ARPG 2-320

> Leave Malor

You decide to let Myla sleep a little longer while you go check on Faera and Tahtsu. You go over and knock on their door to see if they are awake. “Come in.” You hear the deergirl’s voice, so you open the door and step inside. The two of them appear to be geting ready to go. “Ah, Floria? I assume Myla is still asleep.” You give Faera a nod, saying that you wanted to check on the two of them before waking the wolfgirl. You ask if they slept well.

“Um…” Tahtsu speaks up. “There was um… A lot of noise last night…” You tilt your head for a moment before noticing the elf girl blushing slightly as she says that. You then realize that it’s very likely that the two of them heard you and Myla last night. You quickly apologize to the two of them for the awkward incident.

“Floria, it is fine.” Faera sighs. “Though perhaps we should not tell Myla about this. I fear it would embarrass her quite a lot.” You nod, agreeing. You doubt that’s really something she’d want to hear.

Regardless, you go back to your room to go wake up Myla. You poke her belly a few times until she starts to drowsily wake. “Urgh… What time is it?” You tell her that it’s morning and that everyone else is up. “Bah, guess that means I need to get up too…” It takes some effort but you do eventually get her out of bed. She puts her makeshift clothes back on. “Once we get back to the city, we really need to get me some new clothes.” You give her a nod to that. It looks like she’s finished digesting the greatwolf completely. She’s gained a lot of weight, so there’s no way her old clothes would fit her anymore.

Meeting up with the other two, the four of you head down into the lobby to get some breakfast before you leave. The breakfast is decent, though you still think Jates was a better cook than the new innkeeper. Either way, it’s filling for all four of you. Myla seems slightly hesitant to eat too much, but ends up eating all of her food anyway.

With everything sorted, the four of you start heading out of Malor. The weather is pleasant today, so the trip is enjoyable. You idly chat with the others as you travel, though it’s hard to get any meaningful conversation out of Tahtsu at the moment. It’s becoming pretty obvious that she’s in a constant daze, due to her head being messed up.

You make good time in your travels, arriving in Erada by afternoon. Your group immediately heads into the Market district to go see Ken. Arriving at his shop, you see the shirtless elf standing behind the counter.

“Hm? Oh, it’s you..?” He looks at your group with a raised eyebrow. “You girls have gone through a bit since I last saw you.” He comments, looking at your rabbit-like ears. “You were a bird the last time I saw you. And you didn’t have these two with you.” He looks back at Faera and Tahtsu before his eyes wander over to Myla.

“And geez. Someone’s been hitting the snacks pretty hard, huh?” He comments on Myla’s new-found weight.

“Unless you wanna add to it…” Myla gives him quite a mean look for that. “I’d suggest you shut the hell up, elf.”


Not wanting any sort of fight to happen, you quickly step between them and explain why you’re here. You bring Tahtsu up closer, explaining that her head is messed up, similar to how Myla was before. You ask if he could take a look at her and see what he can do. “You know I’m not a doctor or anything, right?” He shrugs. “But yeah. I get it. You’re probably not gonna find a better mind mage here in the city. At least not easily.” You nod, letting him take a quick look at Tahtsu. “Hm… Geez, what do you girls do to get your heads messed up like this?”

“Yeah, whatever. Can you fix her?” Myla speaks up, crossing her arms. “I know she’s worse than I was.”

“Hm…” The elf thinks for a moment. “Well, I can improve her situation, but I doubt I can fix it all the way. At least, not quickly. It’d take several sessions, I think. I can only do a little at a time, really.” He pauses for a moment, looking at Tahtsu, then back to you. “Well, you could always leave her with me. Give me a couple days with her and I can probably have her back to normal.”

Faera is quiet for a few moments before speaking quietly with you. “This man… He has proven in the past to be rather… well, perverted, correct?” She whispers. “Leaving Tahtsu with him may not be the best idea…”

“Of course, you don’t have to worry.” Ken speaks up again. “I won’t touch her during any of this. Even if she agreed, her head’s messed up. I know better than to do anything while she’s like that. That said…” He looks back to you. “If I am to take care of her for an extended period of time, then I’d need something in return. Maybe some time with a cute bunny? Heh.”

His words cause Myla to frown and look a bit angry, though she doesn’t say anything.

“Um…” Tahtsu speaks up, sounding confused. “I’m not really sure what you mean, but… M-maybe I could do some work to pay for my treatment? I could… clean your shop, maybe?” The elf doesn’t seem fully aware of what Ken is suggesting.

Either way, it would seem you may have to convince him somehow to get full treatment for Tahtsu, assuming you still trust to leave the elf with him…



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  1. Agree that we will do it, but he isn’t to touch Tahtsu at all. While he can be trusted, he is still a pervert. If anything does happen to her, we get our money back. That being said, if he does a good job, he’ll get a big tip (in the form of money).

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