ARPG 2-316

> Go to Malor

You decide that it would be best to stop in Malor first. You don’t want to end up damaging the Drake runestone that Myla’s using, after all. Besides, you wouldn’t mind visiting Marcus and Tahtsu.

“Yes, I agree.” Faera nods. “It would be good to check in on the elf as well, I suppose. Myla did say she was behaving strangely the last time you met her, correct?”

“Yeah.” Myla nods. “Besides, if Marcus is around, maybe we can get a reward for dealing with this wolf. At least if we got some gold out of it, I wouldn’t feel quite so bad about gaining so much weight…”

You turn to Alice and ask her once again if she’s sure she doesn’t want to come with you. “Thanks for the offer, but I still have to say no.” She shakes her head. “I’m effectively a wanted criminal with the Armor. And if I were to leave it behind, I’d have to spend too much time finding a good place to secure it. Besides, we may meet again in the future.”

With that, you say your goodbyes to Alice and start trekking back to Malor. The trip is uneventful, and you reach the town as the sun goes down.

“I assume we will be staying here for the night?” Faera asks, and you give her a nod. “Then I shall go and find us suitable lodgings for the night.” You give her another nod as she heads off towards the inn.

“Well, what now?” Myla turns to you. “We wanna go find Marcus and see if we can’t get some money out of that wolf?” You give her a nod. You also note that it should be interesting to see how he reacts to how Myla looks now. “Urgh… Well, he’s a fairly polite guy at least. I doubt he’ll poke as much fun at me as you have been.” She crosses her arms, making you laugh just a bit. The two of you head towards the barracks.

Stepping inside, you’re met with someone sitting at the front desk. You recognize him as one of the guards. “Hm? Something I can help you-” He looks up and sees you and Myla. “Oh, you’re that adventurer, right?” You give him a nod, asking where Marcus is. “Uh… Huh, guess he didn’t tell you?”

“Tell us what?” Myla frowns at him. “He should have gotten back by now, right?”

“Well…” The guard sighs. “Listen, if you wanna know, ask him when you get back to Erada. Anyway, what do you two want?” You’re tempted to press him for what he knows about Marcus, but decide to just get to the point. You explain about the greatwolf that you defeated, asking if there was any sort of reward for it. The guard seems a bit surprised as you say that. “Wait, what? You took care of that greatwolf? You really expect me to believe that?”


“Yeah, we do.” Myla steps forward. “I ate the damn thing after Floria shrunk it. So if you want your proof, it’s right here.” She places a hand on her large belly.

“Like I can really call that proof.” The guard shakes his head and sighs. “Listen, just cause Marcus has a thing for you doesn’t mean you can just come in here without actual proof. I’m not giving you a reward based only on the fact that you became a fatass.”

“What did you just say?!” Myla snaps at him, but you quickly move between her and the guard. You ask him when Marcus will be back.

“Like I said before. Ask him.” He shakes his head. “Now is there anything else? If not, I’ve got a lot of forms to finish up here.”

You doubt you’re going to get much more out of him like this, so with a sigh, you take Myla and head back outside.

“The fuck was that guy’s problem?” Myla seems rather angry after that encounter. “There’s something weird going on. Why would Marcus not be back here?” You shake your head, unsure. “Urgh… Well, maybe we can get a reward from someone in Erada. Maybe Kaiti can pull some strings or something. I really don’t want that to have been a complete waste.”

You give her a nod, though you can’t help but notice how frustrated the large drakegirl is at the moment. You try to decide what to do now…



2 thoughts on “ARPG 2-316”

  1. We can’t have anyone insulting our allies, can’t we? No sir.

    So there’s something strange going on right? We should go investigate that. See what that mean guy knows about Guard Marcus. (and make him apologize and/or pay us while we’re at it.) He’s a good ally of ours, it would be bad if something happened. Also let’s check on Tahtsu, I have a feeling something might be up with her as well.

  2. We should try convincing him that we did kill the great wolf. Explain that we set out yesterday and she ended up eating it after we caught it. If we eat anything smaller it would have digested it. If we are anything today, I think would still be visible as a while chunk, not mush.

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