ARPG 3-12

> Bap Floria

You let out a sigh and lightly bap Floria on the head for her dumb suggestion. “You’re really an idiot, you know.”

“E-eep!” She squeaks a little bit from the light bonk. “S-sorry…”


You pause for a moment, looking at her before letting out another sigh and shaking your head. “Well, I won’t deny that giving these boys a little reward if they work hard isn’t a bad idea but…” You cross your arms at her. “Let’s not do anything straight-up lewd, alright? We’re not whores or anything.”

“H-hehe, okay.” Floria smiles and nods to you. “So what are you going to do now?”

“Hm… I’ve still got some suspicions about some stuff. I figure I’ll see if I can find out anything else.” You look at the rabbit girl for a moment. “You seem to have healed up a decent amount. What are you gonna do? You might be able to teach some of these mice some of your magic.”

“Ah? Oh, that’s probably a good idea!” She nods. “At the very least, some more healing magic would be a good thing to have. I’ll see if I can get some of them in here so I can try to teach them.”

“Alright, good luck with that.” You nod back to her, turning away. “I’m heading out. Try not to do anything stupid while I’m gone.” With that, you step out of her room. You start thinking about what to do next. You’d like to figure out some more about what’s going on, but you imagine that Faera’s probably the best one to ask when it comes to investigating.

You start to make your way out of the main building when you hear a voice come up behind you. “A-ah, M-miss Wolf?” You turn to see one of the mouseboys coming up to you.

“It’s Myla.” You look down to him. “You need something?”

“M-miss Myla then? Um…” He fidgets a little bit. You get the feeling that you do intimidate some of these mice, at least a little. “I-I apologize but… I overheard you talking with the Sky Queen and um…” He hesitates again, looking around. “Um… A-actually, can you come with me? I do not really want to say too much out here in the open…”


“Eh?” You give him a curious look. “Something you don’t wanna talk about out here?” You think for a moment. “Er… Is this about the stupid lewd idea that Floria had?”

“Wh-what? N-no!” He blushes a little bit, shaking his head. “Th-though I did hear that part too… Um…”

You realize what it must be that he’s talking about. “Oh. Then… My suspicions then? Hm…” You pause for a moment before giving him a nod. “If it’s about that, then sure. Let’s go talk. Lead the way.”

The mouseboy gives you a nod and leads you off to a side room. Once inside, he closes the door behind you before speaking again. “Um… So…” He stops for a few moments, thinking. “Y-you said you had suspicions about things, right? Um… What were you thinking that about..?”

“Hm…” You pause for a moment. “Well, to be honest, this whole setup. A bunch of mice take Floria and set her up as some sort of queen. Then there’s these Masked guys who sound like a bunch of slavers. You guys accept in a bunch of injured and stranded passengers from an airship, and conveniently forget to really mention these slavers beforehand.” You cross your arms. “I just get the feeling that maybe someone here intends to sell us all off.”

Your words seem to make the mouseboy silent for a little bit. He eventually gives a nod. “Y-yes… You are probably right…” He finally says. “I-I have had my own suspicions for a while now. I j-just do not understand why we have never really fought back…” He looks up to you. “Th-there has to be someone in this village helping the Masked ones. I know it! B-but… I do not really have an idea who it could be…”

“Hm…” You think about the mouseboy’s words. Hearing it from one of the villagers only strengthens your suspicions. “The worry isn’t who it could be, but rather how many people are in on it. Are you the only one you know of who thinks this?”

“N-no.” He shakes his head. “There are others too. B-but not very many of us. I-it is hard to find out who is worried about this though…”

“Yeah, makes sense.” You nod to him, thinking. “But… Hey, listen. I’m still trying to figure out this whole thing. Even this stuff with the ‘Sky Queen’ sounds kinda fishy to me. What can you tell me about it?”

“O-oh? Um…” He thinks for a moment. “Th-the Sky Queen is told to be a beautiful woman who comes down from the sky to lead us to prosperity. Wh-when she appears, we are to give her the sacred amulet, so that it will heal and protect her from harm. B-beyond that, we simply follow her, and she will lead us to happiness. Th-this is what our prophecies say.”

“Hm… And you really think Floria is this Sky Queen?” You look down at him. “I mean… I guess she’s kinda cute, but I dunno if she’s really the best choice for a leader.”

“Y-yes! I do!” He nods to you quickly. “Sh-she seems like a wonderful woman. Sh-she’s very nice a-and pretty and… um…” His voice trails off a little.

“Right, whatever.” You sigh, shaking your head. “What about these Masked guys? How much do you know about them? How many usually show up?”

“O-oh um…” He thinks for a moment. “Th-there are usually between three and five of them. All of them use equipment of much better quality than what we can make here… S-so fighting them off would be very hard…” He shakes his head. “B-but I do not think it would be impossible! W-we have to try, so that we can defend our Sky Queen!”

“Hm…” You pause, thinking. If this mouseboy is right, then you might have some more trouble if there really is a traitor among these mice. You consider what to do…

“O-oh um… B-but it will be a few days before the Masked should arrive.” He adds. “Their home is far to the north. Even if they left as soon as you arrived, it would take them at least a few days to get here. S-so, please. Do try to get some rest. A-and um…” He fidgets a little bit as well before giving you a little bow. “Th-thank you, Miss Myla. F-for hearing me out. Y-you are very kind, j-just like the Sky Queen.”




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  1. Me thinks mouse boy has a crush on our beautiful ladies, fortunately, one is Floria, unfortunately, the other is Myla.

    So there might be some traitors, eh? Best to go tell Marcus quick, they might sabotage the training or the traps, then we should tell Faera so we can weed them out and prevent anything happening, finally we should stay near Floria if they try to go for her.

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