ARPG 2-319

> Do something with Myla

You offer that if she wants to do something, you’re not going to say no. As you say that, you lean a bit closer, fondling her a little.

“W-wait, that’s not what I…” She sighs, shaking her head. “I guess I should have expected that with you. Fine, whatever. We can do this.” Myla looks down at you. “But first, I really should go back to normal.” You admit that you would like to have fun with Myla in her drake form, but agree that you don’t want to damage the runestone.

The large drake deactivates the rune, and she shrinks back down into her normal wolfkin form. In a way, you’re fine with this though. Her fluffy body is quite soft and cuddly, after all. The two of you strip down as Myla sits down on the bed. “So uh… How did you wanna do this..?”

You offer that it would be a good idea to give her some service with your hands and mouth to get her started, and then you can get to the real deal. As you say that, you see her dick rise up under her large belly, causing her to blush. You chuckle as you kneel down to gently touch her. You note that she seems to enjoy it as you give her more attention. “W-well… I mean, yeah. I guess I do.” The wolfgirl glances away with a blush on her face.

With a smile, you start using your hands to service the wolfgirl, stroking her member gently as you continue to tease her. Her breathing gets a bit heavier as you continue, and her dick twitches as it starts to leak a little pre-cum. You give it a few licks, which makes Myla twitch a little.


You continue this service for a while until the wolfkin almost reaches her limit, when you stop suddenly. “E-eh? H-hey, I was close. You can’t just stop like-” You interrupt her by pushing her backwards onto the bed and getting on top of her with a smirk. You explain that you’re not going to let her finish until you’ve had some fun too.

You lower yourself down onto her rigid dick, gently sliding it into yourself as you let out a pleasured gasp. It does feel like some of her added weight made her cock a bit fatter. Of course, it may just be that you’re still a bit smaller than you used to be.

You ride her for quite a while, and it doesn’t take her long to reach her limit and cum, filling you up with her seed. You don’t stop though, just continuing your session until you’ve had your fun. The lovemaking lasts for some time, and both of you make lewd gasps and moans as you enjoy your time together.


Finally, you end up exhausted from all the sex and lay down on top of her as her cum leaks out of you. “Y-you… Sometimes it feels like you have more stamina for this than you do anything else…” Myla pants, exhausted. “At least… At least I guess you make it fun for both of us. Heh…” You smile and give her a kiss. The two of you cuddle together and eventually drift off to sleep.



Morning comes as the light from the rising sun shines through the window. Myla happily snores under you as you lift yourself off of her. You get up and dress yourself. You figure that the wolfgirl will wake up soon enough, so you start planning what you want to do today…


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  1. Lets go see how our friends are doing. Make sure they slept well. After, a morning bath would be good, though Myla may want to take it separate. Once that’s finished, a good morning meal will be a good idea. Then we can make plans on going to meet up with Marcus are in order. We should tell him about what happened with the wolf and armor.

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