ARPG 3-10

> Find the Elder

“Right, first thing to do is find that elder guy.” You look around. “Let’s figure out if the old man has a plan for dealing with all this. If not, then I might have an idea.”

“An idea?” Faera tilts her head.

“We can’t just leave. I mean, I’d like to, but that’s not gonna happen.” You start looking around for the elder mouse as you explain to the deergirl. “The mice probably aren’t just gonna let Floria leave, and with the people from the airship coming here, we can’t really leave until everyone gets healed up. Besides…” You let out a sigh. “I get the feeling that Floria would make us stay if she knew about these Masked people.”

“You are probably right about that.” Faera nods. “Floria seems the type to offer her help, even when it is a poor choice to do so…”

“Yeah.” You nod. “We might have to end up defending this village. And if that’s the case, it might be a good idea to see if we can train some of these mice to actually be useful in a fight.”

You struggle to find the elder outside, so you assume he has gone back to Floria’s room. You decide to head back down into the main building. Back in the room where Floria is resting, you can see that many of the mice have already made their way back here, and are tending to the rabbit girl. You also see the elder here.

“Ah, friends of the Sky Queen.” He looks to you as you enter. “I trust you have started to get a feel for our humble village?”

“Yeah. About that…” You cross your arms, looking at him. “We’ve heard a bit about these Masked friends of your’s.”

“Ah… I see.” The elder looks over at Floria and the other mice for a moment. “Perhaps we should continue this in another room.” He offers, leading you to an empty side room.

“These Masked ones seem to have been causing you problems from what I have gathered.” Faera speaks up as you enter the other room. “And from the descriptions I have found, it sounds as though they could be slavers.”

The elder is quiet for a moment before letting out a sigh. “It is true that these Masked ones have been a long standing problem for our village.” He admits. “But… We have little choice but to accept their demands. We are a peaceful people. Not built for fighting or war.”


“You know those Masked ones are gonna take your precious Sky Queen the moment they hear about her, right?” You frown at him. “Are you just gonna let that happen?”

“I… Of course not. We will do our best to hide her presence from them.” He shakes his head. “The Sky Queen will remain safe here, I-”

“Hide her? And what about the others from the airship?” You frown again, interrupting him. “There’s no way you can hide everyone. And if these Masked people find the passengers, they’re gonna search harder to see who else might be around.”

“I… Yes, I suppose you are right.” He sighs. “I suppose my thoughts on the matter were that perhaps these additional people would be able to leave the village before the Masked ones arrive on their next visit.”

“When exactly do you expect this next visit to happen?” Faera asks. “I do not know how close they are, but it may be that they’ve seen our airship crash. If so, they may come sooner than you expect.”

“Hm…” The elder thinks for a few moments. “You may be correct, but their home is far to the north. It would take them at least two days to make it here. They are not expected to come for at least five more days, but as you say, your… explosive arrival may make them wish to come sooner.”

“Then we have time to prepare.” You nod. “Not a lot of time, but it’s better than nothing. It’s time to get rid of these Masked guys.”

“What?” The elder seems surprised at your words. “You mean to fight them off?”

“Not me.” You shake your head. “Everyone here. I’m not gonna defend you guys unless you’re willing to defend yourselves too.”

“But… We are not fighters.” He shakes his head in return. “We have only a handful of guards who are suited only to fending off beasts.”

“Yeah, and we’ve got Marcus.” You explain. “Up until a couple days ago, he was a guard captain. If anyone here is gonna be able to train you mice to actually fight, it’s him. Between all of you, and all of us from the airship, I figure we can chase off these Masked guys.”

“…” The elder seems unsure, and quietly ponders your words. “If we were to fight the Masked, you must understand how much risk we take. If we were to fail, they would likely punish us harshly, as they have done in the past…”

In the end, it doesn’t look like you’re convincing the elder very well. You may need to take a different route here…




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  1. You’re right, this is a boring post.

    I don’t know what Myla is thinking, but this isn’t the training segment from Mulan, two days is not a lot of time to train up some peaceful folk who don’t really fight, and who says that we even have two days? It looks like a good idea, but there’s so much that could go wrong.

  2. We need to train them to fight. The hunters should be the easier to train admission they have some fighting experience. We should have a designated area for the injured. They will be a lot. On top of that, that can be a focal point to protect. With them being a possible target, we can set up ambush’s around there.

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