> Go to the Skydock

After a bit of thought, you deice that it’s finally time to leave. You turn to the others and ask them if they’re ready.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Myla nods to you. “Let’s just get going already.”

“Indeed.” Faera also nods. “It feels a bit strange to be heading back to the Empire like this, but at the same time, it also feels a bit nice.”

“We’ll accompany you and see you off.” Kaiti leads the way. “Come, you don’t want to be late, do you?”

With everyone together, you head out of Kaiti’s mansion and start making your way towards the skydock. The dock is inside the industrial district, though it doesn’t take you too long to arrive there. Upon arrival, you spot Marcus, Garrett, and Bluebell all waiting.

“Ah, good to see you made it.” Marcus greets you. You ask him if he really thought you’d be late. He gives a shrug. “Well, I know Myla likes to sleep in at least.”

“Oh piss off. We’re here now.” Myla seems a little annoyed at Marcus’ comment. “Guess you’ve already bought your ticket then?”


“Ah, not yet. Was going to wait for you three to arrive, though…” He glances over at Garrett and Kaiti. “I wasn’t expecting such a large group to see us off.”

“It wouldn’t have been right to just let you guys go without a proper goodbye, you know?” Garrett gives you a smile. “I mean, even if you guys are going without us, we’re still all friends, yeah?” You give him a nod.

“Friends!” Bluebell repeats the centaur, chirping happily.

“Well, you’d best buy your tickets or else all these farewells aren’t going to mean much.” Kaiti turns to you. You give her a nod and head over to the ticket counter with Marcus, Myla, and Faera.

Marcus steps up first to buy his own ticket, and you approach after. “Hello! Are you here for the airship?” The girl at the counter asks. You nod, explaining that you’ll need three tickets. “Three? Okay, that’ll be 750 gold.”

Handing the gold over, the girl counts it out before handing over the tickets. “Okay, here you go. The airship will be boarding soon. There will be an announcement when it’s ready.” You give her a nod and step back over to the others.

“So, I guess this is the part where we do our last goodbyes, right?” Nerron crosses his arms and sighs. “Things are gonna be boring again with you guys gone. At least there was a little excitement with you here.”

“Nerron, you really shouldn’t be wishing for that sort of excitement…” Kaiti shakes her head before looking back to you. “But… He isn’t completely wrong. It’s been fun to have some people around that I could talk to.”


“W-well, it’s not like they’re gonna be gone forever, yeah?” Garret offers. “I mean, you guys are going over there to cure Myla. Once you finish that, you’ll be coming back, yeah?” You admit that it may take you a while to find someone who can properly cure the wolfgirl. But you give him a nod, and say that you’ll try not to keep everyone waiting for too long.

After a few more minutes of talking with the others, one of the airship workers approaches you. “You’re taking today’s ship, correct?” You give him a nod. “Very well, we’ll be boarding soon, so if you’ll please follow me.”

“Alright, well here we go.” Myla turns to you, then back to everyone else. “We’re off. See ya.” She waves casually before heading off to follow the airship worker.

“Indeed, it is time to go, Floria.” Faera nods to you before following Myla.

Turning back to everyone, you give them one more goodbye before turning to leave. “Ah, Floria, one moment, if you please.” You hear Kaiti, and start to turn back. However, before you manage to turn all the way, the catgirl steps up to you and gives you a quick kiss on the cheek. “Heh. There.” You blink, confused. “Oh please, don’t act like you don’t understand.” She smiles. “I know you already have Myla though. Anyway, you better get going. Have a good trip!”


You smile and give her a nod. With that, you head towards the airship as everyone waves goodbye to you.

The airship is quite large, though it looks like there’s only a handful of other passengers aside from your own group. You join back up with Myla and the others as you step on-board.

“This… should be interesting.” Myla notes as you’re led towards your rooms. “Never been on an airship before.” You ask if she’s nervous. “Eh… Do you really blame me? I still don’t really understand how these things stay up in the air…”

“Oh?” The attendant who is leading you overhears the wolfgirl. “Well, once we’re in the air, we do occasionally give tours of the ship, as long as we don’t get too busy. You’re in good hands though. This is an Alliance ship. Our’s are the finest constructed ships in the world. And a fair sight more comfortable than Empire ships.” He continues to lead you until you reach some rooms. “Now then, here are your rooms. We’re light on passengers for this trip, so you’re free to use them as you like. Normally we put two people in each room, but there’s enough spare space that you could all have your own room if you like.”

“Ah, that is fortunate.” Faera nods. “It would appear we should have a comfortable flight then.”

“Indeed.” The attendant nods. “Anyway, those stairs over there lead to the skydeck. You’re free to go up there to watch us take off. Ah, and meals will be served this evening around sunset. Our flight will take about a week, with a stop in Shi’la Port for refueling. If you have any further questions, just find one of us attendants. Enjoy your trip!”

With that, the attendant leaves you be. “Well, it’s going to be a long trip.” Marcus speaks up. “It’ll be best for us to get settled in.” You give him a nod.

Before long, the ship lifts off. Myla, Faera, Marcus, and yourself are heading off to new places. While you’re excited to see where your adventures will take you, you can’t help but be a little nervous.


After all, this is a new chapter in your adventures.



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  1. That ended fairly well, didn’t expect from Kaiti though. On we go to cure Myla, but we shouldn’t let our guard down. The empire plays by different rules, and I get the feeling that someone or something is expecting us over there……. Eh, we’ll worry about that later. See you then, guys.

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