ARPG 2-328

> Prepare for tomorrow

You think for a few moments before turning to the others and telling them that you’ll be leaving tomorrow. At this point, there doesn’t seem any reason to delay your trip any longer.

“You’re sure then?” Kaiti speaks up. “The airship tomorrow leaves in the afternoon, so you’ll have some time to do anything you have left.” You nod to her and decide to also tell her that if your reward for the greatwolf turns out to be too much trouble to get, then she doesn’t have to worry about it too much. You don’t want her causing problems just to get some money. The catgirl smiles and gives you a nod. “Of course. I’ll see what I can do though.”

You also note that you’d like to go say goodbye properly to those you’ve met here in Erada. “Probably better to do that in the morning then.” Myla offers. “Going after Garrett and the bird would just be a bit awkward right now, and the others are probably getting ready for sleep.” You nod to that.

“Speaking of sleeping, where shall we rest tonight?” Faera asks. “We’ve already stayed here with Kaiti several times now. I would not want to overstay our welcome…”

“It’s fine, don’t worry.” The catgirl nods to her. “Better for you three to use our spare rooms rather than just letting them sit empty.” Kaiti glances over to Marcus. “What about you?”

“I’ve already paid for my innroom, so I’ll be staying there.” He shakes his head before turning to you. “I’ll meet up with you three tomorrow at the airdocks. Try not to miss the flight, alright?” You give him a nod. With that, Marcus bids you good night and leaves the mansion.

“Well, I’m ready for some sleep. Dunno about you two.” Myla yawns. “So I’m gonna go take one of those bedrooms now.” You nod to her, saying that you’ll join her. “Sure, whatever.”

“I think I will stay up for a while longer. I am not quite sleepy yet.” Faera nods to you. You nod back, and go with Myla to one of the spare bedrooms. The two of you get ready for some sleep, getting in bed together.

“Hey, you know…” The wolfgirl turns to you. “There’s a good chance we’re gonna be away from Erada for quite some time on this trip. Hell, the flight alone takes about a week, I think.” You nod, a flight there and a flight back is two weeks by itself. “Yeah, but I get the feeling this isn’t gonna just be a quick trip. You always seem to run into trouble of some sort.” You nod, saying it’s best to prepare for anything. “Yeah, so just… make sure you got everything taken care of here in the morning, alright?”

You nod back to her. The two of you decide to just relax tonight and get some sleep. The pudgy wolfgirl proves to be comfortable to lay against as you drift off to sleep for the night.




You wake in the morning as light comes in through a window. Myla’s still asleep, as usual, but you get up and get dressed. Today is the day you leave Erada, but there’s still some things you want to take care of…



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  1. Going to check on Tahtsu would be best. She is more or less our responsibility now, so we must take care of her.

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