ARPG 3-1

> You are Myla

The cold air on the deck of the airship keeps most of the passengers down below, but not you. Your think fur keeps your body nice and warm, and allows you to get very nice views of the snowscape down below. Even so, it is a fairly boring trip so far. “Probably should have brought something to entertain myself with…” You quietly mumble to yourself.


It’s been about two days since you boarded the ship. According to some of the ship workers, you should arrive in Shi’la Port late tonight for refueling. From there, it’s another four days until you reach the New Grental Towers.

As for the trip so far, things have been quite boring. Faera and Marcus have mostly been keeping to themselves. Floria, who was likely the most excited to ride the airship, has turned out to be the most vulnerable to airsickness. Shortly after you lifted off, she started getting heavily nauseous and has barely left her room. You feel a little bad for her, but at least it means she hasn’t been trying to flirt with the other passengers.

You have briefly met the other passengers as well. There’s only a few on board. A couple merchants from the Alliance, along with some Empire citizens returning home. They all seemed relatively friendly, though you haven’t spoken to them very much.

Even with all that though, it’s been incredibly boring. The ship is actually quite large, which means that there’s been quite a bit to explore. Of course, some areas are off-limits, but perhaps it’s time you find something to entertain yourself with.

“Maybe going to see one of the others would be good.” You think to yourself. “May be a good view from up here, but I’m gonna fall asleep unless I do something.”




4 thoughts on “ARPG 3-1”

  1. Absolutely love this new setup. Also love how we get to play as the floofy, hungry woof now.

    As for what to do…look around. See if there’s something interesting we can do. Like an eating contest or something, hehe.

  2. Oh ho ho, now this is a twist.

    I’ll let fate decide what to do. I also want to address some worries that I have. I’m worried that people will take advantage of this scenario and try to invoke some impossible and/or out of character choices, things that are possible for Floria but not very possible for Myla, so to speak. So I’d like if we try to do things Myla’s way, play the character of Myla, basically. It’s also a good way to test the participating audience, see if they really know the character. This should apply for every other character we play besides our own. Thanks for reading my nonsense.

  3. >Jump off


    Now that that’s out of the way, I have no idea how this is gonna work out, for many reasons, some personal, others like what others have said regarding how Myla is played. I’m likely to not comment much on this episode for those reasons. I do hope that chat doesn’t delegate even more to Myla though, they’ve given them way too much sway as is when Floria was the main character and party leader… I do hope that Floria isn’t sidelined/reduced to nothing but a joke because of it.

    I suppose an actual suggestion would be to send our grumpy woof to explore, before she insults the wrong person aboard this ship.

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