ARPG 2-314

> Offer to block the passage

You offer that it would probably be easier to just block the passage to the ruin itself. You note that you could use your stone magic to do something like that. It may not make anything terribly strong, but it’d put the path out of sight, which should be more than enough.

“I… Yeah, that would work.” Alice nods before letting out a sigh. “I probably should have thought of something like that. Let’s leave this stuff here and go do that real quick.” You nod to her and the two of you head back inside past the bats.

Back at the passage, you focus some magic and cast a Stone Shield that rises up to cover the path. “Yeah, I really should have thought of that.” Alice sighs again. “Maybe that gas is messing with my head more than I thought.” You ask if she’s okay, or if she wants to rest. “I’m fine, don’t worry. Let’s just say goodbye to our bat friends and head out.”

You nod to that and start heading back out of the cave. As you pass by the bats, you decide to risk waking them to step over and gently give them a pat on the head. They sleepily squeak, but don’t wake up. With everything done, Alice and yourself leave the cave.


Outside, you start picking up the supplies once more. “Back to camp then, I guess. I do wonder about that ruin though.” Alice notes as you get ready to go. “I can’t imagine a main entrance being hidden away in a cavern like that. There’s gotta be another entrance somewhere on the mountain.” You ask her if she really wants to go into it. “Well, obviously I’d need to be a bit more prepared, but yes. Investigating these ruins is the best way I have to learn more about Ancients.”

The two of you start walking back down to the camp. The walk is quiet and uneventful, and before too long, you’re already back at the camp. The sun rises higher in the sky as it starts to get close to midday.

Back at camp, Myla’s belly is still large, though a little smaller than before. It would seem that everything was uneventful while you were gone. “You are back.” Faera speaks up as the two of you enter the camp. “It would seem everything went smoothly?” You give her a nod, and tell her everything that you found, including the ruin. “A strange gas in an Ancient ruin? That sounds quite dangerous, though also curious.”

“Yeah. Dangerous.” Myla speaks up. “As in, we’re not gonna go in there. Got it?” She’s quick to shoot down any thoughts of going inside the ruin.


Turning back to Faera, you ask if everything has gone well while you were gone. “Nothing but a few curious animals poking their heads out of the bushes to look at us.” The deergirl nods. “This place seems quite peaceful.”

“Yeah, the greatwolf was the only real problem I’ve had around here.” Alice nods as she sets down the supplies. “Well, I guess there were those bandits that patrolled to the west, but they never really came this far east. Anyway, thanks for the help, Floria.” You give her a nod, telling her that it was no issue.

“Now what shall we do?” Faera asks. “Myla still is not in a position to travel, and likely will not be until close to evening. The others may start getting worried if we remain out here for too long…” You nod, noting that you wouldn’t put it past Garrett to try and come find you if you were gone for longer than intended. “Perhaps I could return to Erada and inform the others of what we found? Ah… I suppose I would have to choose my words carefully with Kaiti though.” She glances over at Alice. “I am unsure how she would react to Alice having that Siege Armor.”

“Yeah uh…” Alice sighs. “If you can, I’d prefer you not tell anyone about that.”

It looks like you’ll be stuck here for a little while longer, so you start thinking of what you want to do…



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  1. Clearly, there’s only one right answer here. We need to give Myla a full body belly rub. Using both Alice and ourselves, we need to help Myla by giving her the best possible belly rub. Alice will probably want to just use her hands, but that she fine. We will use our entire body.

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