ARPG 3-9

> Go find Faera

“Hm… Well, alright.” You give Floria a nod, though look down at the amulet again. “Though uh… Are you really sure you should be wearing that? It could be doing something else. Maybe that’s why your memory is messed up?”

“Don’t worry so much!” The bunnygirl shakes her head. “It’s fine! Besides, right now, I’d rather have the healing. Unless you want to stay out here for a week or something.”

You sigh, shaking your head. “Bah, whatever. Just… get some rest. I’m gonna go find the others.” You step out of the room, leaving Floria to rest. As you leave a couple of mouseboys go back inside to continue treating the rabbitgirl.

Stepping outside, you take a look around. Immediately, you spot Marcus with some mouseboys. “So, are they gonna help the other passengers?” You ask him.

“Ah, yes.” He nods to you. “We’re going to head over there and see if we can bring everyone here. The elder here seems to be quite the reasonable man. I assume Floria is alright?”

“Eh, alright enough, I guess.” You shrug. “Anyway, I guess you should get going.” With that, he nods and heads out of the village with the mice accompanying him.

You decide to look for Faera next. You’re quite curious if she’s learned anything about these “Masked” ones. Eventually, you do find her speaking with a couple mouseboys and approach her.

“Ah? Myla?” The deergirl looks to you for a moment before turning back to the mice. “Ah, thank you for the information. That is all I need for now.” With a nod, the mice leave you be. Faera turns back to you. “I hope everything is fine with Floria?”

“Yeah. What about you?” You ask her. “Find out anything useful?”

“Ah… right.” She pauses for a moment, thinking. “I have learned a few things, though it does worry me a little…” It doesn’t please you to hear that. “These ‘masked’ ones the mice spoke of… From what I can tell, they are a people who live to the north of this village. As the name implies, they wear masks to conceal their identities, but from what I can tell, they are not traditional Cervidae like myself.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad.” You cross your arms. “Though I’m guessing it gets worse?”

“Indeed.” Faera nods. “It would seem they are significantly more… aggressive than the mice here, and regularly come by to demand tribute. Both in the form of food, and…” She hesitates a moment. “Well, they occasionally take one or two of the micekin as well.”

“They take the villagers?” You blink at that. “And what, the mice just… let that happen?”

The deergirl sighs and nods. “It would appear that these mice do not know how to defend themselves very well at all. But… based on the description of these ‘masked’ ones, I fear they may be slavers of some sort.”

“Urgh…” You frown upon hearing that. “That’s not what I wanna deal with right now. Or ever for that matter. So basically, staying here is gonna be dangerous.”


“It is possible, yes.” Faera nods, hesitantly. “Though the mice I spoke with claim that they should not come by for several more days. However…” She looks over to the direction of the crashed airship. “I fear that our arrival may catch their attention sooner…”

“That’s…” You think over her words for a moment. “This could be bad… We’ve gotta figure out something now…”

You consider how to act with this new information.




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  1. Chubbyla is so cute~!!!

    Honestly, we should hang around here and give them a hand. Whether or not the slavers will come, Floria needs her rest. Not only that, but the rest of the party isn’t in the greatest shape. If it comes to it, we’ll help take care of the slavers if they come. And maybe nom a couple of them as well

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