ARPG 3-11

> Talk to Floria

“Hm… Here’s an idea.” You turn to the elder once more. “Why don’t you ask your ‘Sky Queen’ what she thinks?”

“Th-the Sky Queen?” He seems a bit surprised by your suggestion. “S-surely she would understand that doing such a thing would be a danger for-”

“Yeah, that’s probably not gonna happen.” You shake your head, getting a little irritated with the elder. “Let me put it another way. These Masked guys are gonna show up, and Floria is gonna be in danger when they do. If you’re completely unwilling to protect her, then there’s no way she’s staying here any longer.”

“Indeed.” Faera nods. “Additionally, the passengers and crew of the airship would be in danger once they arrive. We cannot allow harm to come to them as well.”

“Er… That is…” The elder stumbles with his words, trying to come up with another excuse.

“Listen. You said it yourself.” You cross your arms to him. “You said the ‘Sky Queen’ was going to lead your people to prosperity and stuff, right? This is your chance for that to happen.”


In response to that, the elder mouse goes quiet for a few moments. “Very well.” He finally states. “We will give the Sky Queen a chance to make a decision…” He doesn’t sound too convinced, but at least this is a step in the right direction.

With that decided, the three of you head back into the other room with Floria and many of the mouseboys. You spend some time bringing the bunnygirl up to speed on everything you know before asking her what she thinks is the best thing to do.

“What? Well… of course we have to do something.” Floria nods. “If these Masked people are really slavers then we can’t just let them continue like this.”

“Yeah, and we might not have to have a direct fight with them if we’re smart.” You offer. “Maybe set up some sort of trap. I mean, if we can avoid a fight, that would be the best bet.”

“Yes, and then there wouldn’t be a danger to… Oh?” Floria looks over to the entrance of the room. You turn as well to see that Marcus has returned. “You’re back?”

“Yes, I am.” He nods, stepping closer. “We’ve got the crew and passengers a place to rest.” He looks around, noting what feels like a serious atmosphere. “Am I… interrupting something?”

You fill him in on the situation, explaining everything you know so far. “Hm… That is quite an issue…” He glares over at the elder. “An issue I would have liked to have known before bringing the others here.” The elder fidgets a bit under the stares he gets. “Nothing for it now, though. I’ll be more than willing to assist in whatever needs to be done.”

“Good. Thank you, Marcus.” Floria nods, giving him a thankful smile. “We have between two and five days until they arrive, right? Hm… we might need to divide up our work to get the most done possible.” She looks around the room at everyone. “Marcus, you were a guard captain, so if anyone is most suited to training the mice and leading the defense, it’s probably you. Can you do that?”

“Of course.” He nods. “I’ll see about gathering up any who are willing and giving them some basic instruction. Some of the crew will likely be happy to help as well.”

“Alright, and Faera…” Floria turns to the deergirl. “Um… I’m not sure if it’s something you’re experienced with, but maybe you can figure out something with the trap idea?”

“Yes, I can.” She nods to her. “I do have some experience with it, and some of the mice seemed to be trappers, so I will try to work with them.”

“Good, this might work out really well!” The rabbit girl smiles. “Once I recover some, I’ll try to help too. Oh and Myla… Um…” She hesitates a moment. “Wait here, I um… have something I wanna talk to you about.”

You raise an eyebrow, curious, and give a nod. Everyone else discusses plans a little bit before heading out of the room, leaving you alone with Floria once more. “So… What’s this you wanna talk about?”

“Um… Well…” She thinks for a moment. “Marcus and Faera might be all for this idea but… The mice seemed pretty… hesitant.”

“The elder straight up was against it.” You shake your head. “But these guys don’t really seem like too much of the brave type.”

“Y-yeah, but…” She looks back to you. “These mouseboys, they um… Well, have you kinda noticed that they’re rather um… interested in us? When I say us, I mean you, me, and Faera.”

“Eh?” You think about it a little and do note that you have occasionally noticed a couple of mice following you around a little. “Well, you’re the ‘Sky Queen’ and we’re new. It only makes sense that they’d be interested.”

“W-well…” Floria glances away for a moment. “They haven’t really been following Marcus around much from what I’ve seen…”

You realize what she’s trying to imply. “Wait, you trying to say they’re just interested in us cause we’re girls?”

“Well… it is a village of a bunch of boys. It makes sense. Heheh.” She chuckles a little, nodding. “They seem hesitant about this plan to defend the village, but m-maybe what they need is a little bit of morale boost?”

“Morale boost? What are you-” You start to ask, but quickly realize what Floria is probably suggesting. You groan a bit in frustration. “Seriously? Are you seriously suggesting we bang the stupid mice or something?”


“M-maybe not go all the way, but uh…” Floria quickly tries to calm you down. “M-maybe just give them a show or something? I doubt they see girls very often, and maybe this would motivate them a bit more?” She gives you a smile. “But you don’t have to, obviously. It’s just an idea. But uh… I do have to ask what you’re planning to do now.”

You think for a few moments, considering what you should do. And if you should even consider Floria’s idea…




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  1. So, I thought that Rayen was going to say that the “Sky Queen” was going to be all three girls, or someone else other than Floria. Anyway, moving on.

    I think we should as the boy what they want. That seems like the most logical thing here. And, if we are able to, let’s accommodate them for it.

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