ARPG 2-329

> Go visit everyone

Getting dressed, you move over to the sleeping wolfgirl and nudge her a bit, trying to wake her. “Nngh… What do you want?” Myla mumbles, turning away from you. You tell her that it’s morning and time to get up. You have plenty to do today, and you don’t want to wait too long. “Bah, just… go with the deer or something. Let me sleep…” You let out a sigh, realizing that getting her up probably isn’t going to work. Giving up, you head out into the hall, towards the sitting room.

There, you find Faera having breakfast with Kaiti. “Oh, good morning, Floria.” The deergirl nods to you. “Is Myla still asleep.” You nod with a shrug, saying that she’s difficult to wake sometimes.

“Heh, well I can make sure she makes it to the airdock in time.” Kaiti speaks up. “I assume you have some more things you want to do today?” You nod, saying that you plan to meet with a few people before you go. “I see. Well, come back here before you leave and I’ll be able to let you know if I got you that bounty for the greatwolf.” You give her a nod.

After a quick breakfast, you and Faera head out of the mansion and into town. Your first stop is the market to go see Gina. Walking through the steam fog of the morning, it doesn’t take long to arrive. You spot the potion merchant setting up her little stall and greet her.

“Oh? Floria?” Gina looks up to see you, giving you a smile. “Good morning! How are you? Is there something you needed today?” You shake your head, and explain that you wanting to come see her as you’ll be leaving for the Empire. “Oh! I think I remember you mentioning that you were planning that sometime. I guess you’ll be gone for quite a while…” You nod. She seems slightly saddened by that, but keeps a cheery expression. “Well, whenever you do get back, you’ll just have to tell me all about your trip!”

You give her a nod to that, though after a bit of thought, you decide to ask her if she has any more of those shrinking potions. “Oh? Those? Um…” She looks through some of her boxes before shaking her head. “Um… I don’t usually stock many of those, so I’m afraid I don’t have any right now… Though if you go by Jutho’s lab, maybe he’ll have some?” You give her a nod.

“I do admit that I’m going to miss you guys.” She notes. “Things were certainly more fun with you around!”

“Well, I imagine the incident with the bat was not a highlight…” Faera shakes her head.

“O-oh right… that um…” Gina chuckles a little. “I-in a way, it was strangely fun! Since, you know… everything ended well.” You give her a nod. “But I shouldn’t keep you any longer. I’m sure you have much to do. But um…” The human girl suddenly moves over to you and gives you a hug. “It was fun to have you here! Try to hurry back, okay?”


You nod again, and with a few more goodbyes, you leave her stall. Your next stop is to go check on Tahtsu and Ken. You step over to the nearby magic shop and see Ken manning the counter. You greet him and ask him how the elf is. “Oh? You guys?” He gives you a nod. “I think she woke up just a bit ago. You can come inside and see her.” You nod and head over to the door, entering the shop.

Heading into one of the backrooms, you find Tahtsu sitting on a bed, looking like she just woke up. “A-ah? Floria? Er…” She has a surprised look on her face. “Wasn’t really expecting you this early…” You explain to her that you’ll be leaving town soon and wanted to check on how she was doing. “Oh. To be honest, I’m starting to feel better. My head’s a lot clearer than before, though it’s a little foggy still…”


“I figure a couple days and she’ll be back to normal.” Ken steps in behind you, leaning on the door frame. “Though you girls are gonna be leaving, I hear?” You nod to him. “That’s too bad. You, at least, were a pretty fun little cutie. Heheh.” He gives you a smirk. “I don’t suppose I could ask for one last fun run before you go, eh?”

“I would think not.” Faera doesn’t give you a chance to answer. “We have far too much to do today. Floria, we should get moving.” The deergirl practically drags you out of the store. Back outside, you protest a little bit. “Sorry, Floria. I just… I did not want you to feel tempted.” She lets out a sigh. “We do have more things to do today, after all.”

A little bit frustrated, you nod and continue on your way. At least you know that Tahtsu will recover soon. Next, you decide to go to Jutho’s alchemy lab. It’s possible that you’ll also meet Jates there too. It’s not too far from the main market plaza, so it doesn’t take you too long to arrive.

Stepping inside, you do immediately see Jates. You note that she’s returned to her normal form, though she has kept most of her gained weight, it seems. “Eh? Floria?” She sees you. “What are you doing here?” You explain to her what’s going on. “Oh… So you guys are leaving today, huh?” She shrugs. “Well uh… bye I guess.” She tries to act like she doesn’t care, but you get the feeling she does, at least a little. You decide to step over and give her a hug, though her height does lead to you accidentally shoving her head between your breasts. “H-hey! Let me go!”


“Um… If I may, where is the alchemist..?” Faera speaks up. “Is he not here right now?”

“E-er well… He should be back any moment. He was getting something.” Jates replies, pushing away from your hug. Almost as soon as she says that, the door opens behind you, and the frog alchemist steps in. “Oh, there he is.”

“Ah?” Jutho steps in, carrying a box. “Visitors? Or customers..? Oh wait! It’s you! Jates’s friends, right?” You nod, about to remind him of your names, but he stops you. “No no, I remember um… Floria and..?” He looks at Faera for a few moments. “Um… There was a cervidae with you but she was a bit chubby, if I remember.”

You remember that he hasn’t seen Faera since her transformation, so you quickly explain that this is a different person than before. “Oh! A new deer then! This one is a little cuter than the last one!” The frog nods. Faera doesn’t say anything, and you’re unsure how she’s taking that remark. “Anyway, what can we do for you? Oh! Are you here to pick up that potion you ordered? It’s been quite a while since you asked for it. I was starting to think you forgot!”

You remember the stronger shrinking potions that you were going to get for Kimno, but shake your head, explaining that you just came by to explain that you’ll be leaving town soon. “Oh! But… do you still want it?” You ask him how much it will cost you. “O-oh um… I… forgot to ask Gina about prices… Oh dear… Um…” Jutho seems a bit flustered, trying to think. He finally seems to get an idea and hands you three small vials. “Here! You can just take them! After all, you did get me an excellent assistant!”

“More like a test subject…” Jates mumbles, though she doesn’t seem too annoyed. You figure that if she really didn’t like working for him, she would have already left.

You ask Jutho if he’s sure about giving them to you, and he quickly nods. “Of course! Of course! It’s not like I could find anyone else to take them. Hah! Oh, and do be careful with them! They’re very very strong!”


“I thank you for your generosity, alchemist.” Faera bows a little bit to the frog in thanks. “We do appreciate this.”

After a few more short remarks, you say your goodbyes and head outside. “Hm… Where else do we need to go..?” Faera turns to you. “We need to meet back with Kaiti at some point. And… I suppose a proper visit to Garrett is still in order…” You give her a nod, though think if there’s anyone else you want to visit as well…



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  1. Jates will miss us most of all 🙂

    We should go see Garrett and Bluebell before we go, they’ve been with us for a long while, wouldn’t be right to leave without seeing them, especially Bluebell, she’s gonna feel really down once she learns that we’re gonna be gone for a while. Let’s give her something to look forward too, so she won’t be so sad.

  2. I think going to see Garrett and Bluebell is in order. Make sure they are alright with everything. Especially Bluebell as she was with us for a while. After that, let’s see if we can find Marcus. I don’t think having him in our party will be the best idea since he’s against the idea of vore and…well…we like to nom people from time to time.

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