ARPG 3-18

> Take a bath

You stare at the mousegirl for a few more moments before letting out a deep sigh. “Urgh… To be honest, I should be used to you randomly changing every time I leave you alone. Anyway, I’m not angry, just a bit… Bah, whatever.” You step over to a small table and start removing your clothing. “I could use a bath. Might as well, since you’re here as well.”

“A-ah, yeah.” Floria nods to you with a relieved smile. “The water is nice. I’d be happy to have you join.” You nod back, stripping off your clothing before dipping down into the bath next to the mousegirl. “I guess I kind of panicked a bit earlier, sorry. I wasn’t sure how you’d take this news…”

“Eh…” You glance over at her as you relax in the bath. “I mean, I’d prefer it if you didn’t change forms every week, but it’s not like you knew this was going to happen.” You give her a shrug. “At least the mice are probably gonna work harder to protect you now.” You look down at her chest for a moment, looking at the amulet resting on it. “Though… gotta ask you why you’re still wearing that thing. You already said that you think it’s what turned you into a mouse. I get the feeling it’s just gonna keep changing you into whatever this ‘Sky Queen’ is.”

“W-well, that’s not all that bad is it?” Floria replies. “W-well… Unless it’s going to make me even shorter, that is…” She lets out a sigh. “Sorry, I know. I know I should take it off. It’s just… I know it’s going to hurt when I do…”

“Well, are you healed up enough where you can?” You ask. “I’m just worried it’s gonna start affecting your thoughts or something. Though… thinking about it a bit…” You pause for a moment before giving her a smirk. “Maybe if it made you less flirty all the time, that’d be an improvement. Heh.”

“H-hey! I’m not… O-okay, maybe I am a bit flirty, but still!” Floria pouts a little, looking down at the amulet. “But… Maybe you’re right. Though, let me take it off once we get out of the bath and back in the other room. That way the mice can be at hand to help me out if the injuries come back too much.”

“Alright, good enough for me, but… Don’t push yourself too much. I don’t trust the amulet, but if you really will end up heavily injured when you take it off… Well, I don’t want to see you hurt too much.” You give her a nod. “Either way, let’s get you washed up.” Saying that, you start helping the small mousegirl wash up, using a cloth to gently clean her off. You can see that she still has some of her injuries, though you also have to admit that her new appearance is pretty cute. “Well, if the mice did actually turn out to know about this whole thing, I can’t say it’s all that bad.” You mention out loud. “I’m sure they like it a lot.”


“Oh?” Floria glances up at you with a bit of a smile. “Heheh, do you like my cute mouse look, Myla~?”

“Urk… At least we know your head’s still normal…” You blush slightly at Floria’s flirt, resisting the urge to bap her on the head. “Listen, I know how you are. Don’t be pulling that flirting stuff on me. Geez.” You just continue washing her with a sigh. “But if you want the truth… Yeah, it’s not bad. You’re pretty small though. Almost worried I might end up hurting you.”

“Anyway uh…” You change the subject. “I stayed with a couple of the mice last night. Seems that they think that you aren’t the Sky Queen. They uh… think I’m it instead.”

“Eh? Really?” Floria looks up at you with a bit of surprise. “I get the feeling you aren’t going to wear the amulet though. Heheh.”

“Yeah, fuck that. I’m not gonna be turning into some mouse.” You shake your head. “But more importantly, they mentioned that there’s something down in the lower parts of this ruin that talks about this whole prophecy thing. I was thinking that we should go check it out.”

“Oh, good idea!” The mousegirl nods. “Maybe if we find where this prophecy came from, we can clear things up. Though… I admit that I’ve kind of enjoyed being pampered like a queen. Heheh.” Floria blushes a little as she admits that. “I mean, it’s not every day that you get to have a bunch of cute mouseboys take care of you, right?”

“Urgh…” You sigh again. “Just try to remember that we have other things we need to do, alright?” Saying that, you quickly get Floria and yourself washed. After drying yourselves off for a bit and getting dressed, you head back out to the rest of the group.

Once out there, you meet back up with Marcus, Faera, and the Elder. You wonder how you want to bring up the prophecy that the three brothers told you about…




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  1. For a second there, I thought we were gonna get some bathtime lewds.

    Let’s tell the group about how flimsy that “prophecy” is, no reason to hide anything from them. Next, let’s see if we can’t enter that ruin, the elder is gonna say no, probably, but this whole thing is too shady. We need to find out what’s going on here.

  2. Let’s keep pushing to get a look at the prophecy. If there’s one thing I know about prophecies, it’s that they can be interpreted wrong.

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