ARPG 2-325

> Visit Gina on the way

Thinking for a few moments, you decide that you want to go see if you can visit Gina on the way back to Kaiti’s home. With her place in the market, it’s possible that she might have seen Marcus at some point. “Huh, makes since, I guess.” Myla nods. “Might be able to pick up some more of those shrinking potions too. They turned out to be useful.” You give her a nod back and the two of you start heading in that direction.

The sun sinks lower in the sky as you travel through the city, and by the time you reach the market, you find Gina’s stall already packed up, with the potion merchant nowhere to be seen. “Eh… Guess it is a little late. She’s probably already gone home.” Myla shrugs. “So what, now just back to-”

“Myla? Floria?” As Myla speaks, she’s interrupted by a familiar voice. Turning around, you see Jates carrying a bag of what looks like groceries. She’s still in a frog-like form, though you do note that she looks like she gained some weight. “You guys have been out of town for a little while.” She comments.


“Yeah, we were uh… doing some work.” Myla replies, looking at her. “You’re still a frog though. I thought that was supposed to wear off.”

“It will. Probably.” Jates seems less confident in those words. “I mean… it was a pretty strong potion.” She lets out a sigh. “But whatever, I guess you guys are doing something right now?” You nod, explaining that you’re trying to find Marcus. “Marcus? He’s here in town?” You nod, explaining how he came here a couple days ago. “That’s weird. I don’t remember him ever leaving Malor.” You tilt your head a that, a bit curious. You mention that he said he was giving a report. “Yeah, he normally just sent a courier for something like that. Though maybe with all that business with Nysk and her gang, he needed to make a report himself. I dunno.”

“Hm… Well, maybe Kaiti will know more.” Myla suggests. “We should get going.” You nod to her, before turning to Jates and telling her goodbye. Leaving the small froggirl, you and Myla continue through the city, traveling to Kaiti’s mansion.

It doesn’t take you too long to get there, and after meeting with the worker at the door, you’re let inside. You quickly find the catgirl in the sitting room, as usual, though you don’t see Faera anywhere. “Ah. You two are back now?” Kaiti stands and greets you. “It would seem the two of you were out of town for a few days?” You give her a nod.


“Where’s the deer?” Myla asks. “She was supposed to come here.”

“Oh. Faera, correct?” Kaiti nods. “She came by here, though Garrett and the feral harpy are staying at his own home. So she went to go bring them back here while waiting for you two. I’m sure they’ll be back shortly.” You give her a nod, forgetting for a moment that Garrett did probably have a home here in Erada.

“Alright, that makes sense.” Myla nods, before changing the subject. “Hey, have you see Marcus? We went back to Malor and he wasn’t back yet. Plus the guard there was kinda a dick and wouldn’t tell us anything.”

“Marcus? Oh.” Kaiti thinks for a few moments. “To be honest, I’m not certain of all the details. You’ll have to speak with him. I believe he’s staying at one of the inns here in the city, though I’m not completely certain which one.” She looks back to you. “If you’d like, I could send a few people to try and find him. I imagine he’s staying in one of the more popular inns, so he shouldn’t be too hard to find. I’m sure he’d come here if we asked.”

She pauses for a moment before continuing. “Though, while we would wait for him, I am curious to know what you have been up to.” Kaiti looks at you. “The cervidae didn’t really give me any sort of details before she left.” She glances over at Myla, specifically at her greatly increased weight. “And… it would seem that something certainly happened while you were gone.”

You consider carefully what you want to tell Kaiti. As nice as she is, you need to remember that she does directly serve the Commander of the mainland military. You consider what to do…



2 thoughts on “ARPG 2-325”

  1. Looks like Myla wasn’t the only one who was indulging, we’ll have to ask Jates about that.

    As for the explanation, just say that you were doing a favor for an aquantance, looking for some seige armor, but you ran into a greatwolf. Explain that you used your magic to delay the beast while Myla used the runestone to beat it down and eat it.
    Also say that you didn’t find the armor, but tell her that you found some ancient ruins in that cave we went into.

  2. Lets tell her the story of how we wet out to find the armour and ended up finding the great wolf. Explain that you didn’t actually see the armour when it showed up and that the beast ate us. When we came out, the armour was gone and Myla was heavily injured. We needed to heal her first. Explain that it might not have been the armor at all that’s we saw. This is what we can say if we want to lie. In the end, we explain that even after searching the area, that the armor was no where to be seen. Myla nommed the great wolf and that’s why she’s so big.

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