ARPG Side Story 3-3

> Proceed carefully

“Well, we don’t really have any choice if we want to get deeper into this place.” You shake your head. “We’ll just have to step carefully and try not to get too much of this stuff on us. Before that though…” You pull out a glass vial and use it to scoop up some of the residue. “I’ll have to take this back to an alchemist and see if it’s worth anything.”


“Yeah, if it’s actually useful for them, we can just come back and get more.” Ferad nods. “Here, I’ll lead.” Saying that, the armored man steps into the room. He stops for a moment, carefully stepping through the residue on the floor. “Whoa. Careful. This stuff’s bloody slippery…”

You let him make it to the next passage before letting Gaede pass next. “Let’s hope this doesn’t have any sort of effect from just getting on our boots.” The catman frowns. You notice him having a pretty easy time moving across. You guess it is true that felines do tend to have pretty good balance, even on slick surfaces.

It doesn’t take him long to cross, and with that, it’s now your turn. “Urgh… I should have brought proper boots…” You grumble to yourself. Your shoes certainly aren’t suited for this, and you worry that some of the substance might end up on your feet. Regardless, you carefully make your way across. You slip a little bit, but manage to keep your balance, reaching the next passage.

“That wasn’t too bad, right?” Ferad offers. “Though maybe we should try to find something to wash that off our boots.”

“Hm…” Gaede looks back at the room. “With how slick that was, it will make a quick escape difficult should we need it.”

“Urgh… You’re probably right about that…” You shake your head, looking down the passage. “Anyway, let’s check this path first.”

Everyone gives a nod and the three of you start carefully making your way down the hall. About halfway down, you come to a door on the south wall. Gaede checks the panel next to it, but shakes his head. “No good. Looks like the panel doesn’t have power.” The cat looks to you. “Though if I remember the map correctly, the passage here was marked red. It’s probably impassable.”

“I might be able to force the door open.” Ferad offers. “It might have been marked because the door didn’t have power.”

“Or there could be gods knows what behind it.” You shrug, looking more down the passage. “Let’s check the doors down there before we start deciding what to do.” Everyone agrees, and you make your way to the end of the passage. Here, there are two doors. One to the north, and one to the south. Both appear to have working panels.

You lean close to the north door, listening for anything. This time, you do hear something. There’s something moving in the room, though you aren’t certain if it’s something living, or just some sort of machinery.

“Hm… that way leads deeper into the ruins.” Gaede thinks for a few moments. “These other branches were dead ends from the look of the map.”

You don’t hear anything from the southern door. “So, we have three choices here.” You note. “North to deeper in, but there’s something making noise. South to… Well, who knows. And that door back there that our tin man can force, maybe.”

You consider the path you wish to take…




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  1. Let’s head North. Might as well see what is in there. If it’s a fight, we’ll be able to figure things out very quickly.

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