ARPG 2-322

> Buy clothes for Myla

You decide that splitting up a little probably won’t hurt too much. You turn to Faera and tell her to go find the others and let them know that you’re back, and explain that you’ll meet up with them at Kaiti’s place.

“Very well. I shall do this.” The deergirl nods. “And what shall I tell Kaiti of our trip?” You shake your head and tell her to just hold off telling her too much for now. You’ll explain the details to her yourself. “I understand. And what will you be doing?”

You turn to Myla and explain that first, you want to get the wolfgirl some new clothes. After that, you may go pay the engineer a visit.

“Sounds good to me.” Myla nods before turning to Faera. “Yeah, go find the others and let them know everything’s alright. With how long we were gone, I imagine horseboy’s getting pretty worried.”

The deergirl nods and heads off toward the noble district, leaving you with Myla. You turn to her and give her a nod, telling her it’s time to find her some new clothes. “Er… Yeah. Shopping, I guess.” She scratches her head. “I’ve never really been the type to get excited over this sort of thing.”

The two of you spend some time looking for a decent clothing shop, and eventually find your way into a small, yet cozy little tailor and clothing store. There’s many different types of clothing around, ranging from finery to lightweight armor. There’s also all sorts of different sizes, meaning it’s likely that you’ll find something here that Myla can wear easily.

“Uh… Hello? Anyone here?” Myla speaks up, looking for the owner. “I’m uh… looking to buy some clothes..?” There seems to be no one manning the shop, though after the wolfgirl calls out, you hear a voice in a backroom. It sounds like it’s talking to someone, but you can’t quite make out what they’re saying.

Finally, a woman’s head pops out from behind a door. “U-um… H-hang on for just a few moments! Just um… Look around for a little bit! The owner will be out shortly!” You didn’t get a good look at her before she disappeared back into the back, but she didn’t look quite human. You continue to hear her speak to someone back there.

“Er… Well, alright?” Myla seems a bit confused, but just starts looking around for a bit. You join her, motioning to a few different outfits that might look good on her.

After a few minutes, someone finally comes out from the back room. It isn’t the same girl as before. You see a small creature fly into the room, not too much bigger than your own hand. She looks like a tiny elf, though with delicate wings on her back. You recognize her as a sprite, a fairly uncommon race of small fairy-like beings. They’re normally known to be quite energetic and playful, though this one looks as though she just woke up. She yawns as she slowly approaches you. “Sorry ’bout that. So you guys wanna buy some clothes? Well, you came to the right place.” She flies all the way up to you and Myla. “I’m Lyn, and this is my clothing shop. What can I help you find today?”


“Yeah uh… I’m looking for some new clothes.” Myla speaks up, looking at the tiny girl. “I uh… My old clothes don’t really fit anymore.”

The sprite girl looks at Myla for a few moments before nodding. “Hm… Well, you’re um… Well, I’m not sure if I’ve got any clothes that’ll fit someone your um… size.” She has a slightly concerned look on her face as she thinks. “Ah, but that’s no problem. My friend can tailor anything to fit, so we’ll just find you something nice and she can adjust it. She’s quite the wizard with clothing. Heheh.” The sprite laughs to herself like she just make a clever joke. You don’t get it. You ask if she’s talking about the girl you saw just a few minutes before. “Oh, yeah. She’s not allowed to come out here with all the merchandise unless I’m already out here.”

“Not allowed..?” Myla tilts her head with a curious look. “Er… Mind if I ask why?”

“Oh, simple.” Lyn nods with a smile. “She’s a mothkin, and well… She can have a bit of an appetite at times. I’d rather her not eat our profits, you see. Hehehe.” She chuckles again. At least this time you got the joke. The sprite turns towards the back room and calls out. “Hey Taelli! You can come out and greet our customers now!”

The girl from before steps out from the backroom, a bit hesitantly. She’s obviously a mothkin, though she does have plenty of human-like features, proving that she’s an impure. She gives a slight bow as she greets you. “Hello, sorry about before.” She looks back up to you with a smile. “Lyn likes to take naps during the day and she can be rather difficult to wake sometimes.”


“Huh… A moth in a clothing shop…” Myla looks at her and muses to herself. “Well, whatever works, I guess. Anyway, yeah. I’m gonna need some new clothes. Traveling clothes, preferably with a little bit of armor on them.”

“Oh, you’re a traveler then?” Lyn looks at the wolfgirl, thinking. “Hm… Well, we have plenty that would suit your needs. Did you have anything specific in mind? Colors? Style?”

“Er…” Myla scratches her head. “I mean, I’m not picky as long as it’s comfortable. And as long as it doesn’t look stupid.” She looks over to you. “I don’t know, what do you think?” You ask if she’s sure she wants you to pick out clothes for her. “Eh… I have the ability to say no if you pick out something weird.”

“Um… I can also create something more custom, if you’d like.” Taelli speaks up. “It would only take me a short amount of time to do so.” You ask about prices. “Oh, we try to keep our prices quite low. Our designs are often quite simple, after all. I’m sure we can find a price we can both agree with, so don’t worry!”

“Yep, if you’re not sure though… I’ve got some ideas on what the wolfkin might look good in.” Lyn nods, flying over to you. “I could find something for you as well, if you like. No harm in having another set of clothes when you’re traveling, right?”

You think, considering if you have any ideas on what sort of clothing might work for Myla…



3 thoughts on “ARPG 2-322”

  1. Oh hey, new races.

    I say something practical in terms of clothing, probably with the gut exposed to avoid future clothing damage. Don’t want to be burning all our gold on every time someone has a big meal after all.

    Regardless I find Lyn amusing, and slightly hilarious in that they run this store. Big clothing and moving that stuff must be hard for them :V

  2. A Moff appears! Such a cute moff.

    For clothing design, how about something that goes with Myla’s close quarters combat style? Like some bracers on her arms and knuckles so her fists can do more damage just in case she needs to use fisticuffs, and so her arms; her main method of hurting people, can remain relatively unscathed, or some magic/elemental resistant clothing to help against distance attackers?

  3. If we’re looking for armor for Myla, then Gambeson armor would be a nice choice. It’s light weight and protects against most forms of weaponry. Not everything, but most things. As for normal clothing, either something skin tight, just for the giggles, or something a little baggier so she can move about with ease. I’ll leave the details to other people.

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