ARPG 2-318

> Go to the Inn

You nod to the others and explain that it would be best to take Tahtsu to go see Ken when you go back to Erada.

“Ken..?” The elf seems confused. “I’m… I’m not sure I understand…” You explain to her that he’s a mage who helped you before, telling her about how he helped to fix Myla’s head a bit. “O-oh. So… he can help me feel better?” You nod to that.

With that sorted, you decide that it’s probably best to go get some rest at the inn. “Hold on a sec.” Myla speaks up, looking over to Tahtsu. “Hey you. Where have you been staying while you’ve been here?”

“M-me..? Uh…” Tahtsu seems a bit surprised at the drake’s sudden question. “I’ve been mostly resting at the barracks. Why do you ask..?”

“Hm… Honestly, you seem pretty damn messed up right now.” Myla shakes her head. “It’d probably be best if you stay with us. Just to make sure we can keep an eye on you.”

“I did get two rooms, so she could stay with one of us.” Faera nods.

“Good. You can keep an eye on her, Faera.” Myla nods back to her. “I just don’t want her being hard to find in the morning or anything.”

“Ah?” The deergirl stops for a moment. “I… I suppose I can watch her, if that is what you want.” She doesn’t sound too thrilled over the idea. After a moment, you remember that she’s from the Empire, and she did note that her and her nation did not care too much for elves. You ask her if it bothers her. “It is… it is fine. I suppose I have little reason to complain on this. I will make sure she gets proper rest.”

“Um… You want me to stay with you..?” Tahtsu speaks up. You give her a nod, explaining that you’ll be leaving first thing in the morning. “O-okay. I… I guess the inn would have more comfortable beds than the barracks anyway…”

With everything decided, the four of you make your way to the inn. Faera and Tahtsu retire to their own room for the night, while you take the other room with Myla. Inside, the large drake sits on the bed with a sigh. “Hopefully that elf guy can help Tahtsu. Assuming we can keep him from groping her or anything, that is.” You note that she does seem to be showing a lot of concern for her. Myla stays quiet for a few moments before answering. “Well… I know what it’s like to have your head messed up. Besides, it seems like this might be your fault. It’s only right that we make sure it gets fixed.” You give her a nod, sitting on the bed with her.

“Hm… I guess I should probably stop using this rune thing.” She notes, though you ask her why she says that. “Well, I have been using it for a while and…” She looks at the bed you’re both sitting on. “Well, I dunno if both of us will fit on this bed if I’m still like this.” You note that you could just lay on her belly, poking the squishy bulge a bit. “Of course you’d say something like that…” She sighs, shaking her head. “I’m starting to think you’re enjoying all this weight I gained a bit too much.”

You lean over and give her a hug, telling her that you think she looks fine as she is. She’s quiet again for a little bit before replying. “Thanks, I guess.” She gives you a smirk, looking down at you. “Though you’ve never really seemed to be that picky. Heh.”


“Anyway, before we sleep, I’m gonna need to stop using this rune. We don’t wanna break it or anything.” She looks down at her belly. “And I really do hope this goes down a little more. You may be fine with it, but I sure as hell can’t move nearly as well with it.” She looks back over to you. “So… you know. If you wanna do anything before we sleep, just let me know.”

The way she says that makes it sound like she might be suggesting something, but you doubt she could really say something like that with a straight face. Either way, you consider if there’s anything you’d like to do before sleep, since you’ll be leaving first thing in the morning…



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  1. Let’s see if she’s willing to have some sex. Yes, she’s bigger than us, but it’s Floria, we can take it. It can also help speed up digestion.

    If she really doesn’t want to do that, then let’s just rest on her belly and give her a nice long belly rub.

  2. If she’s gonna pitch, we’re gonna swing.

    Since Myla’s too nervous to suggest it, we will. Some long-awaited, fresh off the oven, high quality lewds are just what Dr. Rayen ordered. (P.S how was your sister’s birthday, hope it was a good one.)

  3. Oh, Rayen, I’m going to be absent for a while, Hurricane Irma might hit me and the rest of Florida tomorrow, good luck to you and the rest of the community, may the spirit of adventure protect us both!

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