ARPG 3-14

> Do some training

“Well, if it would hurt to take it off, then wouldn’t it be better to do it when you’re in a safe position?” You frown, looking at Floria. “What if these Masked guys show up and manage to pull that off of you? You’d be in an even worse position. You should just use your own healing.”

“It’s not…” Floria starts to explain, but sighs in frustration. “Myla, please. It’s fine. Besides… if I was to take it off now, I…” She hesitates. “Well, it could be really bad. I don’t think you realize how bad I was when the mice found me…”

“Then how about you explain?” You cross your arms.

“As the ship was coming down, I was knocked out of it.” Floria explains. “When these mice found me, I was… Well, if it weren’t for them and this amulet, I don’t think I’d be alive right now. At the very least, I wouldn’t be in any sort of condition to even talk.”

You listen to her, thinking for a moment. “So… You’re remembering more about the crash?”

“Ah? W-well…” Floria seems surprised by your question. “I… It’s getting a little clearer, but I don’t remember everything yet.” She pauses for a moment, thinking. “There was someone in the engine room. They did… something and caused the explosion…” She sighs. “Sorry, I still can’t remember who it was…”

“The engine room?” You look at her. “Why were you in there?”

“Me? I was… um…” She thinks for a moment. “I-I’m not sure. I think… they brought me there? Um…” The rabbit girl eventually just shakes her head. “A-anyway, I know you’re worried about this amulet, so… I’ll make a deal, okay? Let me wear it tonight. My body should have recovered enough to take it off in the morning without too much issue. Is that good enough for you?”

You shrug, shaking your head. “At this point, it looks like it’s either that or taking it by force.” You let out a sigh. “But if you’re really as hurt as you say, then fine. I guess this’ll just have to be good enough.” You look at her for a moment. “But if you feel anything weird about it, you take it off immediately, got it?”

“Yeah, don’t worry.” She nods. “But I really do think you’re worrying over nothing. These mouseboys are all really nice. They wouldn’t do something weird like that.”

“Urgh… You’re way too trusting sometimes.” You sigh. “Whatever. Just don’t do anything stupid.” You turn to leave. “I’m gonna go see if I can help Marcus with the training or whatever.”

With that, you head out of Floria’s room. You don’t like how things are going, but you don’t have enough evidence to potentially severely injure Floria just to get the amulet off of her. For now, you head out to where Marcus is training the mice.

You decide to join in on the training sessions, both to help the mice learn, and also in an attempt to see if you can work off some of the weight you’re still carrying around. Eating that greatwolf was a terrible idea in hindsight. It’s been slowing you down quite a bit, and the sooner you work it off, the better. Besides, you’re not really a fan of being quite this large.

The training goes fairly well. The mice turn out to be decent in a fight, though you’re still able to win in a straight fight against them. Moreso, you’re starting to think that their main weakness is their lack of equipment. Most of them have nothing but a small knife, with the guards using some simple spears. If the Masked ones have proper weapons and armor, it would make sense that these mice wouldn’t be able to stand against them very well. You train with them for a while though, all the way until the sun starts to set. With everyone worn out from the sessions, Marcus finally tells everyone to finish for the day.


“These guys aren’t the worst I’ve ever seen.” You note to Marcus, glancing at the tired mice. “But you think it’ll be enough?”

“Not sure.” He shakes his head. “We’re likely to only have to deal with a handful of these Masked slavers, but with the potential informant floating around, it may still be trouble.”

“It’d also help if they actually had some real weapons. And something other than rags to wear.” You offer. “Though I think Floria has one or two weapons that they might be able to use. I don’t think we ever sold that stuff.”

“Hm… that’s a good point.” Marcus nods. “There could be some equipment on the airship as well. I may speak with some of the crew and see about going and grabbing some of that in the morning. Oh, by the way…” He glances around. “Have you seen Faera?”

“Nah.” You shake your head. “Though if I had to guess, I’d say she’s probably trying to find out more about whoever this rat might be. She’s probably fine. She’s smart enough not to do something stupid.”

“You’re most likely right.” He agrees. “Though…” He glances over your shoulder with a slight smirk. “It would seem that you might have gotten a few fans this evening.” You glance over to where he’s looking and notice three mouseboys staring at you. “It might benefit us to try and make as many friends as we can with these boys. The more they like us, the less likely they are to cower away when the fighting starts. And well…” Marcus scratches his head. “I hate to say it, but I think you girls will have an easier time befriending them. I get the feeling they’re just going to see me as a drill instructor.”

“Eh…” You look at the mice for a few moments before shrugging. “As long as you don’t expect me to do weird things with them. Floria’s already suggested that nonsense.” Marcus only answers that with a frustrated sigh. Regardless, you decide that with the training over, you might take a look around the village as you decide what to do next. Leaving Marcus, you start walking around.

Immediately though, you notice the mouseboys following you around. It doesn’t take long for them to catch up with you and start trying to talk to you. “Miss Myla! You were really good back there!” One of them speaks up. “Where did you learn to fight like that?”

“Er… well…” You start to think on how to answer, but get interrupted by another mouse.

“You should come to our house tonight!” Another mouse offers. “You are probably hungry after all that, right? I know I am. We will make you a good meal! Please?”

Before you even get a chance to answer that, the third one speaks up. “Y-yeah! You should stay with us tonight! Um…” This one seems more distracted by your fluffy tail. “I will let you take my bed!”

It’s painfully obvious that these three really like you. You wonder if you should humor them. You are getting pretty hungry regardless though. If they’re willing to make a meal for you, it would be nice.




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  1. Myla gets really shy when she gets attention, huh? That’s pretty cute.

    Don’t tell her I said that, I don’t wanna get bapped.

    I think we should turn them down, the traitor could be one of them and the invite could be a trap. Best to be on our toes. Tell them after they fend off the slavers, then they could talk.

  2. I say we humor them. Myla is a woof who is able to take care of herself, but maybe we should tell someone, like Marcus, that we are going with them and if we don’t come back, to come check on us.

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