ARPG 3-19

> See the Prophecy

“Okay, first things first.” You turn to Floria once you arrive. “Floria.”

“Y-yes, I know.” The mousegirl nods before turning to the others. “Um… I’m going to take off the amulet. Some of my injuries may come back, so if you could prepare some healing for me…”

“A-ah? But you cannot-” The Elder starts to speak up, but you quickly stop him.

“This stupid thing has already turned her into a mouse, which I’m sure you guys are super happy about.” You frown heavily at him. “And as nice as the healing is, we don’t want any more surprises out of it, got it? I’m not gonna sit here and let your damn trinket screw with Floria any further.”

“A-ah… Y-yes, I understand.” The Elder backs down from you, quickly. “I-if I may, I… we truly did not know that such a thing would happen to her. The only ones who have ever worn this amulet have been the old queens of the past…”

“Old queens? How long ago was this?” Marcus asks. “Have you had people end up here before and given them the title Queen?”

“No, no.” The Elder quickly shakes his head. “These were our previous leaders. Queens that led our village, back when… back before the Masked ones arrived. Back when we still had so many of us…” He looks down a bit as he says that. “Again, my deepest apologies. I am sorry for my earlier outburst. After this effect, I suppose it is only natural for you to remove the amulet.”

“Alright, good.” You nod to him and turn back to Floria. “Well, whenever you’re ready.”

“O-okay.” Floria nods, seating herself on a bed. “Urgh… This is probably going to hurt…” Saying that, she pulls the amulet off over her head. After a moment, she tenses up a bit, and you can see her injuries starting to reappear. She winces and the unpleasant feeling, but the other mouseboys are quick to step forward and tend to her. Unfortunately, she still remains in a mouse-like form, meaning that it’s unlikely that she’ll return to normal naturally. At least not too soon.


“Nngh… Ow…” Floria attempts a bit of healing magic on herself. “W-well, I’m not as injured as I was before, at least. But… I think I should get some rest.”

“That is a good plan, yes.” Faera nods. “You will need your health in the event we have to deal with these Masked ones.”

“Yeah. Speaking of which…” You turn to the Elder once again. “Some of your boys told me about some sort of prophecy thing that’s down in these ruins. I wanna see em.” You decide to bluntly demand it. You’re quite irritated with this Elder, so you see no reason to hold back with him.

“A prophecy?” Faera tilts her head before looking at the Elder as well. “I would like to see it as well, then.”

“Ah… Yes.” The Elder nods. “I was hoping to show that to you once the Sky Queen had recovered more. Though I suppose you are desiring evidence.” He looks to you. “I can understand your doubts, especially after this unexpected incident with the amulet… Very well, I shall show you.”

“You two go and check it out.” Marcus nods to you and Faera. “I’ll stay here with Floria for now.”

“Alright, sounds good.” You nod back to him. With everything decided, you and Faera follow the Elder down deeper into the ruins.

You head down quite a ways, showing how deep these ruins can go. Before long, you enter a small room. On the other side is a small console of some sort. “Here we are.” The Elder speaks as he approaches it. “This device here is what displays our prophecy. This is what we follow when we search for the Sky Queen.” He touches the device, and a large screen lights up, with words and images on it, though the words are of an language you don’t understand. “You may not be able to read it, but the method of reading this language has been… Huh?”

The Elder suddenly seems confused, looking at the screen. “W-wait a moment, this is not right…” He spends a few moments looking at the screen.

“Is something wrong?” Faera asks, stepping forward.

“This is… It has changed?” The Elder looks up at the screen. “These markings… I understand some, but much of this is unknown to me and…” The screen seems to scroll, showing more text, and more images.

“W-wait up. What’s that?” You stutter a bit, seeing something appear on the screen. “Th-that’s not…”

“It is… Us?” Faera steps closer to the screen, showing an image of three faces. From the features, it’s hard to deny that they look remarkably similar to you, Floria, and Faera. “I-I do not understand. What is the meaning of this?” The deergirl looks to the Elder. “Is this supposed to be some some sort of trick?”


“N-no! It is not a trick!” The Elder quickly replies. “I-I do not understand myself… Urgh… So much of this is nothing I understand… What has happened? Did the prophecy… change?”

“C-could it have been something to do with our arrival..?” Faera asks. “Perhaps… there is some amount of truth to their prophecy..?”

You look up at the screen. This is certainly not what you expected to see. You expected him to tell you a bunch of random text said that Floria was the Sky Queen, but now you’re looking straight at what appears to be your own face. You try to think how to take this…




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  1. Is this some sort of…log? It is following us maybe? I don’t understand, this is confusing. We need someone who can read the text to make it out.

  2. The more we learn about this, the shadier it becomes. This is starting to smell like a trap.

    I may be wrong, but this could be some Ancient tech, a tracker or log of sorts? Either way, I’m not buying into this, this could be important later on, but let’s not get involved anymore than we need to. We came here for a reason, and whatever this is ain’t it. Let’s focus on the objective and get a move on.

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