ARPG Side Story 3-5

>Check the other room

You think for a few moments about how to proceed here. As you do, you decide to joke about a little. “I don’t know, I think these slimes are a bit cute.” You smirk, looking at the other two. “Maybe we could tame one of them. If we gave them Ferad, I’m sure they’d appreciate the snack. Heheh.”

“Hmph, and while they digest the both of you, I could take the intelligent route and get out of this nonsense.” Gaede doesn’t seem to find it funny.

“Gods, relax, you old grump. It was a joke.” You sigh, shaking your head.

“It was a stupid joke, and you know it.” The catman shakes his head back at you. “But right now, I think I’d be more than willing to see you attempt to ‘tame’ one of these slimes, elf.”

You’re about to snap back at him when Ferad speaks up. “Hey, that’s enough, you two.” The human intervenes. “Let’s just leave this for now. We still have the other room that we can check. The one with the dead end.”

“Hm… Good point.” You nod to him. “Maybe we can find something there to make dealing with these slimes easier.”

“Or we’ll just find more of them.” Your joke seems to have put Gaede in a really ugly mood. Regardless, everyone seems in enough of agreement that you leave the room to the slimes, shutting the door behind you.

Turning to the south door, you touch the panel, opening it. This room isn’t as large, though there does seem to be a good amount of unusual objects inside. “Whoa. Artifacts?” You comment, looking inside. “Looks like it was some sort of storage place. I bet we could sell some of this stuff for a decent price.”

“Yeah, but we don’t have a clue what any of these things do…” Ferad notes, looking inside as well. “We might wanna be careful with them.”

“That goes without saying.” Gaede shakes his head and steps inside the room. “Regardless, this should be good enough for us, don’t you think? There’s plenty of artifacts here. The gold we make from this should be more than enough to make this trip worth it.”


“Yeah, but if there’s this much here, imagine what there could be deeper inside.” You shrug, glancing around the room.

Gaede is the only one to actually step forward into the room. Though as you glance around, something feels off about this one. You aren’t completely sure what it is yet, though… With how much of a grump the cat has been, a small part of you would be okay with watching him stumble into a trap or something. Besides, if something did happen to him, then he might get cut out of the split.

Of course, letting him walk into something might be bad for all three of you, so maybe you should stop him…




2 thoughts on “ARPG Side Story 3-5”

  1. Letting him walk into the trap isn’t a great idea. Then again, there’s no way of knowing unless we go in. Tell Ferad to wait outside the door. This way, if something happens, he’ll be able to tell what was going on.

  2. Alright, this maybe a little controversial to everyone, but lets see what happens to Gaede, he’s been rude to all of us for a while and while this may end poorly, ask him to wait a sec but don’t stop him if he continues. He needs to learn the hard way to listen to others.

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