ARPG 3-3

> Wake up

“Nngh…” You open your eyes, still a bit dazed. “Urgh… What happened..?” Looking around the room, everything seems to have been completely trashed. There’s certainly been a lot of damage to the ship, though the structure still seems intact. You start to stand up again, but fall over once more as the whole ship appears to be tilted, putting you off-balance.

“Ugh…” You hear Faera’s voice, and looking over, you see her push some of the scattered items off of herself. “M-Myla? Are you… Are you alright?”


“Yeah, think so.” You give her a nod, standing back up more carefully this time. You step over to the deergirl and help her up. “Don’t feel the ship moving anymore. I’m guessing we landed.” Looking back around the room, you shake your head. “Not a soft landing though.”

“I-indeed…” The deergirl seems pretty shaken. “We need to find the others.”

“Yeah, let’s get- huh?” You stop, hearing someone outside the room. After a moment, the door is pushed open. You see one of the airship crew, looking a bit injured.

“H-hey, you two alright?” He asks. You nod to him. “Good. Alright. We gotta get you off the ship. C’mon, follow me.”

“What about Floria and Marcus?” Faera asks.

“Don’t worry, we’re getting everyone out.” The crewman shakes his head. “But you can’t stay in here. Just follow me.”

“Damn it…” You shake your head in frustration. “Alright. C’mon Faera. Maybe the others already got out.” The deergirl gives you a nod and the two of you follow the crewman through the wrecked hallways of the ship. After a short walk, you finally get up on the deck of the ship.

From here, you can see you’ve crashed in a snow-covered area. It’s somewhat forested, though not too heavy with trees. The crewman directs you to a ladder to get down to the ground, and within a short time, Faera and you make it onto the snowy surface.

Looking around, it seems that most of the other passengers have already made it here. Some of them look to be pretty badly injured. Looking back to the airship, you can see some large holes in the hull where the explosions must have happened. “Gods… What the hell happened?” You mutter to yourself.

After a few moments, you see Marcus helping some injured off the ship. You quickly approach him. “Myla? Faera? Good. You’re alright.” Marcus seems relieved to see you, but then looks around. “Wait, where’s Floria?”

“We were hoping you would know.” Faera shakes her head. “Were you not going to go see her?”

“I was, but…” He shakes his head. “She was still pretty ill. I figured it would be best to just let her rest. I went to go visit with the other passengers after that. But then…” He looks back to the ship. “Well, this…”

“Then where the hell is Floria?” You demand. “Is she still in there?”

“Easy, Myla.” Marcus tries to calm you down. “If she is, the crew will get her out. There weren’t that many passengers, so we’ll know if someone is missing. All we can do right now is wait.”


Looking back at the ship, you can see crew moving back up into the ship. There’s a small bit of smoke coming from the damaged hull, though there doesn’t seem to be any sort of major fire. The whole thing is obviously damaged, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll completely collapse any time soon. The crew must have worked hard to make sure the landing was a soft as they could make it.

Regardless, you still don’t know where Floria is. You doubt the crew will let you back on the ship to help search. You consider what to do…




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  1. Not really sure what we can do. Maybe just ask around and see what we can figure out. Or maybe try to heal any injuries that we have sustained.

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