ARPG 3-15

> Humor them

You think about it for a few moments before giving the three a nod. “Alright, fine. If you guys wanna make me some food, I’m not gonna argue.” You shrug. The three seem pretty happy, but you quickly stop them. “But… I gotta go check something first, alright?”

“Check something? Okay!” One of them nods. “Um… There!” He points to one of the small buildings not too far away. “That is our home. Whenever you are ready, just go there, okay? We will go ahead and get the food ready for you! Try not to take too long, Miss Myla!”

With that, the three head off to their home to wait for you. Right now though, you want to go let Marcus know what you’re doing. You head back to where you last saw him. It doesn’t take you too long to find him though. Being one of the few humans makes him stand out quite a bit.

“Hm? Myla?” He sees you approach. “I thought I saw you head off with some mice.”

“You saw then?” You nod. “I just wanted to let you know that some of these mouseboys invited me to stay at their place.”

“Hm, so they did?” Marcus looks to you. “I suppose they took my advice then?”

“Your advice?” You look at him for a moment. “Wait a sec, you didn’t set them up to this, did you?”

“Haha, maybe a little.” He chuckles. “While we were training, I noticed them eyeing you quite a lot. I gave them some advice on how to approach you. And told them that your bark is worse than your bite.”

“Grr…” You growl at him a little for that comment. “Sounds like you’re asking to find out just how bad my bite is. Bah…” You sigh in frustration, shaking your head. “Whatever. What are you gonna be doing?”

“Ah, I’ll be staying with Floria.” He replies with a nod. “One of us should stay with her, after all, with how much attention she’s getting. I assume you have no trouble with this?”

“Yeah, that’s fine.” You give him a nod. “I was gonna make sure one of us did that anyway. Keep an eye on that amulet she’s wearing too. I don’t trust it.”

“Yes, of course. Ah and… I found Faera a bit ago. Seems she’s going to be staying with some other mice.” Marcus notes, before stopping to think for a moment. “Myla, I… have a bit of a theory. There’s no proof for it yet but… I think we don’t have to worry about these mice too much. Even the so-called traitors that may be around. I think the traitors give information to these Masked ones out of fear, rather than malice. And with us and the airship’s passengers here, I feel they may be a bit more emboldened.” He looks to you once more. “So just… do what you can to earn their trust. If we do enough for them, I think we’ll have little to worry about.”

“Hmph, dunno about all that.” You shrug, shaking your head. “I guess we’ll just have to see. It’d be nice if you were right though. Well, whatever.” You turn from him. “I’ve got some mice waiting for me, so I’ll see ya later.” With that, you leave him.

Heading back to the mouseboy’s home, you’re greeted by the three in their small home. You’re also greeted by the small dinner they prepared. It certainly isn’t much, but you can’t deny that you could stand to have a bit of a diet.

Through some small talk, you eventually learn their names. They all seem to be brothers. The eldest is named Eli, the middle Traz, and the youngest Anid. It takes you a little bit to get their names straight, but luckily, their heights also seem to match their ages, with Eli being the tallest.


It doesn’t take you too long to finish your plate. It doesn’t completely fill you up, but it’s certainly enough for now. It wasn’t the greatest meal you’ve ever had, but you can tell they did put a lot of effort into it.

“M-miss Myla um…” The youngest brother looks to you, or rather, to your tail. “U-um… Can I… touch your tail? I-it looks really soft a-and um…”

“Eh…” You look at Anid and his strange request and give a shrug. “Fine, if you want. Just don’t pull on it or anything.” He seems very happy as he moves over to gently pet your tail. It feels nice for you, so you don’t mind too much, even if it is a bit weird. It does take some effort to keep yourself from wagging it a bit though. “Anyway, I should ask. Why did you three want me to stay here?”

“Ah um…” Traz, the middle brother, hesitates for a moment. He seems slightly distracted by watching Anid stroke your tail. By the looks on their faces, you get the feeling they’re a bit jealous of him. “Well, we just… You are a very talented and nice woman, Miss Myla! We just wanted to open our home to you, is all.”

“Really, huh?” You look at him, doubtful. It’s easy to tell that they’re not giving you the whole story. “Yeah, not really buying it. C’mon. I’m already here. Just tell me, alright?”

“I suppose we cannot fool you, Miss Myla.” Eli shakes his head before looking up to you. “We… Well, we think that the others are wrong.”

“Wrong?” You raise an eyebrow at him. “Wrong about what?”

“We think that um…” He hesitates a little. “You are friends with the Sky Queen, correct? You both seem to have come from the same place, a-and we think that the others chose a Sky Queen too quick!”

“Wait.” You realize what they’re about to say. “You can’t be serous here…”

“We are!” He nods to you. “We think you are the real Sky Queen! We um… We just have to come up with some sort of proof to show the others! A-after all, it was your idea to fight against the Masked ones, correct? It is as the prophecy says! The Sky Queen will come and lead us to prosperity! The only way that we can have that is if we become free of the Masked ones!”

“A-ah, b-but no offense to your friend um… Miss Floria, right?” Traz speaks up quickly. “She is also a very kind and pretty woman but… She is too injured to help us fight. We do not think that she can really lead us as she is, but you could!”

“Urgh…” You groan a bit, somehow expecting this. “So you think I’m the Sky Queen now… I won’t deny that Floria’s probably not the best leader but…” You sigh, trying to decide how to handle this…




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  1. An update on my birthday, what a time to be alive. 🙂

    Let’s tell them about all the good things Floria has done. After they hear about her saving lives throughout her adventures, they have to reconsider.

  2. I want to know more about this prophecy. It sounds kind of odd. If there’s anything we can find about it, then we should find it.

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