm… So this is related to the Copperbirch incident?” The first guard looks over to his partner. “I thought we’d have heard the last of that for a while.”

“Indeed. Well, we may learn more from this one.” The second guard turns back to you. “You can leave him to us. We’ll ensure he won’t trouble you again.”

“I was actually wondering if we might have some words with him.” You speak up. “My company would be pleased to know more about his intentions, after all.”

“You know the law, citizen.” The guards shake their heads. “We’ll be taking him into custody. You are free to speak with the guard captains once you get back into town.”

“B-but he came after us!” Lorre speaks out. “Wh-what if there might be more of them? We need to know this!”

“We are in charge of this investigation, elf.” The other guard denies her. “Any information that is deemed important for you and your company will be forwarded to you. However, we ask you not try to interfere any further with investigations. We also expect you to come by the barracks to give an official report.” He turns to the other guard. “C’mon, let’s get this guy back to town.”

With that, the two guards restrain the lamia properly and start hauling him back to town, leaving you and Lorre in the snow.

“Wh-what’s with those two? They didn’t even offer to heal us…” The elf seems frustrated. “Urgh… Sometimes I hate the guards around here…”

“They are doing their jobs.” You sigh and shake your head. “Perhaps they could do it better, but for now, there is little we can do.” You look back to Lorre. “Come on, let us go home.”

Lorre gives you a nod, and you help her walk as the two of you make your way back to town. With luck, that will be the last exciting incident you’ll deal with for a while.



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  1. The best girl is officially Lorre now. Come at me haters.

    Glad to see those two made it out of there. I saw a light ship tease between Telri and Lorre there. (or is it just me? :/ ) Now we wait to see what you’ll do next. Personally, I wanna see when these stories will connect. See you then, Rayen.

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