ARPG Side Story 3-8

>Engage the slime

“Urgh… Fine. Guess I’ll just deal with this one.” You sigh, a bit frustrated, but pull out your shortbow. You start moving further into the room, luring the slime away from the others and start taking a few shots at it. With it moving fairly slow and steady, it’s easy to hit, and your arrows hit with a wet thunk.

As soon as your arrows hit though, the slime starts moving quicker, showing that you definitely have it’s attention. The increased movement causes you to have to start moving backwards a bit quicker.

You continue firing the occasional shot when you get an opening, though you can tell that they’re not doing much. You expected as much, but it’s either this or hitting it with your daggers. You don’t really want to get that close though. At the moment, your plan is to keep it busy until Ferad traps the other two. You assume that he could easily smash this slime with his greatsword. None of your group really has the best weapons to deal with these, but you should be able to manage, you think.

“Damn it, get in here, you stupid…” You hear Ferad call out some frustrated noises from the other room. He doesn’t sound distressed, so he’s likely fine, though it does sound like things aren’t going completely to plan.

Gaede glances at you for a moment, seeing you continue to lure the smaller slime around the room. After a moment, he heads out of the room, going to help Ferad with whatever trouble he’s having. Or at least, that’s what you hope he’s doing. You’re a bit annoyed that he decided to not help you out though.

Many of your arrows sit inside the slime, with several others that managed to pierce all the way through, laying scattered around the room. While slow going, it does seem like you’re starting to have a bit of an effect on the slime though. It seems to be having a little more trouble holding itself together. Though in what you can only assume to be some form of desperation, it seems to be moving towards you even faster now.

You continue moving around the room, but you’re forced into one of the sections with slippery residue on the floor, left over from where the slimes had been sitting before. You are forced to slow down here, letting the slime get closer. However, despite all your efforts, your old shoes just don’t have the grip for it, and you suddenly slip.


While you’re able to avoid landing on your face, you do land backwards, plopping your butt down onto the slimy floor. “Oof… D-damn it. This is getting old real fast…” The slime quickly approaches…




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