ARPG 3-4

> Look for Floria

“There’s no way I’m just gonna sit around and do nothing.” You shake your head. “There’s gotta be something we can do.”

“Stubborn as always…” Marcus lets out a sigh. “Fine. Here’s what we can do. Let’s take a look around the ship. It’s possible Floria found another way out. And that will give the workers more time to clear the interior.”

“Marcus, if I may…” Faera speaks up, turning to him. “You may have resigned, but you have history as a guard captain. If you were to tell this to the crew, they would likely allow you to assist inside the ship.”

“Hm… You have a point.” He nods. “I’ll see what I can do. If they don’t let me in, I’ll talk to the other passengers to see if they saw anything. Just don’t stray too far from the ship. I’m not even sure exactly where we are yet.”

“Yeah, whatever. We just gotta find Floria, got it?” You turn and start stepping away from him. “We’ve gotten this far. I’m not just gonna sit around while she’s missing.”

With that, you and Faera start walking around the outside of the ship. There’s plenty of debris around, both from the ship, and from trees that were splintered from the landing. “Even for a soft landing, there is significant damage…” Faera notes as you walk. “It will be quite an ordeal to get the injured to safety. I do hope we are not too far from a village…”

“Yeah.” You reply simply. You’re too focused on looking for any sign of Floria at the moment. “Hopefully we find her soon. Then we can worry about getting out of this place.”

You continue walking around the ship. It’s quite large, so it’ll be a long walk. Occasionally, there are large cracks in the hull that you can peek into, though you don’t find anything inside.

After some time of searching, you spot something. A short distance from the wreckage from the airship, you see an area of disturbed snow. Stepping closer, you also see several sets of footprints leading away.

“This is…” Faera notices it as well. “It looks recent.”

“Yeah.” You nod. “Footprints leading here… And then leading away?” You examine them more.


“Hm…” The deergirl also examines them. “These are all beastkin footprints. Not very large either. At least four sets?”

“Do you think it has anything to do with Floria?” You ask. “Though… I guess Floria still has human-like feet, doesn’t she? So none of these belong to her.”

“Indeed, but it may be… Hm?” Faera spots something in the snow. “What is this..?” Stepping over, she picks up a small object out of the snow. “W-wait, this is…” It takes a moment, but you recognize it as the small Amulet of Luck that Floria wore. She didn’t usually wear it outwardly, but it’s definitely the same one.

“Wait, then…” You look back at the snow and footprints. “She was out here? And these footprints…” You start to realize what might have happened. “Damn it, what if something out here grabbed her?!”

“Th-that may be possible…” Faera hesitantly nods. “We may need to hurry. These tracks should lead us to something but…”

“…But we have no idea what will be there.” You admit. “We don’t know where we are, why the airship crashed… Anything. D-damn it…”

You’re very worried about Floria, but at the same time, you know how dangerous it could be to chase after this. You still don’t even know for certain what sort of situation she may be in.

You consider what to do…




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  1. Considering how everything went before, I think it’s not a bad guess to say that Floria got kidnapped, possibly by those Demon Witch people.

    We have three choices from what I can see. We either go after Floria now, stick around for more clues as to what’s happening, or help out the people. Possibly all three if possible.

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