ARPG 2-330

> Go visit Garrett

You remember that you still have an unidentified poison in your bag, turning to Faera and telling her. “Ah? Oh, I suppose we should get that identified, yes.” The deergirl nods. “Ah, but… We do still have some things to do. Here, let me have it.” You nod, handing it over. “I shall get it checked with the alchemist. You can go on to see the others.” You ask her if it’s such a good idea to go alone.

Faera sighs. “Floria, you will be fine.” She pauses for a moment, thinking. “Ah but… You do not know where Garrett lives, correct?” You realize she’s right and nod. “I see. Kaiti told me yesterday. It’s a little out of the way…” She gives you some directions. From the sound of it, Garrett lives pretty close to the industrial district.

“Now then, I shall meet you back at Kaiti’s home.” The deergirl gives you a nod. “I will likely be there before you.” You nod back and start heading towards Garrett’s home.

The walk takes a bit of time, but before long, you find yourself at a pretty simple, and slightly run-down house that seems to be the one. You give the door a knock, and after a few moments, the centaur opens it. “Eh? Floria?” He seems surprised to see you. “What are you doing here? Er… Um… Come in.” You nod, stepping inside.

Garrett’s home is clean, though very simple. You imagine it’s not too comfortable during the Frost season. You don’t see Bluebell and ask him where she is. “Oh, still asleep.” He points to what you assume to be a bedroom door. “A-anyway, um… Why are you here..?”

You turn to him and explain that he did leave rather suddenly. You never even got to say goodbye to Bluebell. “O-oh… Right… S-sorry about that…” He looks down to the floor. “I-I just… I dunno. I was worried you might get mad…” You shake your head and reassure him that it’s fine that he doesn’t want to come along. You let out a sigh, admitting that he was kind of right about some of what he said.

“T-to be honest… What I said wasn’t the only reason, you know?” He looks back up to you. “The Empire… I-I’m just a bit nervous about going there.” You tilt your head, asking why. “W-well, it’s not really a problem for me but moreso…” He glances to the bedroom door. “W-well, the Empire is more strict about things, yeah? A-and Bluebell still sometimes does um… unexpected things…” You realize what he’s saying. “I just don’t wanna see her end up in trouble. She needs more time to adjust before we go somewhere like that, you know?”

You give him a nod. That reason seems like a pretty legitimate worry, after all. “B-but yeah… Sorry. I shouldn’t have left so suddenly last night…” Garrett looks back to you. “I guess you wanted to come see Bluebell then..?” You nod, though you don’t really want to wake her. “Well, I think it’s around time she woke up anyway, you know? Besides, I think she’ll be fine since you’re here. Wait here a moment.”

Saying that, the centaur moves to the other room. You wait, thinking for a few moments about some things. A small part of you is curious of if Bluebell to turn you back into a harpy. The wings were somewhat useful. However, after a bit of thought, you remember that it took most of a night the first time, and you don’t have the time for it now. Additionally, you’re slightly more hesitant about letting yourself be in such a vulnerable position after your last few encounters inside something else.

After a few moments, Garrett returns with a sleepy looking, and naked, Bluebell following him. You raise an eyebrow at him for that one aspect, which makes him blush. “Sh-she um… doesn’t like to sleep clothed.” The centaur looks away. “A-and it’s difficult to get her to put on anything in the morning…” You give him a smile, and step closer to the harpy.

“Mmgh…” Bluebell rubs her eyes as she wakes up, before noticing you. “Floria..?” You nod, asking her how she is. “Bluebell sleepy… Garrett say Floria leave..?” You give her a nod, explaining that you wanted to come see her before you left. “Floria leave..?” You nod again, trying to explain to her that you may be gone for quite a while. “Long time..? Floria… leave long time..?” The harpy looks a little upset hearing that, but you quickly try to cheer her up by telling her that she has to take care of Garrett while you’re gone. “Bluebell… take care Garrett?” You nod, asking her if she can. She quickly gives a nod. “Yes! Bluebell take care Garrett!” She lets out a few chirps.

You step closer to her and give her a hug. Looking to Garrett, you ask him if he’s sure that he can care for the feral harpy. “Oh… Well, yeah, I think?” He scratches his head. “I’ve managed so far, yeah? B-besides, Miss Kaiti seems to like her too, so she’d probably be willing to help me when she can.” You nod with a smile to that.


Looking at a clock, you decide that it may be time to head back to Kaiti’s place. You turn to Bluebell and Garrett and give them your last goodbyes. “W-well… you guys are gonna be leaving at the skydock, yeah?” You nod to him. “Well… I’ll get Bluebell dressed and we’ll meet you there. It’s only right that we see you off, yeah?” You nod, thanking him for that.

With a few more goodbyes, you head back out of his house. You’d like to say goodbye to Nerron too, though you’re not sure where he’d be. Your best bet is probably to just go see Kaiti once more, and so you start walking back to the mansion. By the time you arrive, it’s already getting close to noon. You head inside, and find the others in the sitting room, as usual. It looks like Faera did end up beating you back here after all. You also notice that conveniently, Nerron is here as well. You assume Kaiti told him you were leaving.

“Oh, welcome back, Floria.” The deergirl steps over to you. “I managed to get the alchemist to identify the poison. It appears to be some sort of weakening potion. When the vial is broken, it will release a weakening gas.” You nod, taking the vial from her, and thanking her.


“Hey, so…” Nerron speaks up, looking to you. “You guys are gonna be leaving to the Empire, I hear.” You give him a nod, which he replies with a sigh. “To be honest, I’d love to come with you. Being a guard here is incredibly boring…”

“Boring or not, it’s still your job.” Kaiti sighs, shaking her head. “Besides, you can’t just quit on a whim like this. You have a-”

“Yeah, yeah. You already made your point earlier.” Nerron interrupts her with a sigh. “Let’s be honest, you just don’t want me to go cause then you’d have no one to talk to. You’d have to actually start socializing with those other nobles you hate so much. Heh.”

“That’s- Urgh… Nevermind.” Kaiti shakes her head again, turning to you. “Anyway, I assume you finished your errands around town?” You give her a nod. “I see. Well, I spoke with some people about that greatwolf reward…” The catgirl lets out a sigh. “I don’t have anything for you right now, though they’re going to be sending some hunters out to see if the beast is actually gone. If they can confirm that there’s no evidence it’s still around, then you’ll get your reward. Though… you’re going to be gone by then.” You admit that you aren’t too worried about it. Kaiti gives you smile. “Well, I’ll just hold on to the reward until you get back then.”

“So, we about ready to go?” Myla steps over to you. “Marcus already went ahead to the skydock. If there’s nothing left to do, then it’s probably a good idea to get going.”



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