ARPG 2-315

> Stay with Myla

You turn to Faera and tell her that you’re not so sure about having her go off on her own. You admit that you just want to avoid any of your group traveling alone with all the problems you’ve ran into in the past.

“Very well.” The deergirl nods. “I suppose we will simply have to move out together then. Of course, that means waiting for Myla.”

You nod to that, turning back to Myla and leaning on her large gurgling belly. “H-hey, cut that out!” The wolfgirl complains, but you just start giving her belly rubs, explaining that it may help her digest faster. “Yeah right. You just enjoy doing that for some reason.” You nod to that as well, causing Myla to sigh. “Damn it, at least pretend you’re not just doing it for fun.”


“You said before that you’ll likely need new clothes, correct?” Alice speaks up, stepping closer to you and Myla. “It does look like you’ll be putting on a fair amount of weight after all this.” She picks up the remnants of her tent. “We could probably fashion something out of this.” You realize that it was Myla’s belly that ruined the tent and apologize. “Don’t worry, I’ve got more than one tent, just in case of situations like this.” She pauses for a moment, thinking. “Well, maybe not situations like this, exactly. But… Well, you know what I mean.”

“I’ll take it.” Myla nods. “I already had to take my old clothes off, so yeah. I’m gonna need something else until I can get them adjusted.”

“I fear an adjustment may not be enough…” Faera notes. “You have already gotten quite… bigger.”

You nod to that, leaning further onto Myla’s squishy body. “Urgh… Yeah. I’ve gotta go on a diet after all this…”

Your party continues to relax as you wait for Myla to digest her meal more. Alice and Faera work together to make some clothes out of the tent fabric that will cover the wolfgirl until you can get her more proper clothing.

By late afternoon, Myla’s belly has shrunk down to a point where she can probably move. Though all that belly seems to have gone to all sorts of places on her. You help her get on her feet, though the weight change takes her a little while to adjust to. “Gah… This is gonna take me a while…” The wolfgirl wobbles, a bit off-balance.

After a bit of thought, you offer that perhaps if she used the Drake runestone, it might help her out. “Really? More changes? You really think that’ll help?” She seems doubtful, but you explain that she was quite larger overall when she used it before, and that it may help make the weight less of an issue. “That… Okay yeah. I guess that would work.”

You remember that she won’t be able to use the runestone for too long, but it should be good enough for now. You hand the stone over to her. “Well, here goes…” Myla activates the stone.

Her body changes shape, losing her fur, but growing taller. Parts of her body become scaled, as large wings appear on her back. Within a few moments, the runestone turns her into a large drake. She’s still quite chubby, though it’s a bit less than when she was in her normal form. “Huh… This does feel a bit easier…”


You give her a nod and turn to Faera, asking if she’s ready to go. “Yes, I am. Will we be stopping to rest at Malor? If we continued straight to Erada, it would likely be quite late by the time we arrived.”

You consider what to do. “The greatwolf is gone, and he was definitely the biggest threat around here.” Alice speaks up. “That’s not to say there aren’t more ferals that you could run into though.” She turns to Myla. “And your friend may not be in the best condition to fight. Of course, I’m sure you and your deer friend can handle most problems yourselves.”

You ask Alice what she’ll do now. “… I’m not sure.” She shakes her head. “Anyway, you needn’t worry about me. You three should get going or you won’t make it to Malor by dark.”

You nod, but try to decide if you want to stop in Malor, or go straight to Erada…



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  1. “Rise of FATLA” my god, was this your plan from the beginning?

    I think we’ve seen plenty of action for one in-game day, so we should head to Malor to rest before proceeding further. Perhaps we should work on trimming that Myla fat, since her body in its current state will impede her.


    Hehehe, alright, I say we show Myla that we are responsible (that an extent) and head to Malor. The runestone won’t last too long, so heading there would be the best option. There Myla can rest and digest properly.

    Also, if we,re part bunny, does that mean our jump is better?

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