ARPG 2-326

> Tell her part of what happened

You’re a bit hesitant with Kaiti, not quite sure how much you should tell her. However, you feel like it may be best to just tell her most of the truth, though not all. Though before that, you ask if she can go send someone to find Marcus.

“Ah, of course. Wait here a moment.” She nods and steps away to go speak with some of the mansion workers.

“So? What are we going to tell her?” Myla whispers to you. “I figure she’s decent at catching a lie…” You nod and explain to the wolfgirl that you’ll be telling her most things, though leaving out details about Alice specifically. “Alright. That might work.” Myla nods back to you.

After a few moments, Kaiti returns as a few workers head outside. “Okay, hopefully they can find him nice and easily. Now then, about your trip…” You nod as the three of you take seats.

You explain why you went out: To investigate the rogue Siege Armor in an effort to obtain some gold. “What? You…” Kaiti shakes her head. “You should have spoken to me before simply leaving on such a dangerous task. I would have assisted you.” You nod, but explain that while you were out in the wilderness, you were set upon by a greatwolf. However, it was the Siege Armor that showed up and actually rescued you.


“What..?” The catgirl looks surprised by your words. “You mean to say the rogue armor was… friendly?”

“Yeah. The greatwolf threw me for a loop due to…” Myla replies, pausing for a moment. “Well, due to a really dumb idea from Floria. But then that armor showed up.” You nod, telling Kaiti that you tried to get Myla to communicate with the greatwolf, admitting that all you got was a cute noise out of the wolfgirl. Myla doesn’t seem too thrilled to see you revealing that embarrassing bit though. In an effort to not get hit, you quickly move on to the next part of your story.

You explain how the armor chased the greatwolf off, though then disappeared. “Disappeared?” Kaiti tilts her head. “How would you lose track of such a thing. They aren’t usually very agile…” You tell her that this one had some sort of makeshift magic boosters on it which made it capable of short bursts of speed, though they didn’t all seem to be working properly. “Modifications..?” You nod to her. “I see… And then..?”

“And then…” Myla sighs and shakes her head. “Floria got the bright idea to go and chase down the greatwolf.” You nod, saying that the armor had wounded it, so you imagined that being able to defeat it may get you a decent reward.

You explain how you found it a short while later at some sort of lair, and you started fighting it. You pause for a few moments, before continuing to explain how the attack didn’t go as well as you hoped, and admitting that you yourself ended up getting eaten. Kaiti’s face changes to a look of surprise. “You… Really?” You nod, showing a little bit of the acid damage on your clothing to prove your story. You continue, telling her how you got the idea of using a shrinking potion within the greatwolf’s belly, which brought it down to a manageable size for the others to bring you out.

“That was…” Kaiti sighs, then looks to you with a smile. “You are quite fortunate. And what did you do with the wolf then?”

“Er… well…” Myla hesitates. “To be honest, I was still kinda mad at it for hitting me earlier. And seeing it eat Floria like that kinda…” You interrupt to explain that Myla simply ate the shrunken wolf. “… Floria. I know that’s what happened, but… Urgh…” You smile to Myla, trying to comfort her before turning back to Kaiti. You explain that you made camp for the night, though while inside Myla’s gut, the shrinking potion wore off, which is why the wolfgirl has gained so much weight.

“I… I see…” Kaiti looks over at Myla’s much larger belly for a few moments. “I… suppose that all makes sense. Though you didn’t find the armor again, did you?” You shake your head, though do tell her that the cave you made camp in did seem to lead to an Ancient Ruin, though it turned out to be full of some sort of strange gas, so you didn’t investigate it further. “A ruin as well… Hm…”

The catgirl thinks over your tale for a few moments. “It would seem that you had quite the adventure the last few days.” She lets out a sigh. “At least we have confirmation on the armor, though after their run-in with you, it’s likely that they’ve made an effort to leave or hide themselves more.”

“Yeah, and uh…” Myla speaks up. “About the greatwolf. We went to the Malor guard to see if we could get some sort of reward for it but…” She sighs with a shrug. “They didn’t seem to accept my weight as good enough proof…”

“Ah. Hm…” Kaiti thinks for a few moments. “I may be able to get you some reward, though I’ll have to discuss it with a few others. I personally don’t have any reason to doubt you. You’ve been quite honest with me in the past.” She gives you a nod and smiles. “Well, I’ll see what I can do. We’ll know sometime tomorrow.” You nod and thank her for that.

The three of you continue to speak more while waiting for the others to arrive. Before too long, you hear the front door open as someone arrives. Turning to the door, you see not only Faera, Garrett, and Bluebell, but with them is Marcus as well.


“I… found the others.” Faera speaks up. “Marcus as well.” Her tone sounds a bit off, and looking at the centaur, you can see he has a hesitant look on his face. You ask them what’s going on. “I… Hm… Perhaps…”

“I hear that you also have questions for me as well.” Marcus speaks up. “Though… perhaps this is an awkward time.” He glances over at Garrett.

“Er… Um…” The horseboy seems hesitant, though you speak up, asking him if something happened while you were gone. “O-oh, uh… No, not really. It’s just… I’ve been uh… kinda thinking, you know? About… About this whole… adventuring thing.”

“Garrett’s been having second thoughts, it would seem.” Faera speaks up. “He’s not sure if he wants to come with us to the Empire…”

You turn to Garrett and ask him if that’s true, which he replies with a hesitant nod. “Sorry… I’m just… I dunno if I’m ready for this yet, you know?”

“So… horseboy’s not sure about all this…” Myla sighs, turning to you. “Well, it’s kinda a bummer, but it would save us on airship costs…”

You consider what the others are saying. You feel like there’s something that’s holding Garrett back. While you could just respect his wishes, perhaps all he needs is a few reassuring words to bring him back. Thinking about it more, you see the seemingly confused Bluebell sitting on his back. You doubt you could convince her to leave him behind, so it he stayed here in Erada, then she likely would too.

Additionally, you now have Marcus here. He seems like there’s nothing odd going on with him, though you might want to get some answers out of him as well.

You consider what to do…



2 thoughts on “ARPG 2-326”

  1. I say let Garrett and Bluebell stay here and let them do a bit of work to keep them busy. Garrett can help show Bluebell a few things, including how to live in a civilized town.

    As for Marcus, bring him off to the side with Myla to speak with him. Ask him what’s going on then explain the armor to him as well.

  2. (Note, this maybe a duplicate, WordPress appears to have eaten the last one so I’m reposting)

    I can’t say I’m too surprised by Garrett’s hesitance, we keep jumping into increasingly risky stuff, getting into a more morally grey area and generally moving away from the small time adventuring team that the group used to be.

    As much as I want to argue for trying to keep him and Bluebirb in the party, I don’t want them getting in over there heads like we keep doing. Also, Bap Myla for the slightly rude statement of them not coming at least saving money.

    At a meta level, I’m not surprised by this either, a lot of people sidelined Garrett and Bluebirb hard, so hard they were barely party members for the last while, more a secondary character level of interaction.

    I do hope that if they do leave were able to keep a moral standpoint in the future, losing the innocent and pure view of Garrett and Bluebirb may make our ability to be called out on stuff a lot harder, especially considering one of our party was and still somewhat acts like a bandit, and another is a former semi-but-not-really-agent.

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